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  1. That looks great Gino. I haven't really thought of using the die cast cars. Might give that a run since there isn't much plastic civilian stuff in 1/35. I lucked up since the doors are pretty much vertical so I was able to cut along the door frames. I want to do this again, so I might make some sort of jig next time. I tried using one of those yellow plastic miter boxes from Lowes, but the truck body kept flexing when I tried to cut it. I want to stretch an 80s Caddie next. There's a local BBQ guy that runs around in one of those. It looks pretty funny with all of his catering logos on
  2. Aren't those smaller than pigeons? LOL Wonder if the Canadian guys try to figure out stuff like this? JOhn
  3. Not sure on the colors, but from other stuff that I've seen on that time period it depends on the specific plane since sometimes they painted an area and the next week didn't or they didn't at a different factory. - someone else probably knows better than I though. Gear doors I can help on though. Any way that you want to do them is correct. Shortly after shut down the doors would be closed and as the pressure bleeds off the doors will gradually drop to completely open. aaannnnnnddddd, that concludes my expertise on the mustang. LOL John
  4. Very cool Geno. Was that one in an IED diorama? I have some thin strip stock that I can use for the front grill. I've seen a few Avalanche's with the tail lights from the kit, so I'll be lazy and leave those. :) Here is the truck so far. I chipped up the paint some and added one of those high flier cb antennae. I'm going to dirty it up some more (basically road dust down the sides - would misting a light brown with an airbrush work best for this?). Also, I'm going to add some "stowage" to the truck - cooler, couple bags, probably a tool box and a few other things. Interior of the t
  5. Pony Express is gonna run you pretty high. Probably around $160. Gonna need probably 30 pigeons. ---- No idea why I looked that stuff up. LOL No clue on the up to date inventory. John
  6. Yeah, either cobbled together from parts or some sort of homebuilt. Given the size of the engines on the tail, I can't imagine it getting off the ground. Being on top of that pole is probably the most altitude it's ever had! LOL Wonder if I have enough stuff in the styrene AMARC to build this. :) John
  7. Just spoke to Datsun74 on facebook and he said the box will be moving on in a couple days. It's William G next and then me. Will, mail it parcel post this time. LOL John
  8. Saw this across the street from the Dallas Children's Museum last weekend. It was on a pole over a former gas station (some sort of tree service place now). It is a open double cockpit (the front pit is behind the lamp post in the top pic). Not sure if the red "spinner" originally housed a prop, it looks like gun ports to me. took these in traffic, sorry they aren't better. John
  9. I'm wanting this to be a beat up old huey being picked up by a restoration shop. The huey is the monogram 1/24 uh-1. The truck is made from 2 escalade pickups. I'm removing all of the escalade emblems and making it an extended Chevy Avalanche (same body style, I'm guessing with the escalade package you get nicer interior). I cut the 2 escalades in half and stuck the halves together to get the 6 door pickup. Haven't started the trailer yet. It's just going to be a basic flat bed with straps and hooks for ratcheting the huey down. The plan is to junk up the interior of the huey to m
  10. First up is the revell 1/48 p-51d. I'm building this one as a Cavalier. Radio has been cut out and a second seat added from the spares bin. The tip tanks are from a p-61. Going to add a couple of bombs and paint it up as a South American bird. I'm wanting to do 3 or 4 color camo. I'm not sure the sea foam green is going to work as a base though. I might leave a smidge of it and use olive drab as the main green. next up is a 1/72 monogram f-82. It doesn't count for the build since it was build before the 1st, just sitting on the shelf waiting for paint. Going to chip it up pretty
  11. I did the UPS gig for a while. I loaded a truck to Knoxville at the Nashville hub. That place could double as a weight loss camp! I ate like crazy when I worked there and wasn't able to gain a pound. :) What do you do over there? I still occasionally have dreams of loading a truck and I haven't worked there for over 10 years. LOL I'm pretty much a househusband too (I teach online), and agree with the rest of the folks. The kiddos do benefit from us. I really like being able to juggle my schedule a bit so that I can always drop my son off and pick him up from school and go on all
  12. Just washed my tamiya D for this. Slapped together a monogram D the other day as a Cavalier mustang. I took out the radio and stuck an extra seat behind the pilot and used the p-61 drop tanks for wing tip tanks. Couple questions on the Cavalier (standard, not the turboprop). Did they use the same prop as the regular p-51d's, or a larger prop? Also, I want to load a couple bombs on, can I use the 500lb bombs from the revell b-17 kit, or are they too heavy? I'll post pics once the actual thread gets rolling. John
  13. It's doing that for me too Clif. Click on a video and nothing happens. I thought it was just me. John
