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  1. Good Job! I admire all the masking you did, it looks so easy.
  2. Wow, yes Rob, thats the sheet i kinda need, but in 1/72. I already bought 2 sheets of the F-104 but besides that, these will work much better. So, can you print these or do I need to have em printed? How do we go from here? I will email you.
  3. Thanks for the offer Rob. I will bookmark the link. Furball has a star&bar sheet, i have. - I am looking for the USAF / U.S. AIR FORCE lettering It looks like the F-5A had black lettering (is possible) I still prefer Insignia blue though. I will use the decal parts from a Caracal sheet, F-4 or F-104, I will need to improvise.
  4. Aeromaster did one in the past (USAF, etc). Who can create a new one? Caracal decals, Please? This was a fine decalsheet, to be honest, shame its OOP, I need this for my F-5A's. a cry from the past..aha. There is no similar product on the market, correct?
  5. Wow.. That is really nice! Why the parts on the backside of the rotorblades? Is it weight? Yes...ok..just read it is but for what purpose?
  6. Thanks for the correction, TAC. You don't have any? Darn..
  7. Hi, I am looking for 2 (or 3?) sets of these markings (air combat command emblem and flash), used on F-5A's and F-100D during the vietnam war. Mayby it is in your spare box? I am willing to cover the shipping costs. Duncan The netherlands
  8. Mine stall due to season changes. I prefer to model during fall- spring. I skipp summer. Psychotic flow: do i need modelling? Yes - to find peace/confidence in myself. No- I need new models!
  9. Paris, the city and her citizens are taking quite some hits this decade. I bet Rome has plenty of money to restore the church. It will be a better one, 3D-printed and lots of WIFI. It sure will turn out okay..
  10. CVN-80 is planned USS ENTERPRISE, with F-35C. I wonder how a future airwing looks like. No E-2..mayby a F-35 Growler? Nothing beats the early decades..
  11. The kit needs high skids. I got these and will use em for the 206. That sherrif looks nice, plenty to choose from.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Airfix-or-MPC-F4D-Skyray/163557020539?hash=item2614c2137b:g:~VoAAOSwLF1X6Euf
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