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  1. I am still interested and will purchase
  2. Good lord that cleaned out fast. 🙂
  3. I shall buy one! Got a hasegawa A,D and an E in the stash.
  4. Haha, small world. I have seen that particular osprey twice. Wish I had some binoculars to see the unit, pretty good looking bird.
  5. These are cool. My office is in downtown Wilmington, NC and I see v-22's fly over daily. One of them I have seen a few times has a red checkered tail, maybe vmm264? Just basing that off of their patch, so an uneducated guess. Looks like a pretty cool scheme. Used to not be interested in a kit for these, but since I see them all day I have changed my mind and would build one. Lucky for me I see a lot of USMC stuff, AH-1s, UH-1, AV-8b, CH-53 and then some USAF stuff daily.
  6. After some purging and selling on ebay I am down to 80ish. Need to update my list on scalemates.
  7. I would build one in 48th or 35th. Its a good looking bird and my father was a missilier and flew in those uh-1s so would be neat to build the replacement for me.
  8. I think I have read that one, but dont recall these colors in there, but worth a check again. Neither can I, but faded colors perhaps. Thanks Paul. I will be building 61-040 as my father flew it when he was in SAC and as a youngster in the mid/late 80's it was at an air show at Bergstrom that him and I attended. I remember him telling me he flew that one and we talked to the crew a lot. So I will probably do the three tone Strategic camo as I suspect that is what it was in when we saw it together. Thanks for the info gents, learn something new every day :) Mike
  9. Makes sense to me, thank you sir
  10. I was perusing the local hobby shop and discovered these two colors from Model Master: 2027 Dark Green (B-52) FS 34096 2026 Dark Drab (B-52) FS 24091 does anyone know what these are? I bought them out of curiosity, but havent seen any B-52 schemes that call for these.
  11. So I too also just moved to North Carolina, but to Wilmington. There is nothing here hobby wise except a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby. Back home I have one of the best LHS in Kings Hobby. I did find that Hayes Hobby House and Hobbit Hobby shop are well worth the visit. They are two hours away from me and as Tank says above about an hour/hour and a half from RDU.
  12. I did not enjoy The Last Jedi. I didnt see Solo in theaters (but only because I was in the middle of moving cross country and not because of the movie) but I rented it on demand and lasted 25 minutes before turning it off. I won't waste my hard earned bucks seeing a Star Wars movie in a theater again for some time. But - Bandai Star Wars models will be bought!
  13. Order here from these guys http://www.sealmodel.com/product_details.php?item_id=5178 I bought from them and had the kit in two weeks. My bad, didnt realize it was sold out here. Thats what I get for posting from my phone and not reading the small print. I do find it interesting that this kit wasnt produced longer or in greater quanity than it was.
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