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  1. italycrew

    Sea Dragon

    Well done!!!!!!
  2. italycrew

    AW129D Mangusta

    Stunning!!!!Great job!!!!!
  3. italycrew

    Hasegawa MH-60G

    Hello!! I agree with Warthog85. I got both of them
  4. italycrew

    New! Live Resin helicopter figures

    I bought only the fast rope and fast rope mount frame....
  5. italycrew

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    Hello hawg53!! thanks for this historical news!!
  6. italycrew

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    For 11bee, the guy who was converting a SH.-3 to HH-3 is called Maurizio. He's a friend of mine, he was doing a great job. Tuesday I'll meet him and ask him if starts off with job
  7. italycrew

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    Hello gents !!! First of all, sorry if I answer late but I've been busy with work... Anyway, Thank you VERY MUCH to snake36bravo about the pics, very interesting. About HH-53 and HH-3, I hope someday someone pics up our cry of request.... I'm assembling an Airfix HH-53, old but the best. The subsequent kits were not better.....
  8. italycrew

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    Hello DonSS3 !! Thank you very much. The doubt remains about the pilots cabin floor....I saw some photos, it looks black...
  9. Hello Gents, Someone of you can helps me? what is the exact color of the Super Jolly Green Giant pilots cabin in the' 70s, instrument panel, floor, etc etc Are there any photos? I could not find them..... Thanks in advance