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  1. The original Airfix Sea King is one of their best seller kits and has been boxed in a multitude of gift sets, starter sets and double boxing (e.g with the Lifeboat). It was acknowledged over 5 years ago that it was long overdue for replacement. I can see it being around in a variety of guises for many years to come. Airfix will likely have a number of variants planned for this kit, but as per some of the other releases (Lancaster) they will start with the more unusual or limited subject first.
  2. I didn't say it wasn't a rebox of the Airfix/Heller kit, just that the current deal to supply the kits to be re-boxed by Revell is a Heller arrangement, (who currently have the Jaguar in their catalogue). Hornby/Airfix have no involvement, financial or otherwise and the tool hasn't been sold, so therefore nothing should be read into the financial status of Hornby as a result. Just trying to clear that up ;).
  3. Had it confirmed direct by Airfix that this is a Heller/Revell deal, Hornby/Airfix have no involvement, and the actual tooling has not been sold to Revell.
  4. Within walking distance of the Louvre is EOL, which has a good range of models and accessories downstairs when I was there but I found it pricey. EOL MODELISME 3 Rue du Louvre 75001 Paris France The Musée de l'air et de l'espace at Le Bourget is well worth a visit and the shop there had a good range of mainstream kits and paints, although again at RRP. Others have mentioned EURO-MAQUETTE but I've no experience of that personally. EURO-MAQUETTE Galerie Marchande Gamma 193, rue de Bercy 75012 Paris, France http://www.euro-maquette.eu/le-magasin HTH
  5. Der Führer is Führerous about the new 1/46 Eduard Bf.109G http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jfGm9loEqTw
  6. They do need to be mixed very thoroughly, the matt has a tendency to drop out of suspension. I find placing on a radiator to warm them up helps. I think even if brushing thinning helps with the drying times (for the gloss in particular), for airbrushing I use several 50/50 thinner/cote layers.
  7. The Airfix Tribute Forum has a kit index which is kept up to date with information on all the kits; new tool, re-issues etc; http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewforum.php?f=71
  8. Airfix 2013 Advent Calendar Competition now live! http://www.airfix.com/advent-calendar/ Todays sneak peak of the 2014 catalogue looks to be the 1/600 RMS Queen Elizabeth. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=398
  9. 100% yes! Even more so as this year is the 50th Anniversary. Just make sure you allow for some spending money.
  10. Airfix made money for Hornby last year and Humbrol increased sales by 20%, it's the other ranges which made losses and there was a large write off due to relaunching the Italian brand Pocher.
  11. These images are labelled as HAS from RAF Laarbruch, Germany, and look pretty close to the Amera item; http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explorer#view=photo&position=169&with_photo_id=20585727&order=date_desc&user=2532938 http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explorer#view=photo&position=172&with_photo_id=20574253&order=date_desc&user=2532938
  12. Pity they didn't use the correct squadron code "RN" if they are serious about tipping their hat to the history of 72 Squadron!
  13. The only known issue I am aware of is the instrument panel tolerance is a bit tight and can need a bit of sanding down to get the two fuselage halves completely flush, something which should be obvious when dry fitting the parts (also present on the recent Airfix 1/72 Mk.I spitfire kit). Other than that all the builds I've seen haven't had any other fit or assembly problems. e.g. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=409&t=33937
  14. Apparently the "easiest" method to build it is to assemble each fuselage side separately on a flat surface, then join the two sides in a conventional manner. Still a lot of work needed to get it looking reasonable even without worrying about correcting some of the errors. As has been said, this is what you get when Heller farms out the work to several different companies, seemingly without telling any of them what the part they were working on was actually for....
  15. Is this Humbrol acrylic or enamel?
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