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Frank Wouts

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  1. Frank Wouts

    Master Model Su-27 turned metal pitot fits Zacto nose

    Super sharing this, useful knowledge for us all. thanks. Frank.
  2. Frank Wouts

    Nine years in the making

    Buy them, just don't spray them with Alclad and wait nine years again. Pictures of your work thusfar would be nice. Cheers, Frank.
  3. Frank Wouts

    More F-16 details sets ?

    Agree, NSI and MCID intakes for both Tamademy!
  4. Frank Wouts

    Zactomodels suggestion box

    I agree on this one, an MCID intake, for both Academy AND Tamiya... An NSI for Tamiya would be welcome as well, as would be a MLU set for an F-16A MLU for all European NATO countries with the F-16A MLU.
  5. Frank Wouts

    Zactomodels suggestion box

    I was saving money for all your superb Su-27 sets. End of May we receive our holidays extra earnings, so I was about to order the Trumpeter kit and all your sets, when reading the canopy set being sold out and disconinued. Too pitty, because without the corrected canopy, the Trumpeter kit does not even look as a Su-27 and is not worth building. Also, what's the use of your other superb sets without the canopy set? So my suggestion is reissuing the Su-27 1:32 Canopy set.
  6. Hi Chris, Read your news on your site and as I said in my email, again lots of strength wished to hold on and get through this heavy burden these weeks. Prayers and lighted candles are with you all. Frank.
  7. Frank Wouts

    F-16A(M)/B(M) (MLU) update set 1/32

    Yes!!! Finally a set to build my RNLAF F-16A and F-16AM vipers in 1:32 correctly!!! Frank.
  8. Frank Wouts

    Upnorth F-100D scribing template

    Hi, Anyone wanting to sell or lending me their Upnorth 48002 scribing template for Monogram's F-100D in 1/48 scale? I need one for multiple Monogram F-100 kits. It is just too time consuming using just Dymo tape and regular scribing templates. Ofcourse I will pay for all costs, including for shipping to me and back to you in case of borrowing. Thanks, Frank.
  9. Frank Wouts

    Modelbuilders' Guide to the Netherlands

    Hi Paolo, Welcome to the Netherlands, Italians are always welcome!
  10. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    Thanks Steve. Regards to all in your beautiful country!
  11. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    And again, the result.
  12. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    And the result after airbrushing and assembling the wings after sufficient drying time.
  13. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    Masking for airbrushing the camouflage pattern.
  14. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    And on...
  15. Frank Wouts

    Airfix 1-72 Halifax B Mk-III bomber

    Then, assemble the subassemblies into a model, again only following my own logic and testfitting and fiddling.