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  1. Hi guys: Great tips, thank you all very much. I'll find what I'm looking for with these options. Happy Building, Barry
  2. Hi Folks: Need advice...I live in a condo and need an airbrush compressor that is quiet. It needs to be portable, have an air storage tank and easily adjustable pressure gauge. Price below $400.00. Please provide suggestions. Thanks, Barry
  3. Hi guys, I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a canopy for a 1/72nd scale A-7? Kit is Fujimi but I'll adjust if any other brand is available. If so, name your price and shipping. Much appreciated! Thanks, Barry
  4. Thanks guys for the tips. I was wondering if there was a need to worry. I may try the wire idea just in case. I would love to use the metal gear, but it would require me to tear open the fuselage..which I am not of fan of. Metal gear WILL be used on all B-25's going forward (have a few in the stash). Barry
  5. Hey Guys: I am building my first 1/48 Monogram B-25, and man is it tail-heavy! I used so much nose weight (don't think it's too much) that I am concerned the front landing gear may bend or warp over time. The plane is nearly ready for paint so there is no going back and replacing the gear with white metal without tearing the kit apart. I really want the plane to stand on it's own gear without propping it up on anything. Does anyone have a suggestion for making the front gear stronger? Epoxy, wire, anything. Or, am I concerned for nothing? Thanks, Barry
  6. Hi Everyone: I am in need of a 1/48 scale canopy for the Monogram Pro Modeler kit. I'll be happy to compensate you for it and postage. Otherwise, any suggestions on a good replacement? Thanks, Barry
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. So, a bit thinner paint and lower pressure. I'll try it. As for the paint, I was using both Tamiya and Model Master acrylics. The tip/needle combo is the one that came with the AB. Guessing patience and more practice could solve most of the issues LOL.
  8. I just purchased a new airbrush (Iwata Eclipse HP-CS). I have been practicing but am unable to get a "clean" freehand paint line. I always get little bits of over spray. I have adjusted the paint, the air pressure from my compressor, the angle of painting but noting seems to get a clean line. I was getting a fairly good line from my old Passche and expected better results from my new Iwata. I figure it must be something I am doing wrong. Please HELP!!! Thanks, Barry
  9. Hello everyone: I want to purchase a Harder & Steenbeck airbrush and am wondering if the standard hose connection that I use for my Paasche brush to connect to the air compressor will work with the H&S brush? Or do I need to purchase a specific hose? Thanks, Barry
  10. Hi guys: I am in need of 1/48 scale Hinomaru markings for a Zero. One ARC'er graciously provided several sheets but they were the dark red ones and I need the bright red ones. Honestly, I only need six of the larger ones WITHOUT the white outline. So even if you have a used sheet with these left, I'd be interested. Any help is greatly appreciated. Of course, I am willing to pay for them and postage. Thanks, Barry
  11. Hey SN: Yea, I did consider painting them on, which I did with the tail stripe. Could not figure out the best way to mask them so I went with the decal idea. What have you found that works best for masking....keeping in mind I already have the base IJN Grey applied?
  12. Hi Everyone: I am in need of 1/48 scale Hinomaru decals, the larger ones WITHOUT the white border, that were used on WW II Japanese aircraft. I only need six (to complete one aircraft). Will be happy to pay for them and for postage. If you can help, let me know. Thanks and happy modeling!! Barry
  13. Hi Ray: Thanks tons!! I sent you an email but let me know if you don't it (the written email you sent looked a little odd so I sent it to the address that seemed correct). Will look forward to it. Barry
  14. Hi guys: I know the odds of this are probably slim, but I am in need of rotor blades for a 1/48 scale Academy Blackhawk (Pave Have kit). If anyone has spares (but why would you LOL), I'll be happy to pay a reasonable price and shipping. Thanks, Barry
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