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  1. Bravo! Very nice, indeed
  2. Very inspirative start.
  3. Hi Vacinotac, your build is superb, indeed. Very freshly and live. ...many in progress pics available if you like- Yes, please.
  4. Thank you for your comments :D All the Yugoslav MiGs had the original Soviet coloring standard and were used like that. The versions f13, PFM, R, M, MF, U and US were received painted in aluminium dope color FS 17178. The undercarriage legs and interior were unpainted in most cases, exept on the earlier models (f13), were the anti-corrosion green chromate was used. On f13 the complete cockpit interior were LIGHT GREY FS 26270 with black instrument panels. http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=26270 Credits for pictures go to Mr. Aleksandar Počuč Cheers, Miroslav.
  5. Beautiful work and very interesting theme. Bravo!
  6. Very nice and dinamic, indeed. Bravo!
  7. Thanks for looking and your comments . Yes, Dragan, for flag on the tail I am responsible. I did not use a decal but mixed colors. On the daylight there is no differences between blue color on the flag and rondell, the differences appear under the photo reflector light. This model is very pleasant for work and I only had problem with Quickboost parts (conus and airintake) but nothing big. Cheers
  8. Hi gent's, this is modell of MiG-21f13 (Revell, 1/72 with Aires, Quickboost and BigEd sets) and represented airplane from Yugoslav Air Force (Jugoslovensko Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protivvazdušna Odbrana-RV i PVO). 22502 c/n 742211, received in the JRV i PVO 14-September-1962 in 204th Aviation Fighter Regiment, air base Batajnica (near Belgrade). In first time, 1963, this airplane serving for retraining Sabre (F-86E(M)) pilots to MiG-21... Collor MM 1781 Alluminium, for flag I mixed collors... Decals LiftHere ,,migz mix YUGOSLAV AF MIG-21 ULTIMATE COLLECTION"... Cheers
  9. Hi Honza, the upper side is great while it seems that the bottom surface is too clean. Generaly, this is a ART
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