  14. hey folks, I recently watched a documentary on what happened to a few things after the fall of the Soviet Union. A couple things from the show: when one of the anthrax production plants shut down, they just took all of the anthrax they made and buried it under a couple feet of soil next door. When they retired a couple of the early nuclear subs, the navy just dumped their reactors in the ocean somewhere. EPA? We don't need no stinkin' EPA! LOL Anyway, I've only been able to find a little on the subject. Demon in the Freezer is about the anthrax program (haven't read it yet, so do
  15. Very cool. You wouldn't happen to have a h-34 or a skycrane would you? heard from Arron today. He's heading to WV on the airshow circuit. Sent this to me on facebook: "Sorry for late reply. Got the box should have out in week or so. Having wife ship it out. Please update guys." John
  16. I can't see a 1/700 ship! Those jokers are microscopic. LOL Now, if anyone has any 1/72 helos that they want to throw in there (especially Vietnam era) I'll gladly swap out some stuff for them. :P John
  17. Hey folks, wanted to setup something relaxing in the home office and this was the result. The bottom tank is a 29 gallon that I had in the shed, top tank is a new 75 gallon, and I built the stand. Not much in the top tank right now (a few shrimp, neons, loaches, and a snail). Flight 19 leader crashed in the top tank :) Blue Crayfish in the bottom tank. He killed a feeder his first day in the tank.
  18. I think that most foods are still produced here, but on "commercial" farms rather than independent farms. Back in Tennessee, I knew several people that were growers for Tyson with a couple chicken houses on private land. I guess rather than commercial vs. independent, is more like contractors. In the winter, at least out here in Texas, we import alot of fresh fruit from South America. That's kinda silly though because grapes get up to around $4 a pound. I'm too cheap for that so I just skip fresh fruit in the winter. I think all electronics and toys with tasty lead paint come from Chin
  19. I like Jefferson because he was a good example of how campaigns differ from actual governing. He railed against alot of Hamilton's stuff, but then used it once he was president (ie Bank of the United States is evil, ... but I'll use it to buy Louisiana, which is of questionable constitutionality at the time). On trades and how we don't make anything anymore, I was listening to NPR last week and they actually addressed this a bit. The guy they had on said that as the US was industrializing, a bunch of people were up in arms because manufacturing didn't actually "create money." You're just
  20. This is the last posted list from mid May- 1. Bigasshammm 2. wh1skea 3. Sebastian Haff 4. warthoglvr 5. Datsun74 6. William G 7. pastafarian 8. Dax 9. Shawn M 10. JasonW It's at Datsun's now. On facebook it looks like he's with a warbird group at an airshow. Those guys tend to stay out a week and then go home (at least that's what another friend of mine does). So I imagine it will be on it's way soon. If not, we'll demand that datsun give us all free rides when he's near us. LOL I'm not interested in the seatbelts, so you're clear through me. I've got my eye on a kit in th
  21. 1. Non-traditional students tend to be awesome. They actually tend to take class seriously. I teach at two universities (adjuncting :) ). One of them is a "traditional school" and the other is an online school that caters to military students. The online school is wayyyyy harder than the regular school and those students don't whine a bit about it. Heck, I had one guy email me that he was deployed and his hut was hit with a rocket, destroying his weapon, laptop, and everything else (he listed it in that order). He just asked for an extension on the assignments until his wife could send h
  22. That is absolutely terrible. I'm really at a loss for words here... John
  23. It is supposed to be midnight in Jerusalem. so that's 6pm in California. Still several hours away. In the 1830s there was one of these guys predicting the end of the world named William Miller. Pretty much the same deal, lots of his followers giving him money to spread the word. When Jesus didn't show, the Millerites called the day "The Great Disappointment." Some of them became 7th Day Adventists (Jesus did come back, just not in the form they were expecting). All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. :P John
  24. I looked around a bit on google, but didn't come up with much. I don't imagine that many of the 2 seat trainers were used though. I saw something that said only a few yp-38's were converted to trainers. If not, I might do a wild wiff trainer on it. :) John
  25. I doubt you'd have to buy much new. I used to work at Rent A Center up the mountain from you (Monteagle area) and there were tons of cars off in the brush along the sides of the road. LOL BTW, don't know if you've ever been out there, but if you drive up to Monteagle and then head toward Tracy City (rough area so don't tick anyone off) there is a guy on the right side of the road that sells all kinds of old military vehicles. It's been ten years probably since I've been out that way but he used to have several Willy's jeeps and a couple DUKW's out there as well as some general purpose tr
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