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  1. Hello Kursad, when will the YF-16 decalsheet be released? Any idea perhaps? Will you do a 1/48 or a 1/72?
  2. I bought one for you. I managed to find one in germany for 19 euro all in. Once i get in the mail (next week) I send it to you for a cheaper price.
  3. Superscale #32-055 - 1/32 has a VF-142 IKE lowvis. Not sure if a lowvis VF-143 decal is out there? Never seen one 1/32. The 1979 era hi-vis is a neat one. Not out there as decal. For research you can check: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn69-80/index.html
  4. Some stashes you need to keep.
  5. I downloaded the movie this afternoon, watching it now. Dauntless.The.Battle.Of.Midway.2019 Quite good opening scenes already! One Really should do a new version of Hunt for the Bismarck! Well, guess the Midway 2019 is another movie? Dauntless.The.Battle.Of.Midway.2019 = only interesting the first 15 minutes.
  6. I have seen the final countdown over 850 times in my life, i was 8. In the cinema, yes , my mam gave my 10 gulden to visit it, 1981, it was, i guess. I have seen many details but here i see the F-14 "202" without sidewinder fins, passing over the in-mint condition gatsby. What the heck? I know... it must be the beer and the love.
  7. Didn't the late (T)A-4's had the bent fuel probe installed? As i read the straight design caused engine fires in the past.
  8. My sister arrived safely in Amsterdam from her 2-week trip Palm coast Florida this morning. Dorian is devastating. My sister saw people barricading doors, buying goods from the stores, the airport was about to close sunday 24:00. A bit offtopic. i know.
  9. I would say it is abnormal, its a waste of your money and solitares you completely from a normal living. Who cares? 300+
  10. I will not use it. So, anyone out there looking for one? Duncan in europe
  11. Fair hobby 48008: I will not use it. Thought I would go for the kit but nogo. Its been untouched. Duncan in Europe
  12. Sometimes I use Johnsons Klear for positioning PE, just let it dry for a while and later on use a stronger bond of glue (gator).
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