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  1. Fine sanding the plastic kit sprues and mix it with plastic glue. The pasta then made can be used as filler.
  2. I am looking for the issue where USS KITTY HAWK is depicted. Long shot but still hope to find this guide book. Duncan
  3. I have one, just checked upstairs. The complete clear sprue, 1x canopy hub, 2x extra small windows and 2x searchlights. I bought an extra kit when I was building one. I broke one of the rotors when i was rubbing the plastic (a more realistic look when the blades are bend slightly). Kittech uses soft plastic. But...I live in the netherlands, so posting can take 2 weeks and shipping can be near the $20 or more. Not sure where you are located. Duncan
  4. Good to read this, as jeffmass forwarded me to the same address concerning a CVW8 sticker series. Hope Moore <hopemoore01@hotmail.com> So, its a scam. Duncan
  5. Not sure if this patch is ok? I see tomcat patches in yellow, this one is in grey? What is the difference? I got this one 41 years ago from my dad.
  6. Hi, If anyone has a left over sticker and isn't much of use? As i nearly completed the serie stickers from the cruisebook (a few days i found the original HS-9 Sea Griffins - blue, printed in jacksonville). I am searching since 2006. Still missing are: Atkron 86 VAQ-134 VQ-1 Sure these can be purchased at ebay but are not the correct stickers i still hope to find. Rgds, Duncan
  7. Thank you Guys for the advice. The Liquitex Gloss Medium Gel bond wasn't strong enough after testing so I will use it for surface buildup and bases, yes. I bought a new flacon of Gator's Grip (australia)..shipping was ridiculous, well yeah. It is good stuff! I already have the ZAP Formula 560. I was not aware one can glue PE with this?
  8. I recall i have this somewhere tucked away...i found it: Liquitex Gloss Medium Gel. So..this is the same stuff, I might thin it with water.
  9. Is gator glue similar to Gorilla glue (white substance - watersoluteable - waterproof)? What is a good replacement for Gator Grip Glue? Is the new Gator (red glue) simillar?
  10. Ow...diecast, plane hobby and modelling...ok. Thank you!
  11. Well, to whom I address my question? I bought a Greek F-16 from calibre wings and pictures look good at ebay, but who's got one already? I have a Gemini P-51, a die-cast, with rolling gear rubber tires/wheels, movable parts, to me a very fine model. So, Calibre wings does not include rolling gear or rubber tyres? I now have a 1977 USN JR order? I just can built all my kits, a luxury and a miss. I never liked the Century Wings... Rgds, Duncan
  12. Hi, I am looking for this kit, only in Europe. USA/Canada charges too much for shipping unfortunately. Duncan
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