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  1. Has anyone heard from Anthony since that big Earth quake a few weeks ago in March? I see he live in Christchurch and as I'm sure you all know, Christchurch was devistated in March with a massive quake.
  2. Mate, I got my copy today, only just got home so I haven't had a good look yet, but damn, what an awesome book, this is fantastic thank you
  3. Jake, I've just ordered it, I'm in deep crap though, my wife just put me in the dog box over it, came to over USD$50 so about NZD$80 or more by the time the bank is done. But what can I say, it looks so good and I know we won't get it here in New Zealand, we never seem to get anything and when we do, it's about 2 or 3 years after everyone else got it. I just hope it gets here real soon, cause I'm very impatiant and in big trouble, so at least having the book will ease some of my pain. Cheers Jason
  4. I'm a bit late to the party but I've just added my suggestions. Bell 206 Jet Ranger 3 Bell 206L4 Long Ranger Bell 407 (Even suggested they do the Colin Bodill and Jennifer Murray Bell 407 of the polor first flights) Bell 430 EC 120 EC 130
  5. Thanks cairnsy, very informative and logical, it is something that has been bugging me ever scince I saw the pics. How long after shut down would it take the stabs to sag? If I wanted to build an airshow jet which has been siting for the weekend, would that be long enoug to do sagged stabs or does it take like a week for them to sag? Thanks again Jason
  6. When the RAAF Super bugs came to Auckland on there delivery to Australia, all 5 were parked with the IFR probs out and the canopy and ladder stowed. Why would they have parked with the IFR probs out?, as far as I no, they spent the night parked like that, there are pics on airliners.net
  7. Well, those pics were of 06 in 2005. Below are some more recent pics in 2009 of various Huey's (Not specificaly 06 though, I don't think she was there for that show) These were all Grey all over I've taken a few pics of these awesome choppers, if you need any for referance let me know, I don't get a lot of time to check this site or others, but will try to check in from time to time. Unfortunately I don't have any more of 06 specifically, but I have a few more of other choppers. Rgds Jason
  8. Hi all. Andrew, good choice mate, May God be with the crew and their families I hope you don't mind, I've posted the only pics of 06 I have, I took these in 2005 at Whenuapai
  9. Outstanding, epic and awesome all in one, Outepicsome.
  10. Mate, that is outstanding, if you consider yourself a bad modeler then I need to just give up now. I'll be following this one with interest, looks awesome.
  11. Mate, that is awesome stuff, if that's the missile I can't wait to see how the F14 turns out.
  12. Hi and many thanks to all for the kind replies, espescially like the paint scheme myself, I can see me having a real one dressed in a similar way. I've vented many a time to the model shop guys about ta lack of civvie choppers and was told and models companies make kits for people to make their dreams. I told him my dream is to have my own turbine helicopter, a nice Bell 407 or 206L4, stuff my family in there and go visit friends and family or see parts of the country in a day which would usually take a few days to cover, we could throuw the snow board in and be at the Mt in an hour instead
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