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  1. The latest batch of reports are now online for your viewing pleasure at UK Airshow Review. We must also apologise for the delay on some of these, as again some website issues have kept us from getting the latest reports online until now! UKAR really has outgrown the current set-up. We're working hard to bring you an enhanced UKAR experience for 2008. It will be worth the wait! Anyway, on with the update.... "Look Who's Back" - We were the ones who brought you the live news as it happened yesterday, and Dan O'Hagan completes UKAR's standard-setting coverage of the aviation event of the deca
  2. I am a spammer....please report this post. 300D and EF 75-300mm.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. C-130 was the last movement before the storm hit, and we had heavy rain just a few moments later. That thinned out the 'spectators' and by the time the weather cleared, I was the only one there with a camera for the sunset activity. :blink: Thought the E-3 had gone back home, so headed back to the car and packed the camera away when he came back for another approach and flew right infront of the sunset you see in the last picture. Would have made a nice photo! All the munitions are training rounds with the blue bands, and some were also carrying ACMI pods unde
  4. Went to Lakenheath yesterday with the old man for the first time in yonks. Despite the grim forecasts and reports of little activity, we took a chance as these days it's the only game in town from our neck of the woods - Coningsby is just too far for a day out, Cottesmore is dead and Coltishall is no longer with us. Anyway - although these photos won't show it, it was actually a pleasant day weather wise, if you ignore the thunderstorm at lunchtime! That aside, plenty of sunshine and now the sunburn to match, but as sods law will dictate, the clouds intervened to rob me of the sunlight as so
  5. Good fun. Was only up for 15 minutes - went up for about twice as long last year. Went weightless for a bit. It's a very smooth ride - never flown in anything else to compare it against (shame the Puma and Chinook rides were cancelled!!), but you'd expect a helicopter to be shaky and it just isn't. They say it's really quiet compared to Puma and Chinook too, but you still come out with your ears ringing, so I can only imagine how noisy the other two are!
  6. Yes, and yes. It has a sort of gold "fleck" to it - very nice scheme.
  7. Thanks to a good mate, I was fortunate enough to be on base Thursday 30th August for the Families day. Had a ride in a Merlin fist thing in the morning, and we were booked in to go for the Chinook and Puma too. Alas, an airspace restriction curtailed those plans and with more than an hours wait after our pre-flight briefing, we got within about 30 yards of boarding the 'Wokka' before the news came through that no further flights from either the Chinook or Puma were to be conducted. Bummer! Still - a good day was had. Photography conditions were fairly challenging, with a white featureless sky
  8. Thanks guys. The Venom's cockpit is indeed centered. Meteor and Typhoon flew together - we're getting "signature images" from the RAF this season (think USAF Heritage Flight), and this one was to mark the 100th anniversary of Sir Frank Whittle's birth by flying the RAF's first Jet fighter in formation with its most recent.
  9. Super show - great day out. Thanks to everyone who made it so special.
  10. Firstly, thanks to Paul for the superb UKAR Enclosure - I know how much effort he puts into it, and it really showed. I couldn't make last years show, but thanks to Phil W, I managed it this year and my first taste of the enclosure was just brilliant. Show itself was great - superb and varied mix, with bags of classic jets, some of which I'd never seen before, like the Meteor and the Venom. Some superb civvy and warbird displays gave a nice mix, and the RAF rounded out the participation with show stealing Role Demo performance. Apologes for the quality of some of the shots - my "set up" i
  11. Nice to see a shot of Team Merlin. Did you have a chat with them?
  12. B-1s and B-52s are not based at Fairford. Sometimes they just stay on a bit longer for other airshows. They usually arrive on the Wednesday with most of the other US heavies and a few other bits and pieces. Thursday is the main arrivals day, and Friday has the last few arrivals and the practise displays. Everything departs on the Monday.
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