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  1. I was debating this as well and thought that I was the only one who noticed this. I watched several of the Italeri SH-60b's go for ungodly prices on ebay. I remember that kit was like $20 once. I finally got one on a buy it now with the ROG boxing from someone on ebay who I dont think they realized what they were selling. That one was $32.
  2. I can say this does work fine, as I did a week ago with no ill effects Seems I am late to the party 🙂
  3. Do you have plans for the interior set? 🙂
  4. I would buy that also! Sadly I dont think anything will be coming of this as Zacto hasnt replied in this thread since May of 2014
  5. Ed, I went ahead and reshot it and it toned it down a lot. I wont be buffing it in the future 🙂
  6. Thanks Bob that is what I was thinking. I only have polished aluminum, but I remember before I buffed it, it was a bit duller. So I think to use this stuff up that I have I am going to shoot it tonight and see what happens. If it mutes a bit I hope I will not buff it. But am prepared to order some different colors. What you said about the underlying polished aluminum not showing through was what I was wanting to know 🙂
  7. Thats what I am wanting...Its way to shiny right now. Looks like a mirror!
  8. Hello All, Since Model Master is going away and thus the pains of using buffing aluminum paint I have finally branched out and am trying both Alclad and Vallejo Metal. I did one bird in Vallejo, I learned a lot about surface prep there that I carried over to my Alclad bird. I am not ready to totally say yes to one over the other yet. But I have an issue I was curious about here. Painting my Eduard P51D. I wanted it to be shiny, so I bought some Alclad Polished Aluminum. I primed the plane in the Alclad Gloss Black, then painted it with the Polished Aluminum. Then I buffed it with Micro Mesh. Wow, its like a mirror now. It is blinding me as it sits next to me as I type this. What is my next course of action here? Can I pick up some more Alclad, like airframe alumnium or duraluminum and reshoot it? Or will it still be just as shiny? As I have gathered that Alclad will really show its undercoat through, and since this one is so shiny already...will a different sheen tone it down a bit? Someone on another site in a very old thread said they would do this and then spray model master metalizer over it, but that seems kind of backward.
  9. I too have recently discovered True North paints and due to some comedy of errors painting a Raptor I used up the last of my Model Master paint in those colors. So I thought let me get some of the new stuff as they had exactly what I needed in enamel. Ordered, paint arrived and mixed and sprayed and very happy and will continue to use them. They seem to be a step right in place Model Master replacement.
  10. I shall give that a spin! And agree on both your other points.
  11. O wow, I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I to have found alternatives for almost all paints from them I used to use. I just need to burn through all the model master I have. I assume the glue is not going to be made anymore? Does anyone else make a glue like theirs with long tip? I use Tamiya and model master glue both but for some things I like the applicator on the model master bottle best.
  13. I am still interested and will purchase
  14. Good lord that cleaned out fast. 🙂
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