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  1. Bummer, he was a cool guy. I actually saw a lady with a pink sombrero at wal mart one day and ribbed him about it being his sister. LOL John
  2. The logistics of shipping such a big plane back would have likely played into it also. You could probably cram maybe 3 mustangs into the same cargo area of a ship that a p-61 would take. Well, in my plastic AF, the Israeli's are going to get a P-61. John
  3. That makes sense if you have money. But most of the South American countries and others were buying up mustangs and corsairs.
  4. Hey folks, With all the stuff about the success rates of P-61's, why didn't any other countries buy any after the war? Were they just in short supply or was everyone going for small, nimble fighters? Just curious. John
  5. I use a H/F airbrush and hose with no problems. The rubber in yours might be breaking down or something. That batch might have gotten screwed up somehow. John
  6. Wow, I didn't know about that one. You'd think after two (any other missions like this?) , that most folks in the region would figure out what might happen if they go down this road. John
  7. This one will be interesting if they pull it off. The first time it was pretty much an unexpected move, so I'd bet that Iran has been posting early warning systems for a while now. Last time, Israel had to go a very direct route because of the lack of in air refueling, since they do now, they could conceivably go from any direction (I kinda doubt they'll ask permission from any flyover countries). I read Raid on the Sun about their attack on the Iraqi facility a while back and it was great. I very much recommend it. John
  8. What sort of car kits are you throwing in? :P John
  9. I'd guess you could do that. I'd do a couple of really heavy coats of clear and let it dry for a day or so between coats. Will enamel stick to future though? Also, probably goes without saying, but if the model was a tail sitter and you filled the nose with lead fishing weights, that kit is out. John
  10. I'd go with a new kit. The Future is likely to dissolve into your water column. Your fish will be very shiny, but I'm not sure what that would do to their organs. :P Revell kits are great for the fish tank. Cheap, panel lines don't matter, etc. Just a suggestion, if you knock a couple AA holes in the fuse you can get a few kuhli loaches that will use it for a home. they're good for keeping your gravel bed clean. http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=A0oG7hfLXUJPWGsADW1XNyoA?p=kuhli%20loach&fr=yfp-t-701&fr2=piv-web Just out of curiosity, what kinds of fish do yo
  11. Wow, you still remember than Ham? LOL The plastic isn't going to bother your fish at all. Neither will superglue. Some reefers use the gel kind to glue live corals to their rocks (I wouldn't try it, but I've heard of them actually applying it underwater in the tank). Personally, I've used regular spray enamel on a plane and dropped it in. Seemed like it was ok. Now though, I'd go with the Fusion brand paint that actually bonds with the plastic. I used fusion paint to hide some of the plumbing in my saltwater tank and everything in there is happy. Don't worry about weathering the plan
  12. When I saw the topic title I thought you were going to be picky because they had something wrong that most people would miss (not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just a "it looks like a stryker" modeler). Dang though, they really got into a case of Redbulls on that deal though. If I saw that in a store though, I might pick it up just because of the box art. LOL John
  13. Hey, at least you guys have trees back that way. LOL http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/North_America/United_States/South/Texas/Lubbock/photo460461.htm The edge of Lubbock is on the left side behind the wing. -not my pic, just found it in google image John
  14. They want me to buy a truck and go to school at a university that I teach at already. Can I take my own class? I think I'd be a very fun instructor. LOL John
  15. It's also a great item for the folks in Somalia to see. I'm glad they got the aid workers out, but why in the world would anyone go to Somalia right now? Other than Cartman of course. John
  16. I did that once, didn't get too far with them though. we went back and forth a few times with me playing dumb as a rock and that guy eventually stopped emailing me. John
  17. I'll take one of them, thanks. Don't worry about the kit box though. If you want to just bag them it is fine with me. I'll redo it as a rally car. :) John
  18. I put the raiders coach in there and will pull it out when it gets here. I'd be interested in the b-24 though if it makes it to me. If it doesn't, no worries. Such is the way of the box. LOL John
  19. I'd say just keep it moving in the same direction without a reversal. Probably with the new additions to the rotation I don't think we'll really see much of the same stuff going around again. John
  20. Bought one of those a few years ago for an article on how to wire engines. :) John
  21. I'd probably be interested in something like that. Most of the time I just look for info on the internet. But occasionally I'll buy a copy of FSM. Usually when I do that though, it's just for one particular article. So, when I do, I'm spending 5 or 6 bucks for an article. My gripe there, is that since it is a paper magazine, they are limited on space (not their fault, I completely understand). The cool thing with your app articles is that you could include more pictures of steps since you aren't as limited on space. I'm not sure how you could work it, but you might even get some of
  22. Thought I'd post something to let folks that are around the West Texas area that Dick Rutan is going to be speaking as a guest speaker for the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech. It's free and open to the public. There are quite a few other speakers but I thought that most of the folks here might be interested in Rutan. http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/events/LectureSeries/2012.htm John
  23. I'll work on figuring something out for one of those. Maybe I'll beat it up a bit and put a "for sale" sign in the window. LOL John
  24. Cool, what model year are they? Camaro's would be fun to customize. :P John
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