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  1. Long shot I know but I am after the...zuni's I need for my Marines F-4J. If someone is willing to sell the kit (Paypal) or want a trade? I don't live in the US, but in europe. Duncan
  2. Nice build there Wow! I did one Airfix 1/72. From research I discovered a small V-shape antenna on the right tail fin. Really love your Oscar Deuce!
  3. Thank you Guys! The picture (photocopied pic of Zunis on LAU-33s, MK-82s (two with fuze extenders) on the i/b pylon TERS and MERS with 2 Rockeyes on the o/b pylons) inspires me ;) White radome and shows the red devil on the air intake splitter which decal i have. I will use 3 napalm cannisters (centerline MER). I might use 3 Mk. 82's for the left TER and leave out the AIM-9B. Rgds, Duncan
  4. Hello, I would like to know what the most realistic option is for 2x LAU-10 and 2x LAU-3 attached to a TER (F-4J VMFA-232 1967). A) 1x LAU-10 and 1x LAU-3 (inboard) on same TER. B) 2x LAU-10 on right TER and 2x LAU-3 on left TER. Both TER's will have a LAU-33 and a single AIM-9B (outboard portside). Rgds, Duncan
  5. Excellent modelling !
  6. I put the decals in a zipper bag and stick em on my windowside with scotch tape. I leave it there for 1,2 or 3 weeks, depends. Works everytime. Its the oil that yellows the white plastic. its chemical. Vintage computer or covers all turn into waste. I have this wooden F-14A JR with stand, its yellowed fuselage but still bright underside wings concludes its the oil percentage used. I am about to trash it too, like the A6M3 I have, all wasted...
  7. Great build you have there and looks fabulous. Tiny details like the tailfin make it even better. The thick rudders is to me with most kits I build yeah what can you do?
  8. For anyone out there doubts if buying is safe in Slovakia at this address, Mine got safe through (no customs). Thanks to google translate I managed to communicate with the seller. An invoice was sent and the money transfer by bank safe too. Please remind since the post was cheap the kit arrived slightly damaged (Hasegawa F4EJ Kai kit scale 1/48) I could have asked for another option. Cheers Duncan
  9. I would love to visit one, like Airfix or Revell.
  10. I bought a couple in the past: inkjet on decal paper.
  11. Well, i located one in slowakia. I ordered the last one. Its not been paid yet, the kit is 39 euro. Post is 8 euro, they still ship it with stagecoaches DHL. If you can't get one I have one. If you pick one up, just fine. Since they are scarce i can always help someone out in the future. I love shopping ;)
  12. I thought Ebay was cruel but Amazon hits it!
  13. Excellent, really nice! I love the Falkwar subject too. As a kid I watched the news hoping to catch some images of the brittish vessels and the harrier. The S.A.S. and the troops. I have the 1/48 Tamiya kit and aftermarket decals. Hope I start it one day. Nice touch you mentioned in your comment/build: "adjusted to TLAR for the Extra Dark Sea Grey. I tried to lighten the lower fuselage as this was over-painted white by brush on the way down to the Falklands and darken the areas on the tail where the squadron markings and "Royal Navy" were over painted. I didn't totally pull this off.". Duncan
  14. I am so sorry... I totally missed this conversation, time flies. Send me your adddress I will post the parts you need. I can check this evening and send you a picture.
  15. Do you need the CVN-70 part?