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  1. Super sharing this, useful knowledge for us all. thanks. Frank.
  2. Buy them, just don't spray them with Alclad and wait nine years again. Pictures of your work thusfar would be nice. Cheers, Frank.
  3. Agree, NSI and MCID intakes for both Tamademy!
  4. I agree on this one, an MCID intake, for both Academy AND Tamiya... An NSI for Tamiya would be welcome as well, as would be a MLU set for an F-16A MLU for all European NATO countries with the F-16A MLU.
  5. I was saving money for all your superb Su-27 sets. End of May we receive our holidays extra earnings, so I was about to order the Trumpeter kit and all your sets, when reading the canopy set being sold out and disconinued. Too pitty, because without the corrected canopy, the Trumpeter kit does not even look as a Su-27 and is not worth building. Also, what's the use of your other superb sets without the canopy set? So my suggestion is reissuing the Su-27 1:32 Canopy set.
  6. Hi Chris, Read your news on your site and as I said in my email, again lots of strength wished to hold on and get through this heavy burden these weeks. Prayers and lighted candles are with you all. Frank.
  7. Yes!!! Finally a set to build my RNLAF F-16A and F-16AM vipers in 1:32 correctly!!! Frank.
  8. Hi, Anyone wanting to sell or lending me their Upnorth 48002 scribing template for Monogram's F-100D in 1/48 scale? I need one for multiple Monogram F-100 kits. It is just too time consuming using just Dymo tape and regular scribing templates. Ofcourse I will pay for all costs, including for shipping to me and back to you in case of borrowing. Thanks, Frank.
  9. Hi Paolo, Welcome to the Netherlands, Italians are always welcome!
  10. Thanks Steve. Regards to all in your beautiful country!
  11. And the result after airbrushing and assembling the wings after sufficient drying time.
  12. Masking for airbrushing the camouflage pattern.
  13. Then, assemble the subassemblies into a model, again only following my own logic and testfitting and fiddling.
  14. Next, building started in subassemblies, NOT following the clear sequences in the instruction plans...
  15. Here some more pictures of the build. First the plans: a lot had to be figured out yourself in the sixties obviously...
  16. Oh I forgot, The build went easy, fit was relatively good, specially the wings into the fuselage fitted like a glove! Only problem was the canopy as well as some other glass parts, which don't fit at all. I made the canopy fit perfectly when dryfitting, with some Evergreen polystyrene strip sanded and shaped, but for some reason did not manage to get it aligned well when glueing... Strange! Also problematic were the decals, they shrinked well under some Daco Strong decal setting without silvering, but some were so yellow and old of age that colors are too light and a little yellow.. But hey, it's a classic!
  17. Hi Andre and Breadneck, Thanks for the nice words! Everything out of the box, except for the eight turret guns, of which I broke three (!) during cleaning of lots of flash and other redundant hard black plastic, so I had to use my 2x4 1:72 72-031 Master Browning machine gun replacements (intended for other buillds, so I had to order more) for them all. Glue was the normal Tamiya with the brush, paint is Tamiya for the blacks (some variation, but ofcourse not visible in the pictures ;-( ) and Model Master for the Dark Earth and Green. Modest green filter on the whole upper camouflage. Wire is Eazy Line (elastic) with white glue drops painted black. Cheers, Frank.
  18. Hi all, I've built this model for my friend Martin Wolfs from the 1:72 Airfix kit B Mk.III Halifax bomber from WWII, which he had received for his birthday late sixties but never built it himself. This is my second hobby, besides that I play the trumpet as professional and beautiful as I possibly can, usually together with Martin. In return, Martin keeps me free with all drinks in the breaks of the rehearsals of the bands we play together until the end of the year. Martin will also take care of a nice piece of apple pie with coffee when I come to visit him to deliver the Halifax for in his cabinet. Here are some pictures. Thanks for looking!
  19. Hi Manual, Absolutely fantastic job and what a beautiful early Tomcat you created here! I noticed your post earlier on imps Uruguay and followed your build there for some time already. Unfortunately my registered login is still not active on IPMS Uruguay... Perhaps I cannot be a member there, but only in The Netherlands? I wanted to ask you if it's possible to buy a copy (or two) of your 1:32 AIM-54A decals for payment and shipping of course? They're really fantastic like the Eduard AIM-54A 1:48 decals. I'm building the Tamiya F-14A and am engraving and detailing the AIM-54A's of that kit now. Specially the exhausts, as there are no exhausts in the Tamiya AIM-54A's... Thanks, Frank.
  20. Hi Manual, Beautiful Tomcat, and even more beautiful AIM-54A's... May I ask how you printed your own decals for them? I'm building the Tamiya Tomcat and facing the minor standard detail on them as well. Thanks, Frank.
  21. Thanks for all the replies! I'm must have been sleeping while you were awake ! @Bernie McKenna: I've found more pictures of exactly the 32nd Eagles of that period and indeed they carry only one centerline tank. On Zulu alert, perhaps not a big area has to be covered? I know that nowadays when a Russian Bear flies over, it's intercepted by Dutch, Norwegian or Danish F-16's, if they fly any further into the North Sea / Atlantic, the British with their Eurofighter take over and so on.... So one c/l might have been sufficient 30 years ago I guess. @All Checking references and perhaps altering/detailing the provided Tamiya c/l tank thus is probably the cheapest and wisest option for me. If not sufficent, I still can order the extra Tamiya F-15E “K” (part number 0606186) and “L” (part number 0606187) sprues. Perhaps I can spent the saved money better on super detailed sidewinder and sparrow missiles. Would the Flightpath AIM-7F/M/P Post-Vietnam Sparrow II and AIM-9L/M/R/S Post-Vietnam Sidewinder Missile Set be of the correct versions for that period /era? (http://www.djparkins.com/acatalog/Gunsmoke_Range_1_32nd_USAF_USN.html) Thanks all again for your help!
  22. Hi everyone, The Tamiya 1:32 F-15C kit 60304 comes with only one drop/fuel tank. I'm planning to build a 32nd 'Wolfhounds' Eagle from AFB Soesterberg in the Netherlands of the early eighties. Almost all pictures I have at my disposal show the extra drop tanks. Are there any aftermarket drop tanks available. I cannot find any, onther than the Cutting Edge which are OOP, as Meteorprod does not even exist anymore. Also I read about the Revell 1:32 F-4E/F/G tanks? Could the two Tamiya 1:32 F-15E drop tanks (newly tooling (as I understand) be used for these? Are they the same? If yes, is there anyone out here willing to sell their F-15E parts because they're only hanging weapons under their F-15E wings? Thanks, Frank.
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