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  1. I purchased the Academy 1/144 B-52D kit very recently and it looks to be identical to the earler Minicraft B-52D/F offering, it also includes Quails and Hound Dogs (plus stands) although they don't apply to the B-52D options that can be made from this kit which include 'Tommy's Tigator'. The kit looks good to me however on seeing the options available on the forthcoming Caracal 'Tall Tails' sheet a second kit might be a good idea 😉 Michael
  2. A more distant shot, slightly different angle. Both photos taken by myself. Michael.
  3. Kursad, is this what you are looking for? Another sectioned BUFF from my 7th October 1994 AMARC tour. I did catch this chopped up B-52D forward fuselage however I was not able to identify her. The tail fin behind her cockpit belongs to 55-0087. Michael.
  4. I have several old ESCI and Monogram Starfighters in 1/48th scale as well as quite a few of the Hasegawa offerings, they are all crying out for several stencilling/national insignia Basics item sheets 👍 I built an ESCI F-104C just over a year ago and it was hard work resourcing some of the decals from the spares tin to replace the 40 year old kit decals. Michael
  5. Just out of interest I have some of the old Revell 'History Makers' kits and some later 'Revell Classics'. The 1/32nd Northrop Hawk is interesting, did it really go into the field in red and white markings? An earlier boxing suggests that they were plain white with no markings. If you do issue this decal sheet I will definitely be purchasing one! Michael
  6. This is good news. The HobbyBoss 1/48th scale F-111A kit comes with decals for the fifth prototype 63-9770 in FS 36440 grey and FS 17875 white and I built this version about eight years ago. The kit decals were sort of 'OK' and the end result looked good however it would look much better re-done with decals up to the Caracal standard. I can wait 🙂 Michael
  7. Kursad, Are you able to post the artwork / instructions for this upcoming decal sheet yet? I have already pre-ordered it through Hannants in the UK but am just curious which colour schemes are included. Thanks.
  8. I remember taking this photo, was literally a couple of weeks before the type was finally retired, and for that reason I am very partial to lo viz schemes too. Still hoping that one day someone will produce an RF-8G in 1/48th scale as well...
  9. Have been waiting a long time for this one 👍😊
  10. This was a 97th BW KC-135A serial 64-14834 in the 'Shamu' scheme with 'Ridge Runner' art in the static display at the 1989 International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford. Tail flash looks very similar. Michael
  11. +1 👍 for the German Luftwaffe Tornado request. One of my current builds is a Revell Tornado IDS in 1/48th scale in the Norm 83 camouflage scheme operated by JbG 37 out of Memmingen in 1991. There is very little out there for the Luftwaffe Tornado IDS and I have had to resort to using an old Italeri decal sheet that I had in my spares box for this scheme. Caracal Models did release a Luftwaffe F-4F in "Norm 81" which was excellent (I have a copy) so maybe the Tornado IDS could follow this? Whilst on the Tornado, how about a "Tornado The Early Years" sheet? I recall a red and white prototype fol
  12. The 1/72nd sheet is a 'must' for me, I have mostly built the 2007 issue Revell B-1B however the Revell decal sheet looks good but the wing walk stripes were the wrong colour and silvered badly when I applied them; I stopped at that point. Advance order going into Hannants for when they list this sheet.
  13. The 1/72 KC-135A, C-135 Family General Markings, and 1/48 USAF SEA Heritage Camo F-16C / A-10C decal sheets arrived this week from re-seller Hannants in the UK. All very comprehensive, especially the C-135 Family General Markings which are impressive, however the SEA Heritage Camo F-16C is definitely a must-build-soon sheet! Michael
  14. Many thanks for the replies and the guidance given, is appreciated 👍 Now I have a few more options to consider. Michael
  15. I am currently building the HobbyBoss 1/47th TA-7C kit and have painted and marked it as an EA-7L operated by VAQ-34 in the all-over Dark Ghost Gray colour scheme with lo-vis markings, plus red crew names, VAQ-34 in red and a red star on the fin, using Caracal decals. Still have to add some weathering and grime, it looks like the EA-7Ls got pretty worn and grubby in their later years. I am not sure what to hang on the jet though. It seems that the EA-7L could carry the ALQ-170, AST-4, DLQ-3, ALQ-167, and ALE-43 chaff pods however these are quite exotic items due to the specialist role per
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