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  1. Thank you very much. This is just one of seven which I have built and is part of a master plan to have a Hawk in the markings of each nation that operated the P-36. May never happen as the kit can be a bit exhausting to work on. Cheers Randy
  2. Hi Zac Thanks much. The changes are mostly just small things that make a big difference to the overall look of the model. It really helps to have a photo of the actual subject you wish to model as there are so many small features that are not consistent from one airframe to the next. Cheers Randy
  3. Hi Larry Thank you very much. The kit get a bad rap from some people, but I really like the overall feel of the model. Cheers Randy
  4. Hi all Here are a few images of my Thai Hawk 75N. It represents a machine flown by Sergeant Sangwan Worrasap of the 66th Wing, 60th Pursuit Squadron while based at Don Muang, Thailand in the Spring of 1941. Fuselage - kit seat replaced with Ultracast resin seat - structural detail added to floor - Hi-Tech resin sidewalls added - antenna wires made from stretched sprue - machine gun breeches added to instrument panel - cowl machine gun blast tubes made from metal tubing - kit ring sight replaced with photo-etched ring sight - ignition wires added to engine - correct size engine from
  5. Thanks very much Don. Cheers Randy
  6. Hi all Here is my latest completed model. It is the Revellogram Bf 110G-2. As this is my third one, I'm getting to know where the problems are. Here is what I did to this model. Fuselage - MG 81Z replaced with Aries resin guns - Eduard photo-etched seatbelts added - FuG25a IFF antenna made from piano wire - antenna wire made from stretched sprue - MV Products lens used for gunsight objective lens - belly pack gun barrels replaced with aluminium tube Wings and Landing Gear - landing gear modified to sit at proper angle - exhaust pipes replaced with Quickboost resin pipes
  7. Thanks Joel This has to be the nicest compliment about my work I have ever received. Cheers Randy
  8. Hi all Here is my Hawker Sea Fury Mk. 60 “Baghdad Fury” which I built a few years ago. I performed the following enhancments to the kit: Cockpit Area - Cooper Details resin cockpit installed to replace kit parts - added drop tank jettison and selection levers Fuselage - Spinner replaced with Cooper Details part - Squadron vacuform windscreen and sliding canopy to replace kit canopy - handholds and footsteps added - rear of fuselage and bottom of rudder modified to represent a de-navalised variant - whip antenna made from surgical wire Wings - gun barrels added
  9. Hi all, This is the Dragon 1/48 He 162 Mistel kit. As this combination never actually existed, this what-if depicts a Heinkel He 162, which has been re-deployed from JG1 to a new bomber unit. The Me 262 represents a tired, in-service fighter which was sent back to the Messerschmitt factory to be reconfigured to a drone aircraft with a new warhead nose cone. I performed the following minor mods to the kit. He 162 - Eduard photo etched detail set used in the cockpit - kit pitot tube replaced with hypodermic needles - FuG25a IFF antenna added - photo etched DF loop added - landing g
  10. HI all Here are a few images of my 1/48 Nichimo Spruce. It is finished in the markings of the 21st Hikoshidan, Shireibu Hikodan and as found at the end of war at Kikuchi Airfield, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. Overall, this is nice kit and only required the following minor mods. Cockpit - kit seat replaced with scratch built seat - photo-etched seat belts added - kit instrument panels replaced with scratch built panels - fuel drum installed in rear cockpit - fuselage wood stringers added from strip styrene - throttle and mixture levers added - throttle linkages made from metal
  11. Hi Tom I have seen it identified as an E-3, E-4 and E-7. I went with Dave Wadman's info, wherein he stated it is an E-4. Cheers Randy
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