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  1. I have an old Koku Fan book on US Navy attack aircraft. There are color photos of VA-195 A-7Es from 1982 and Va-27 which clearly shows 36495 on the bottom of the aircraft and on the fuselage below the wing. However, I have never seen 36495 on the top except for the markings. The very light gray was only used for a very short time before it was replaced by light ghost grey, and apparently by only a few squadrons as photos of this scheme are relatively rare. Hope that helps.
  2. Books for sale, prices include shipping costs in the US. Will ship world wide. Can accept Paypal. All books are in mint condition except where noted. If you have any questions about a specific book please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. Aerofax Mig-17 $15.00 Ali D'Italia MB 326, has Italian and English text and includes 1/72 and 1/48 scale drawings. $16.00 Midland Publishing Sea Harrier, The Last All-British Fighter, has slight shelf ware on the bottom of the cover $16.00 Verlinden Pub, Lock On Number 2, F-16 Fighting Falcon, includes A model 1/72 and 1/48 fold out sca
  3. Books for sale all are $15.00 dollars each and are in mint condition. Price does not include shipping which will be by media mail with a delivery confirmation if you are in the US. Paypal, cashiers check or money order for payment. Will ship worldwide as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost. Aerofax Mig-17 Aerofax Su-7/17/20/22 family SOLD Specialty Press F9F Panther/Cougar SOLD
  4. I live on the north side of Tinker AFB where the 465TFS flew Thuds for about 10 years. I never saw them with anything but drop tanks, wing and center line, and MER bomb racks. The only photos I've seen for the period you are talking about shows the same configuration. Bullpups were long out of the inventory by the time Hill got the D model Thuds.
  5. Good friend of mine is a Boeing test pilot who has flown every version of the Eagle. He told me the center line only drop tank actually makes the aircraft a little unstable. So flying with the 2 wing tanks takes care of that problem. He told me this several years ago when I asked him the same question as to why they went to the wing tank configuration. Hope that helps.
  6. For sale 1/144 Anigrand kits. All are $15.00 each which includes postage. If you buy multiple kits I will lower the cost as mailing one or five will cost the same. I can accept paypal. Lockheed F-94 Starfire McDonnell FH-1 Phantom Bell XP-83 Northrop F-89D Scorpion Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer Douglas XSB2-1 Destroyer Grumman XTB2F-1 Mig-9 Fargo Mil Mi-1 Hare C-5M Galaxy engines only
  7. The only photos I've seen they have only had 2 drop tanks. Also for a late period Chilean Hunter the ejection seat was upgraded, I believe to a Martin Baker MK 10 seat (could be wrong on that one check around).
  8. F/S 1/48 Kazan Mig-27 Conversion $85.00, complete and in mint condition. Price does not include shipping. Will ship worldwide.
  9. Need some help here guys. I'm not much of a WWII builder but I'm wanting to possibly build a FW 190 and/or the 190D for a change of pace. Can someone tell what the best kit is. I'm leaning towards Eduard but I've heard both Tamiya and Hasegawa are good also. I know on Hasegawa and Tamiya their decals aren't the best so if you can also tell me if the kit ones need replacements and if the Eduard ones are any good. Thanks for the help.
  10. I bit the bullet and bought the Anigrand 1/144 C-5. First I will say Anigrand has improved their casting over the other kits I have purchased. My copy is bubble free with no pinholes in the major assemblies I examined. Dry fitting the fuselage's four parts reveals a good fit with minor sanding it can even be improved. Each segment has positive locator tabs which will help tremendously in getting everything lined up. The wings appear to be free of warps or sagging. The bottom insert of the wing which fits into the upper half sits a little shallow. I would think some square plastic rod glue
  11. Just got my set today and I'm happy with it. Anyone with experience with conversions shouldn't have any difficulty in making a F-8 below the E, or the H and K, with this kit. My clear parts are slightly fogged, I had to hold them up to the light to find it. I believe a dip in future will cure that. I would recommend this conversion without hesitation.
  12. Looking for Eduard set 48 251 for Airfix F1/F3.
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