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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering what the best acrylic paint match is for insignia red FS1136 to match the Sundowners decals I have from Furball. I have a jar of gunze H23 Shine red. But I can also get hold of model master insgnia red and Gunze H327. What would you guys recommend? cheers!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a couple of 1/48 scale weapons. 2 x MK-20 rockeyes. 2 x MK- 82 or 83s Dont mind paying. Cheers Tom
  3. Brian, Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and post a picture. Looking forward to building the 211 jet from that sheet. I built the Aardvark from the same sheet and as always the decals worked perfectly. Cheers!
  4. Timeframe is 1996/1997. FTD sheet has the BU as 161271 as NG100 1996. Mike Crutch's Book has 161271 NG100, July 1993 to October 1995. Changing to NG112 December 1996 (14 month gap). Same book has 162588 join VF-211 19th June 1996, NG100 August 96 to September 1997. I have photos of 162588 with NACA vents wearing the same paint job as 161271 on the FTD sheet that has grill vents. So wondering if the CAG jet was swapped somewhere or if the profile should have NACA vents.
  5. Hi everyone, I am wanting to build the VF-211 jet from FTD 48-080 Fightertown usa part 2. Just wondering if this sheet is designed to fit the tamiya kit? If not would the Checkerboard rudder decals be able to be trimmed to fit? Also the placement guide shows it as having the grill sytle gun vents. However the detail and scale book has a photo of what appears to be the same jet wit NACA vents. Although i cant make out the BuNo. Anyone know for sure? Thanks as always. Tom
  6. Two guys I was hoping would chime in. I have heard about that D in Vf-111 markings, also heard there was a screaming eagle also. Good photo of a D with 154 and 32 on opposite sides. WHIFs aren't really my thing though. Grey ghost, we have very similar tastes. I have a 24 jet in the cabinet, 74 A+ from desert storm is my favourite jet of all time and is in the cabinet. 211 will be an A from a fightertown sheet. 142 however, that is one I don't have and always wanted. You might be onto something there. I think Furball has one on a sheet. Wouldn't mind a mid to late 90s 143 jet as well.
  7. Cheers Whiskey! I use their decals exclusively. I used fightertown to build Lion 200 and that's about the only D that has ever really grabbed me. Vf-21 will be the Next A from furball I believe.
  8. Anything really. I am find MiG hard to use but its doable if necessary. Preferrably Tamiya, Gunze or Model Master.
  9. Title says it all, Looking for the F-16N off the fightertown sheet adversary ghosts. Cheers Tom
  10. Can anyone help me with acrylic paint matches for the following please. Sand FS30400 Dark Tan FS34219 Agressor Grey FS36251 Light Sea Grey FS36307 Many thanks, Tom
  11. I have an F-14D kit ready to go. I am having a bit of a creative block and I am unsure what livery to build it in. I prefer normally a mid 80s A, late A, A+ guy. I want to build it as either an A+/B or D. I have already built VF-213 200 last cruise. I don't want a VX jet, no VF-31D models, no VF-103 Jolly Rogers. So far I am thinking of making it a VF-103 Slugger with the club leaf on the tail. I would like your ideas please, what do you think is cool? What is a good looking D model? What A+/B/D should I build?
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking for the decals for this VF-11 F-14D. Are the CAM decals ok? Fightertown or Furball, are you guys planning this one? 1995 f14d
  13. Thanks mate! I have been using those MR Hobby Aqueous colours for some years now and always liked them. I can get them to spray nicely. I think MM acrylics are a better colour match but I always get tip drying so cant get them to go down as well. Was hoping to find something that sprays like MR Hobby with a good paint match. Otherwise its back to the suggestions you have! Cheers.
  14. Hi guys, A couple of questions about the late era Starfighters jets. I am building 204 off the Furball sheet. What colour is the jet? I looks to be one overall grey colour, is it FS35237 or FS36320? What would be the best colour match for those in Acrylics besides Model Master? (never had much luck with them) What would be the best paint match for Engine Grey in Acrylic also? Many thanks Tom
  15. Looking for the Superscale 48-766 VF-45 jet with the full colour blackbird.
  16. Definitely my poor spelling! Aegean is correct.
  17. I am looking for 1/48th scale decals. I already have a Top Gun and a VF-126 jet in the cabinet so looking for a VF-43 or 45 jet to go with them. Thank you for the info so far everyone.
  18. Thanks for the info. It is very helpful. I already have a vf-126 F-16 in the cabinet so ideally I am looking for the VF-43 or 45 jet. Hopefully I find that W&D sheet. Cheers.
  19. HI guys, Just wondering what is out there for F-16N's from VF-43/45 or the early Aegan scheme Top Gun jets. All I have found is a few Superscale sheets. Anything new on the horizon from any of the companies? Many thanks, Tom
  20. Hi guys, Looking for The superscale sheet with the VF-45 Blackbirds F-16N with the full colour bird on the tail. Many thanks Tom
  21. Thanks everyone. It is a shame that I wont be able to see it. It looks well preserved and wearing VF squadron colours so that is a bonus! Would anyone be able to recommend where I might see fighters flying near Tokyo? Years ago in Sapporro I got to see Eagles and that was great. I would like to see F2s, F15s and especially F4s. cheers Tom
  22. Hello, I am traveling to Japan at the end of January. I would like to take an afternoon to go to NAF Atsugi. Is the F14 gate guard there accessible to the public? This would be one of the major reasons for visiting Atsugi. Thank you for the info. Tom
  23. Thanks Brian, Does the jet have the aerial refuelling probe door on or off? I have one photo of what might be the same jet minus the nose art and with the probe door removed. Squadron line up pic with all aircrew in Tan flight suits so I assume circa ODS era. I wouldn't mind building one like that as I never have. Thanks for the help.
  24. Hi Guys, A couple of questions about the VF-114 jet from Fightertown Decals sheet, Fightertown USA part 2. Did F-14A BUNO 159608 have the ECM blisters in 1991 or not? In all my books and internet searches I only can find photos of it in the 1988 time period and it does NOT have the ECM gear. The Fightertown profiles show it with ECM gear under the wing gloves and on the boat tail but I would like to confirm this is correct. What inside of what tail did it wear the CVW 11 badge? The decal placement guide does not show what inner tail this is on. Would anyone have photos of NH-100 during Desert Storm as the Vark of Arabia? I would love to see them! Many thanks as always. Tom
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