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  1. I would argue that they were traitors because of the Cold War. Those 20 were going to be used in propaganda pieces, like 11Bee said. Say a few guys elected to stay behind in the North after the Civil War, or Japan or Germany after WWII, it would be different. Those wars were more of a limited scope and didn't really have ongoing implications. I know it is a messed up situation, but in the context of the Cold War these guys don't have the "freedom" to go to communist countries. John
  2. That's not too bad then. Several of my wife's relatives worked up at the Nissan plants in Murfreesboro and Winchester for a long time. They were on nights for most of that time, but the company took really good care of them. I imagine VW is the same. VW has some very cool stuff coming down the pike: http://gas2.org/2011/10/31/261-mpg-vw-xl1-concept-confirmed-for-2013-production/ John
  3. Blah, that's a rough schedule. How in the world did you end up with that? John
  4. I'd be interested in talking to the guy to get past his "I just wanted to see what it was like" line. I don't really buy that. But who knows, maybe he just had a really bad idea. I kinda doubt it though. I find some of these guys interesting. Yes, they are traitors (I don't have many reservations about that), but the decision to "flip" is what grabs me. There was a more "interesting" guy that was an actual collaborator during the Vietnam War. Robert Garwood actually stood guard shifts alongside NVA. He eventually came back to the US but wasn't court martialed. He did get a dishonora
  5. I bought my airbrush and compressor at Harbor Freight. I have the pancake compressor, works great. Airbrush from there was $15 and is terrific! John
  6. I'd probably play it this way... I figure that you aren't likely to get your deposit back. I suppose you could fight it, but it might end up costing more than it's worth. You might bluff and make them think you'd push the issue, but hiring a lawyer, etc is going to be expensive. AND, even if you do get the judgement your way, do you really expect them to have the cash to pay? That said, you have more than paid for the half of the month for November (with your deposit). So honestly, I wouldn't feel bad at all about the November rent. IF (big if there) they do come across and be reasonabl
  7. Thanks Holmes. I've got a few more lined up in my head. :) One of my next up is one of these: http://timstrucks.site.aplus.net/351_rightview.jpg John
  8. Anyone make one of these? I'm looking for a Swift yard truck, or something similar. http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/james_hurley/2004/feb/ups_yard_goats.jpg It wouldn't be too bad to scratch one since it mainly has flat body parts. I used to work at UPS and probably almost got run over by several of these jokers. hahaha John
  9. Hey folks, This is my first rig. I like these :) This is the Revell Peterbilt 359. I've heard that the tires are too narrow, but after the rims spread them out a little they looked ok to me. It's OOB (just wanted to see how I'd like it before going crazy). I painted it with a tamiya acrylic. I got a pretty uneven/worn look out of it. I like that it has a very used look to it. This was partially an experiment to see how acrylics worked. I don't think I'll use them for a "newer" truck or car. Anyway, let me know what you think, good or bad. John
  10. When it makes the round again (back through JasonW) I'd like to jump back in. We should probably figure out something on slimming it down a bit if it is getting that big. Maybe doing the cross border swap with the Canadian guys or a two for one swap (2 kits taken for every 1 put in for a round). dunno. John
  11. Found it. Thanks. :) I guess when L&M get their website back up, I'll tangle with one of their pc-9's. John
  12. Anyone heard of one of these? John
  13. I'm not very sure on accuracy, but the fit is pretty good. I didn't run into any problems. My only gripe is that the front doors are molded on, but that's pretty easy to fix. I have a WIP over in the in progress forums. John
  14. I was thinking of attempting one of these also. I saw some decals online somewhere. Is there a conversion for this plane? Cutting down the wings and the tail wouldn't be too difficult, but what about the fuselage? John
  15. Finally some updates. :P I need to add some straps to hold the huey down onto the trailer, truck and trailer need plates (and lights), also I need to wire and add chains between the truck bumper and trailer. Let me know if you see anything else that should be added or touched up. Took these with my phone so they're a little blurry.
  16. Hey folks, here's my LAV-A with cage armor that I've been working on. It started as a Trumpy LAV-R. I raised the roof on the rear section, made up some top hatches, and did some cage armor from some metal mesh from Hobby Lobby. I need to fix up some hinges for the hatches on top, and maybe do something to protect the back doors. Dunno, should I leave them open? Someone would have to fire and RPG from directly behind the vehicle to score a hit. John
  17. When I first glanced at the topic title I read: All Japan MONKEY Hobby Show. What is a monkey hobby show? Are the monkeys the hobby? Or do the monkeys build models? John
  18. I went to an estate sale, bought an old electric knife for about $5 and made one of these: http://modelingmadness.com/others/features/hamm,joel/hammmixer.htm John
  19. Megadeth did a video sort of retelling that. That guy had all sorts of problems. John
  20. They have the snap kit at Hobby Lobby here. It actually looked like a decent kit. I'd rather get the glue kit since it seems a bit more detailed (or so I've heard). John
  21. Hey folks, My boss and I were talking the other night about an event at Fort Carson back around '88 where a couple guys got drunk, borrowed an m109 and started out toward Denver. After looking around on the internet, it seems like something like that happens occasionally. What's the general penalty for something like that? I would assume a possible DD and maybe a few months in Leavenworth. Also, if you have any similar stories, chime in. we might work up some diorama ideas. LOL John
  22. I read a book a year or so ago that claimed that US intelligence wanted the North Koreans to capture the Pueblo (actually set the stage for them to easily take it). If I remember right it was because the equipment on the Pueblo had tracking and listening devices to spy on the North Koreans and Soviets. Case seemed pretty weak, so I didn't buy it. Project Azorian, the effort to recover the Soviet sub in the Pacific. Everyone claimed that on the lift the sub broke and only the aft third of it was recovered. I haven't seen it stated anywhere, but, if you recovered an entire sub and wanted
  23. I dabble in figures so I'm happily surprised that this is here. :) I'd say that since we're most likely a smaller group we probably don't need sub forums. At most I'd say just pin the tutorials if someone does those. Thanks for the new forum! John
  24. My LHS has actually expanded a bit last year (or the year before, I don't remember). There was a smaller shop that was closed next door so they expanded into it. They mainly do RC planes and cars but have a decent kit selection. I go there for all glues, paints, and styrene stock. I don't buy too many kits, but when I buy a new kit I try to see if he can order it for me. After shipping, he's about the same price as Squadron. The way I figure it, even if I pay a smidge more for a kit there, I'm paying for the ability to run down the road for supplies. The big thing that they do is th
  25. I never touched any pot because my parents scared the crap out of me about possible added ingredients from the dealers. I don't think they thought it through, but it actually does make sense. If dealer A and B have the same product, there isn't an added advantage. But, if dealer A slips a little opium or something in there he now has some "very good weed." And you smoke enough of his and you'll be an opium addict. --I'm going to use the same logic on my kid. Depending on how much this kid has smoked, it might work on him Pep. Doubt it, but maybe worth a try. I have heard of some
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