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  1. Xtradecal 72154 on Ebay UK at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-1-72-Xtradecal-X72154-Falklands-War-1982-Argentina/372788456349?epid=1911055164&hash=item56cbec6b9d:g:J38AAOSwplZczX-G&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId
  2. I have a set of 1/72 Hasegawa F-14 droptanks going spare if you are still lookng for them, yours for the cost of postage from IRL to USA Regards Vincent
  3. Would any one happen to have the RFC decals from the Eduard 1/48 Nieuport 17 kit(kit #8051 or possibly #8024) going spare that they would be willing to part with/trade/exchange/sell? I have the Nieuport 21 kit which I want to finish as a Nieuport 17 in RFC markings for a club WW1 GB. Decals now sourced Thanks for looking Vincent
  4. Murfv


    Likewise, another vote for Dmitri, smooth transaction, great communication and prompt shipping from USA to Ireland.
  5. If they fit the FRS.1 ok, they should fit the FA2 without any problems. Have not tried the Aires ones but I found the Heritage aviation exhausts worked ok with both kits.
  6. Renaissance Models have the EC-145 resin & PE set listed for €50.00 A quick check of the retailer list give 2 US based outlets that carry their stuff, Island Collectables & Strada Sports(I assume you are US based) Both of the retailers are into Auto sports and may not carry the aviation bits but they may be able to get it in on order. HTH
  7. Murfv


    Just received another order from Dan and yet again excellent service and communication. A1 :) :D Cheers Vincent
  8. Just completed a deal with Vpanoptes, kits well packed, reasonable postage costs and fast international shipping. Excellent service all around. Vincent
  9. What scale are you looking for? Regards Vincent
  10. Hi Guys Can I come and play too? I have recently seen this GB and fancy taking part and finishing something for a change. I have a couple of 1/76 vehicles and a couple of aircraft which I am planing to revisit after quite a few years which I will dig out and have a bash at. Tanks are as below I hope I do this right as I have never tried to add a picture before <_< PK-73 PK-80 Vincent
  11. Hi I hope this is of help?(If it works) Vincent
  12. Hi, Think I have a couple of those going spare from a 1/144 LS weapons set. PM inbound. Regards Vincent
  13. Went in for a browse and came out with the following from the bargain bin: Matchbox 1/72 Hunter (Real blast from the past) Italeri 1/72 Sea Harrier(ex ESCI) Italeri 1/72 F-5F More stuff for the stash!!!
  14. Hi Rene I will have the parts in the mail to you tomorrow. I am happy to be able to help. Regards Vincent
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