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  1. cag_200

    "Pink Team!" OH-6A and AH-1G in 1/72

    Are these choppers fighting ants in the garden? Say, this Cobra appears much larger than the Loach. Both are on my to-do list...I have the hobbyboss vietnam cobra, way too many parts...ridiculous. more than 200 Cobra's got lost in the vietnam war...wow...
  2. cag_200

    AB-206 Jet Ranger skids?

    Yepp, i have 3 of these esci police kits..but you can 3d print skids...i did one for a 1/48 hughes , high skids for a apocalyps now helo. I need to finish my F-4J and get back in helo's again..
  3. cag_200

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    I would camo the blades too...
  4. cag_200

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Post poned till june 2020... in the meanwhile they just finished painting Maverick's Superbug..
  5. cag_200

    Another question concerning Vietnam WT F-4J

    WT 18 loadout is: 2 x AIM-7s, 4x LAU-10, 2x twin shot zuni, 2 fuel tanks, one centerline MER with 3x snake eye mk15 extended fuse bombs.
  6. cag_200

    Another question concerning Vietnam WT F-4J

    Is this pylon (top one) from an F-4 or F-105? I came across an old spare part... I want to use the Eduard Brassin MER, for a 1/72 F-4J LATE Vietnam era. If not, how does a center pylon looks like used on a F-4J?
  7. cag_200

    Another question concerning Vietnam WT F-4J

    Hi, but why the use of this extended metal tube? I read something about vibrations/pressure which set the fuze to go off in the air (above ground). So, this kind of bomb should be dropped at high-pass speed, low attitude? The Tail Retarding Device will slow it down travelling towards ground target. The metal extended tube....must have effect on the fuze to go off? Internet: Developed for United States military forces in the 1950s, it was first used during the Vietnam War. The bomb consists of a cast steel case with 96 lb (44 kg) of Composition H6, Minol or Tritonal explosive. The power of the Mk 81 was found to be inadequate for U.S. military tactical use, and it was quickly discontinued, although license-built copies or duplicates of this weapon remain in service with various other nations. Mark 81 Snakeye fitted with a Mark 14 TRD (Tail Retarding Device) to increase the bomb's drag after release. The bomb's increased air-time, coupled with its (relatively) forgiving safe drop envelope, allowed for very low-level bombing runs at slower speed. Used commonly in the close air support role in Vietnam (prior to wider availability of GBU-series precision ordnance). Nicknamed "snake", as in the typical Vietnam support loadout of "snake and nape" (250-lb. Mk-81 Snakeye bombs and 500-lb. M-47 napalm canisters). hmm...why the purpose?? - internet: steel casing with a unitary "cast ductile iron" warhead and reconfigured burst height The BLU-82 produces an overpressure of 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi) (7 MPa or 70 kg/cm²) near ground zero, tapering off as distance increases. It is detonated just above ground by a 38-inch (970 mm) fuze extender. This results in a maximum destruction at ground level without digging a crater.
  8. cag_200

    Another question concerning Vietnam WT F-4J

    Interesting news, Thank you Guys for writing. Makes more sense to me now. The F-4s WV, WV...east coast. The CVW / aka base specific. But why extended? https://www.quora.com/How-do-impact-fuses-on-bombs-work ;)
  9. cag_200

    Another question concerning Vietnam WT F-4J

    A very small picture of the F-4J I am working on... A couple of questions I have to ask one of you: -When did the F-4J used green tinted windscreen glass? During Vietnam? -I am building VMFA-232, was does WT stand for? Is it a name of a naval (marines) base? ---? The codes are squadron specific? - The mk82 with long fuse, is it used for medium height? What is the purpose of this long fuse? TIA Duncan
  10. cag_200

    HG (EUROPE chemical) versus Future Johnson

    I used HG 52 on a plastic part, matt black revell painted. Same effect as Klear. Glossy coat. No bad effect.
  11. cag_200

    SBD Dauntless (from scratch)

    Will you 3D print this? 1:48 ? Some skills you have there. What software program is this? It's not solid works. Blender?
  12. cag_200

    Pregnancy test

    and ... Twins?
  13. cag_200

    HG (EUROPE chemical) versus Future Johnson

    Interresting, its the same milky liquid as Klear? I need to see the effects on a transparant part. As for on paint I can depend on your words. So, HG is bagger (which it already is).
  14. I have ones from an esci (Tiger) kit. Just an option..
  15. is there anyone using HG 70 (Gloss) instead of Pledge Parket plus (aka johnsons klear)? Nobody experimented with satin (HG 14) and mat (HG 34 / HG 52) finish version before?