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  1. The 1/72 KC-135A, C-135 Family General Markings, and 1/48 USAF SEA Heritage Camo F-16C / A-10C decal sheets arrived this week from re-seller Hannants in the UK. All very comprehensive, especially the C-135 Family General Markings which are impressive, however the SEA Heritage Camo F-16C is definitely a must-build-soon sheet! Michael
  2. Many thanks for the replies and the guidance given, is appreciated 👍 Now I have a few more options to consider. Michael
  3. I am currently building the HobbyBoss 1/47th TA-7C kit and have painted and marked it as an EA-7L operated by VAQ-34 in the all-over Dark Ghost Gray colour scheme with lo-vis markings, plus red crew names, VAQ-34 in red and a red star on the fin, using Caracal decals. Still have to add some weathering and grime, it looks like the EA-7Ls got pretty worn and grubby in their later years. I am not sure what to hang on the jet though. It seems that the EA-7L could carry the ALQ-170, AST-4, DLQ-3, ALQ-167, and ALE-43 chaff pods however these are quite exotic items due to the specialist role per
  4. A 'CC' coded F-111D from the 27th TFW in FS 36118 would be a must have for me. I don't know if any of these wore flagship markings either for the Wing or each squadron with a white outlined 'CC' though. A quick Google search found F-111F 70-2404 in FS 36118 operated by the 523rd FS in such markings so that could be worth considering maybe? The option of a 366th TFW F-111F out of Mountain Home AFB would also be most welcome, whether a line bird or a flagship. Michael
  5. Agree that this is a very subjective list however keeping with the OP's definition of "WOW OMG cool" my personal top 10 would be: B-58A Hustler - a Convair delta wing, four podded engines, Mach 2, wasp waist... my dream plane when I was a teenager 😍 SR-71 Blackbird - needs no introduction! XB-70 Valkyrie - I was 11 when that crash happened. Saw the other one outside the USAF Museum many years later, incredible plane. F-104 Starfighter - especially the early F-104A models in highly polished metal with colourful bright markings. Pure fifties! C-141A Starlifter - s
  6. Mine arrived today from Hannants, the re-seller based in the UK. An absolute work of art, up there with the Caracal B-58 decals that were released a few years ago. Now I know why I have kept a Hasegawa B-47 kit in the stash for upwards of 40 years! Thank you for option 3 B-47E 52-0344 which was deployed to the UK in 1959.
  7. No apology needed, just marking my copyright 🙂 I remember posting this image on a Facebook group and I pointed out the "saltire" and had no replies so a standard marking it most likely is 👍
  8. For the record I would like to claim copyright of this photo of 153712 / UA-03 which was taken by myself, Michael Baldock, on a tour of AMARC on October 9th, 1994. Always delighted if my photos help Kursad design stuff but I do like photo credit please. Interesting point, if you look very carefully at the nose gear door it appears to have a small Scottish flag, or Saltire, painted on it. If it is helpful I am happy to scan this negative again to show more detail. Michael aka 'Ghostbase'
  9. Looks like another 'must have' decal sheet 🙂 I do have the old 1/72 AMT EC-135C 'Looking Glass' kit however I have misplaced the instruction sheet and the decals. Does this sheet cover all the general markings for the EC-135C?
  10. The HobbyBoss FB-111 kit arrived today, now patiently awaiting these decals. The Edwards FB-111A looks very tempting indeed... Michael
  11. I have had a Hasegawa B-47E Stratojet in the stash since the late 70's, at last a set of decals which will motivate me to build it! Send some to Hannants please 😉 So many superb subjects from Caracal recently and in the months to come 👍 Michael
  12. An interesting variation on the Caracal Models way of doing things, I hope it catches on. Please send some to Hannants because this is a 'must buy' from me 👍 Michael
  13. 1/48 Vought RF-8A/G Crusader 👍 +1 The early jet powered bombers are also an area of interest for me. The Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster, the Convair XB-46 and the Martin XB-48 prototypes, I would love to see these in 1/72 scale much like the Valom B-45 kits. An updated 1/72 B-47 Stratojet would be a 'must buy' for me too.
  14. Good to see a kit of the original C-141A coming our way and even better that Kursad had the foresight to include a few decals for the C-141A in CD144002. I will be making the earlier metallic finish version 👍
  15. Excellent news! I have one each of the HobbyBoss FJ-4 kits in the stash as well as an ancient Matchbox kit from way back when. Looking forward to this one 👍
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