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  1. Thanks alot!! Are they carried by either the HobbyHouse or the Hobby Centre? Thanks, AK
  2. Hi All, Does anyone make a paint mask for the 1/48 Hasegawa f-86 sabre? Thanks, AK
  3. Thanks for all the info!! Just to confirm , the Hasegawa has raised panel lines/rivets and the Academy is recessed? Any idea what the revell B-17f will be? What's their current kit (G), recessed or raised? It sounds like I maybe better off getting the Hasegawa and Academy and cherry-picking the best from both.? Cheers, AK
  4. Hi All, I wanted to pick up a 1/72 b-17f kit and was wondering which is the one to get? Hasegawa or Academy? I was planning on modifiying it to a B-17E if it matters. Any opinions or links to comparisons would be appreciated. Thanks, AK
  5. Hi All, Title says it all, I'm looking for some of the KMC 1/48 F-86 Sabre Control Surfaces accesory kits. If you have one/many available, please let me know. Thanks, AK
  6. If anyone has them, I'd love to see more pics of the red CF-100s that were used as target drones. I've only seen the one pic that has already been posted. I believe it was from an old avro ad. Thanks, AK
  7. You know that might be the one after all. I was reading that thread on the "whatif" board and it sounded like the same backstory. I'm not a member of that board, but was able to check his gallery page, only two shots of builds on his bench. Anyone know if he has gallery postings anywhere else? Cheers, AK
  8. More good shots, but still not the one I was looking for. This was an actual model buildup (1/48th I think??), and the guy had even written a back story to go with it. Something about buying them from Iran just before the hostage situation??? I'm still looking myself and wil post it if I find it. Cheers, AK
  9. Interesting, hadn't seen that one before. I would have skipped the canuck front end. Actually the one I was thinking of was done in the standard Canadian Forces Grey, same as you'd see most of the hornets in. Thanks anyway, great pic! Cheers, AK
  10. Hi All, I came across a "whatif" build by someone who had done a f-14 tomcat in Canadian markings. I've tried finding it without any luck and was hoping someone could provide me with a link. Thanks, AK
  11. Hi All, There are currently three kits from Hasegawa for the Canadair Sabres. A Mark4 with RAF markings, a Mark 5 and a Mark 6. Ignoring that the wing slats are hard molded on all of these kits, are the wings otherwise correct? The Mk5 looks like is a hard edge 6'3' wing but is the Mk4 really a narrow cord and the Mk6 a slatted 6'3' wing?? I'd like to know people's thoughts on the wings incase it may be betting to use other kits. Thanks, AK
  12. Hi All, I need some reference pics of a f-86 cockpit. Hopefully in colour with some shots of the sidewalls if possible. Just trying to get the paint right. Cheers, AK
  13. Hi All, Title says it all. I'm looking for the resin detail set made by Jerry Rutman for the 1/32 Revell P-40E Warhawk. PM if you've got one available. Cheers, AK
  14. Hi All, Does anyone produce resin wheels for the 1/48 F-18? I've tried looking on a few sites and so far nothing!! I'm a little surprised. I would have thought that this would be a high demand item??? Cheers, AK
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