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  1. So far the 50D is great. The quality of the shots that it shoots is phenomenal. As for the night shots i usually shoot in Aperture Value(AV) with and f-stop of 8 or higher and i just kinda play with the aperture to get the amount of light that i like. For the high ISO settings, that is also nice. It isnt nearly as grainy as my XTi would be at that high of an ISO. In my opinion the 50D's photos come out better at ISO 3200 than my XTi's would at ISO 1600. Did this answer your questions?
  2. Thanks for the replies! Anthony, i have a Canon 50D, Canon 100-400mm IS, and a Canon 28-135mm IS. Thats what equipment those shots were taken with. Does that help?
  3. Here's some pics of some transient a/c. Hope ya'll enjoy. Zach
  4. Nice pics everybody :D Thanks for the comments!
  5. Here's a few of my pics from this weekend. I must say that that was some of the best weather we've had out here for an airshow in years. Enjoy, Zach
  6. Here's my favorite pic so far and of course its an Eagle
  7. Hi all, I just got Jake's F-15 book he just released in the mail earlier today and it is superb. There are pics of every inch of those birds from the regular Eagle to the Beagle. I recommend this book to any F-15 finatic. Zach
  8. Thanks for all the comments fellas. Its very much appreciated Yes it is an A-4 and here's a pic of it taxiing. Its a Collings Foundation bird Thats what i have is a 400D and its a great camera. For the lenses i alternate between the standard 18-55mm and the 28-135mm on the static shots. For my takeoff shots like the pics of the EA-6B and the Hornet, i use the Canon 100-400mm L IS lens. About your question at Fresno i honestly have no idea, you could try contacting the PAO out there and see what they say.
  9. Thanks Aaron. Im with ya on the Fresno birds, those are some sweet markings. Zach
  10. Hello all, i've been practicing a lot with photo composition and getting tips from many people on shooting subjects and i was hoping to get some extra tips anybody might have for shooting and also perhaps editing with photoshop. I am posting some pics to show what ive been doing so far. Any help/criticism is very much appreciated. Thanks Zach
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