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  1. I am excited as today my Quinta F-4G set for the Meng kit arrives in the ol' mail. I acquired the ZM 3d decals and will combine them with some other quinta leftovers for seat stuff and will build both the Meng and ZM side by side here soon. Should be two fun builds.
  2. Yes what Dave said. The F-4g set and the Academy a-10c set were posted on Quinta's site. I was trying to find this thread and couldn't to update Curtb. If I am a betting man I bet we see a set for the Tamiya f-35 sooner rather than later.
  3. Hercules! Hercules! I echo a request for the Punisher bird as well 🙂
  4. I see what you did there
  5. Scalemates will also export out a csv or tsv file which you can then open with excel or even import into your own db and then do with it as you need.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I wish Red Fox would do belts also.
  7. I will be going. Need to figure out when I will get there and where I am going to stay.
  8. For what its worth timewise I bought an Italeri f-35b from Italy August 28th (slighty after they were available.) Hobby nut models just shipped me the quinta cockpit set for the italeri b Wednesday or Thursday this week. I pre-ordered prior. So about 6 months from the kit being available to a cockpit set. I dont think quinta released any sets for the meng hornets until the E, F and G were out by meng. So unfortunately not really a set time. Just have to sot tight and be patient. And hope that you dont give up, start the kit and then they release it right after you
  9. Count me as number 2 as to who would buy them.
  10. I shall acquire this sheet in 48th , got two sh-3s in the stash in desperate need of some caracal greatness.
  11. Not to sound stupid, but who/what is Gustav? And that looks nice ETA - figured it out from britmodeler's rumur section
  12. My wallet is prepared for some f-82 goodness
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