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  1. cag_200

    Notre Dame in Paris is burning

    Paris, the city and her citizens are taking quite some hits this decade. I bet Rome has plenty of money to restore the church. It will be a better one, 3D-printed and lots of WIFI. It sure will turn out okay..
  2. cag_200

    USS Jerry Ford Stumbling

    CVN-80 is planned USS ENTERPRISE, with F-35C. I wonder how a future airwing looks like. No E-2..mayby a F-35 Growler? Nothing beats the early decades..
  3. cag_200

    No love for OH-58A

    The kit needs high skids. I got these and will use em for the 206. That sherrif looks nice, plenty to choose from.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Airfix-or-MPC-F4D-Skyray/163557020539?hash=item2614c2137b:g:~VoAAOSwLF1X6Euf
  5. cag_200

    USS HORNET located

    Located 17,000 Feet Deep in Pacific. I want a book from this, in the future....great news!
  6. cag_200

    Horrible Box Art

    Mayby the kit includes a fully retractable landing gear? That would be nice ;)
  7. cag_200

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/32 Tamiya F-22 1/32 E2 Sepecat Jaguar 1/32 Tamiya S-3A/C Viking 1/48 Tamiya S-64 Skycrane
  8. cag_200

    Badger Velocity Airbrush clogged?

    Soak the nozzle head with tip in some paint remover
  9. cag_200

    Polishing Vintage clear parts

    I use 3M perfect it, polish compound very fine, blue top. Its a light blue pasta. A soft toothbrush works great in the start. I use cotton in the later stage.
  10. Afterburner was indeed super but the graphics in the 80's like all games back then was low.
  11. cag_200

    Serious quality issue at SHAPEWAYS, FED & FUD plastics

    Why don't you sue Shapeways? I find the pricing on items at Shapeways extremely expensive. Almost 50 USD for a 1/72 MB-5 tractor? The frosted plastic is good but reading your story, it will vapourize into dust..?
  12. Looks very cool! Wish this game was there back in the 80s/90s.
  13. cag_200

    Trying to identify a Seahawk

    Shayne Meder paints military aircraft. Like HSC-21 nicknamed Betsy and HSC-8 "eightballers". Sikorsky MH-60S "Knighthawk " - HSC-21 "Blackjacks" - CAG bird 2016 Picture here Here lots more of other paintjobs and your beloved HSC-21
  14. cag_200

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F Now Available on eBay!

    What are the decal options for this F-5F?
  15. cag_200

    F-5 Aggressor intake colors

    I would use a grey color (dark white).