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  1. Are we positive on this? Why would MRC be asking for photos here?
  2. No need to be sorry. You are amongst friends here. 🙂
  3. Ya know, I feel good about my one Academy MH-53E and two CH-53E's I have in my stash and then Gunny pastes his stash pic and its like...ok then. I will go sit in the corner of shame over there. 🤣
  4. K I may need to create a user profile there. As I want some of those goodies!
  5. Hey 11Bee, is facebook the only way to get in touch with Simone?
  6. Mine had been in my mailbox several days. But they are in my grubby paws now. And like 11bee I am ways out from using them, but I have them and they look fantastic. And again like 11bee says, thank you @KursadA for doing a scale/subject you dont normally do.
  7. Mine have not arrived yet. Will check the mailbox tomorrow
  8. Ah, yep the Gen. Tlavok one totally makes sense from HS, thank you for confirming what I suspected.
  9. I used the Red Fox/ZM set on the ZM and the quinta on the Meng F-4G. Would have been happier with quinta for both. To me the Red Fox ones can just pop off their paper backing and fly away, you have to really be on the look out and do it all in one sitting just in case one tiny piece flys off and you dont notice so you have a chance to find it! Quinta also started to do some more sidewall stuff (not just the circuit breakers) on the Meng set.
  10. I am excited as today my Quinta F-4G set for the Meng kit arrives in the ol' mail. I acquired the ZM 3d decals and will combine them with some other quinta leftovers for seat stuff and will build both the Meng and ZM side by side here soon. Should be two fun builds.
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