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  1. A 'CC' coded F-111D from the 27th TFW in FS 36118 would be a must have for me. I don't know if any of these wore flagship markings either for the Wing or each squadron with a white outlined 'CC' though. A quick Google search found F-111F 70-2404 in FS 36118 operated by the 523rd FS in such markings so that could be worth considering maybe? The option of a 366th TFW F-111F out of Mountain Home AFB would also be most welcome, whether a line bird or a flagship. Michael
  2. Agree that this is a very subjective list however keeping with the OP's definition of "WOW OMG cool" my personal top 10 would be: B-58A Hustler - a Convair delta wing, four podded engines, Mach 2, wasp waist... my dream plane when I was a teenager 😍 SR-71 Blackbird - needs no introduction! XB-70 Valkyrie - I was 11 when that crash happened. Saw the other one outside the USAF Museum many years later, incredible plane. F-104 Starfighter - especially the early F-104A models in highly polished metal with colourful bright markings. Pure fifties! C-141A Starlifter - s
  3. Mine arrived today from Hannants, the re-seller based in the UK. An absolute work of art, up there with the Caracal B-58 decals that were released a few years ago. Now I know why I have kept a Hasegawa B-47 kit in the stash for upwards of 40 years! Thank you for option 3 B-47E 52-0344 which was deployed to the UK in 1959.
  4. No apology needed, just marking my copyright 🙂 I remember posting this image on a Facebook group and I pointed out the "saltire" and had no replies so a standard marking it most likely is 👍
  5. For the record I would like to claim copyright of this photo of 153712 / UA-03 which was taken by myself, Michael Baldock, on a tour of AMARC on October 9th, 1994. Always delighted if my photos help Kursad design stuff but I do like photo credit please. Interesting point, if you look very carefully at the nose gear door it appears to have a small Scottish flag, or Saltire, painted on it. If it is helpful I am happy to scan this negative again to show more detail. Michael aka 'Ghostbase'
  6. Looks like another 'must have' decal sheet 🙂 I do have the old 1/72 AMT EC-135C 'Looking Glass' kit however I have misplaced the instruction sheet and the decals. Does this sheet cover all the general markings for the EC-135C?
  7. The HobbyBoss FB-111 kit arrived today, now patiently awaiting these decals. The Edwards FB-111A looks very tempting indeed... Michael
  8. I have had a Hasegawa B-47E Stratojet in the stash since the late 70's, at last a set of decals which will motivate me to build it! Send some to Hannants please 😉 So many superb subjects from Caracal recently and in the months to come 👍 Michael
  9. An interesting variation on the Caracal Models way of doing things, I hope it catches on. Please send some to Hannants because this is a 'must buy' from me 👍 Michael
  10. 1/48 Vought RF-8A/G Crusader 👍 +1 The early jet powered bombers are also an area of interest for me. The Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster, the Convair XB-46 and the Martin XB-48 prototypes, I would love to see these in 1/72 scale much like the Valom B-45 kits. An updated 1/72 B-47 Stratojet would be a 'must buy' for me too.
  11. Good to see a kit of the original C-141A coming our way and even better that Kursad had the foresight to include a few decals for the C-141A in CD144002. I will be making the earlier metallic finish version 👍
  12. Excellent news! I have one each of the HobbyBoss FJ-4 kits in the stash as well as an ancient Matchbox kit from way back when. Looking forward to this one 👍
  13. The 1/48th HobbyBoss F-111A kit did come with a grey/white option for 63-9770, the fifth prototype, which was used to test Vulcan 20-mm gun and the electronic warfare systems. I built the kit in these markings and it looks very impressive indeed. The kit decals were 'ok' but the Caracal option would have been far better and, if reproduced, I would definitely buy them to refresh the model and finish it properly. Several of the F-111A prototypes went on to become GF-111A ground training frames at Sheppard AFB, maybe they picked up some extra markings while they were there? F-111A 63-9771 and 63-
  14. Thanks Kursad, in fact I just got the B-57B decals from Hannants. So hopefully not too long and you will be offering / have offered the B-45, B-47, B-52, B-57, B-58 and B-66 bombers. The C-119 is eagerly awaited as well 👍. I love all these old school jets and prop transports from back in the 50's and 60's before camouflage was applied. Michael
  15. Hope it is OK to revive an old thread but I just wondered what happened to this 1/72nd Douglas B-66 Destroyer sheet? Reading the posts above it seems as though the decals were ready to be sent to the printers but I guess they were sidelined by other projects. Just a few observations regards the re-release Italeri kit which I purchased and arrived today, it is marketed as an RB-66B and it has the ECM tailcone. I have made both the original B-66B (with rear radar / cannon) and the EB-66E versions in the past and it is a basic but nice kit to put together. I also have one each of thes
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