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  1. cag_200

    HG (EUROPE chemical) versus Future Johnson

    Interresting, its the same milky liquid as Klear? I need to see the effects on a transparant part. As for on paint I can depend on your words. So, HG is bagger (which it already is).
  2. I have ones from an esci (Tiger) kit. Just an option..
  3. is there anyone using HG 70 (Gloss) instead of Pledge Parket plus (aka johnsons klear)? Nobody experimented with satin (HG 14) and mat (HG 34 / HG 52) finish version before?
  4. Hi, I can buy one but want to try a trade aswell (only in europe). Have plenty kits stored (planes, helo's, ships), it could save some money on both sides. Duncan
  5. cag_200

    Supercarrier going down

    What will happen to the USS NIMITZ? Scrapyard or museum? For the people who served on such a vessel, it must be emotional.
  6. cag_200

    Rant - Food for thought?

    Too many forums..planes this, planes so, raised lines, recessed lines, ... Best is to build your own website and store your pictures and/or video's there.
  7. cag_200

    Think I've found me a new flight sim

    Jane's F/A-18 was great, I admit, especially the mission builder part. I missed playing F-15E but the Hornet game had NAVFLIR missions and the SU-27's or russian shipdefenses were unbeatable. My entire squadron got whiped out entirely including me. I always hoped for a similar game, Jane's Desert storm Panavia Tornado.... Some F-117 and F-16 missions were cool in USAF's game. Flying in a Super Hornet didn't gave me superior feeling though... I still prefer a A-10 or F-16.
  8. cag_200

    1/48 or 1/72 Carrier Airwing Decals?

    If you do a 1/72 or 1/48 FCD CVW8 include the RF-8G VFP-63
  9. cag_200

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    Tamiya 1/32 F-22 Raptor
  10. got em on ! I ve send you an email.
  11. Much obliged David, I 'll be on the lookout 😎
  12. cag_200

    3d Printing

    I know that Blender (free software) can assist you creating 3D prints.
  13. Hi, Yes! I still am looking for the HMS-11 decals David. Like you say, try one marking out. I now use transparent decal fixer 'for extra care' on old decals. Also the decal sol setting will work less aggressive. I ve been testing..to prevent this from happening next time. I use paypal, i can cover the post for you David. Duncan