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  1. I am breaking up my stash of 1/32 scale vacuform model kits as well as my library. I am listing them on eBay. I have three vacuform kits listed at this moment in time. I am adding 2 or more kits each evening by 9:10 PM Eastern Time. It will take about two or three weeks to get them all listed at this rate so look in occasionally if you are curious. I am listing both ID Models and Combat models kits. If you want to see what I have on eBay at this time here is the link. www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? I also have some paper card models and books on planes, tanks and ships listed. Enjo
  2. One of the top things on my bucket list (I am getting older,not younger) is selling off much of my 6,000 book library. For the past few months I have been listing my military books on eBay and the other day I moved some crates around and uncovered my stash of PAPER CARD MODELS. Lots of paper card models. Lots and lots of them. :smiley-transport007:/> 1/33 scale airplanes, smaller sale ship models, etc. So I am listing them on eBay along with my books. Take a look if you are interested in paper card models, military books and an occasional plastic model kit. If you are really interest
  3. I'm back with more books listed on eBay. More aviation books by Squadron Signal and others Tank books too as I am starting to clean out that shelf. Even the old Squadron German uniform in action books. Some naval stuff. Take a look see if you are interested or just curious. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? Enjoy, Stephen
  4. For years I had been accumulating books on the aircraft of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 and those that the Chinese flew against the Japanese. I just listed them all on eBay. If you are interested or just curious go take a look see. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? Stephen
  5. Yep, I found about 30 of these really detailed aviation books in my library and am listing them on eBay for auction. Prices start at $5.99. If you are interested take a gander at http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? I am listing them as I find time so I'll be adding them to my lists over the next 5 days. Enjoy, Stephen
  6. Well I have about 75 Squadron Signals and Osprey books on A/C currently listed on eBay and I am adding about a dozen more a night. It might be worth your while to check them out. I have about 60 more squadron Signal in Actions to list plus another two dozen Ospreys. Yes, I will put a number of buys in one package to save the buyer postage money. I recently shipped 18 books to one buyer and postage was only :thumbsup2:/> about $7.00 Media Mail. The name of the game here is to save the buyer unnecessary expense for postage. Enjoy, Stephen http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html?
  7. I HAVE OVER A HUNDRED DIFFERENT SQUADRON/SIGNAL IN ACTION BOOKS OF AIRCRAFT. I AM LISTING ALL OF THEM ON eBay. It will take a bit of time to list this many, figure maybe 10 to 20 each evening. All Squadron prices start at $4.99. I will combine buys to save the buyers some postage. I do sell overseas. Also listing all sorts of OSPREY aviation books on eBay (various prices). If you want to see what I am offering visit http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? Enjoy, Stephen
  8. I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. I have been able to buy some models that I could not find anywhere else. When I lost interest in some models I was able to sell them to others on eBay. In the 1990's I got out of 1/48 scale and concentrated on 1/32 kits and got most of my models off of eBay. All in all I have enjoyed my experiences with eBay. There are a few problem areas, though. There are sellers who have no idea what these model things are or what they are worth. They do not know if the kit is complete and if it is, what it is worth. So they err on the side of maximum pr
  9. I used to dream about models when I was in high school. But then I discovered girls. When I went to art school I was dating a model. After a while all that gave me a headache. So I prefer to not dream at all. ssculptor
  10. I’m cleaning out another shelf of aviation books. All are in very good condition, books just looked through and then put on the shelf for later reference. A few of the books are in distressed condition and I will describe them when I get to them. Why am I selling these books? I am not a book dealer. I am a modeler and hobbyist. But now I am getting old and I have accepted the fact that I will never build all the models I’d like to have so I do not need these books for color and marking references. Thus they are up for sale. All books for sale at the prices listed PLUS postage. I can ship via
  11. Before I list these on eBay I'll see if any of you want any. All from smoke free home. All in very good to as-new condition except as noted. All for sale at prices noted PLUS postage. Messerschmidt Bf-109 F, G, & K Series: An Illustrated Study. By Jochen Prien & Peter Redeike © 1993,11 1/2" x 9". 208 large pages filled with photographs, line drawings, profiles. all sorts of goodies.Has its colorful dust jacket. Hard bound. Smoke free home....$15 plus shipping. Osprey Airwar 21 Japanese Carrier Air Groups 1941-45 by Rene J. Francillon © 1979,48 pages filled with photos and color p
  12. Hi, I just noticed that I'm getting older when the candles on my birthday cake set off the sprinkler system. To save my family all the trouble of trying to sell off my large stash and library when I kick the bucket I am offering a lot of it on eBay. Also if I do it I can use the income to buy new goodies for myself (hey, I'm not dead yet!). I have some model kits and aircraft, ship and tank books listed on eBay now. Take a look if you are interested or curious. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ssculptor/m.html? I am constantly listing other models and books on eBay so if you are interested you mig
  13. It all depends on the size of the decal. In 1/32 scale before applying the full wing lozenge decals sheets one can slightly alter the final appearance by painting a light or dark solid color on the wing first. These decals seem to be a bit translucent and the background color does make a difference. It would be a good idea to experiment with different solid colors using some older lozenge decals you do not intend to use to see what happens. Stephen
  14. These Squadron Signal paper back books are all WALK AROUND issues and are priced at $6 each plus postage (Media mail in the USA). aircraft 5513 Allison Engined Mustangs. Slight crease on cover. 5529 AH-1 Cobra. Slight damage to surface of cover at upper left corner. 5532 C-130 Hercules Unread condition vehicles all unread condition 5701 M4 SHERMAN 5702 STURMGESCHUTZ III AUSF. G 5703 US TANK DESTROYERS 5704 M2/M3 HALF-TRACK 5705 M42 DUSTER 5706 M26 PERSHING 5707 US MILITARY MOTORCYCLES OF WW2 5708 CADILLAC GAGE V-100 COMMANDO 5709 SDKFZ 231 AUSF D 5710 GPA/DUKW (AMPHIBIOUS TRU
  15. Hi guys, I need to buy more WingNutsWings 1/32 scale WW1 aeroplane kits so I'm selling these 1/32 scale goodies on eBay. Paragon Designs Spitfire Mk. XIV conversion of the Hasegawa Spitfire Mk. Vb with the bubble canopy (Paragon #32043)and it comes with the Mk.Vb Kit. Paragon Designs Spitfire Mk. XIV conversion of the Hasegawa Spitfire Mk. Vb with the standard canopy (Paragon #32042)and it comes with the Mk.Vb Kit. Airmodel Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann epoxy resin kit. Airmodel Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister epoxy resin kit Hasegawa F-86 in Japanese colors kit. Revell F-104 in Canadian demo team
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