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  1. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    https://www.cybermodeler.com/catalog/italeri17.shtml Look, a 1/48 Bell 206GB1 with CWPS page 5
  2. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    Nobody has seen a Italeri 1/48 yet so there is nothing to compare. The 1/72 include the LA Police option but the sidewindow (shown for this type) is not in the box as part.
  3. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    I can only recall the 1/72 police picture of Italeri. I got "mine" via google search ..
  4. heey ..... i received an email by Steve, one decal sheet was still left. 48086 US Air to Air Missile Markings AIM-9B/D/G/J/L/M AIM-7E-2/M (3 available) Nothing since then.. I was left out (I am a Europe guy)
  5. Iridescent Canopy tint Experiment

    I wonder if someone already experimented with Lipgloss? Lots of iridescent varietes..
  6. 1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Who needs a Tamiya ? Fabulous build
  7. Two Bobs Decals For Sale

    32027 ? 2nd email sent
  8. Two Bobs Decals For Sale

    48086? email sent
  9. Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    I just wonder when a russian SU-35 downs a F/A-18E. Bullocks sure but I read, they will target US planes next. but yeah.. not such story in real...
  10. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    I like to know aswell.. Last year i got a couple of 1/48 esci kits as I discovered it wasn't released for 2017, it was promised in 2016. The Chinook and Huey did , why? I got this picture back then. Duncan
  11. Does anyone have pics from SCALEFEST 2017?

    The black Pearl....amazing.... fabulous builds, that F-105 ;)
  12. F-14 question

    Thank you Guys, very informative ! I noticed in this video here (0:57) the AIM-54 is attached the same way the Tamiya-kits presents. Of course.. it does. D
  13. F-14 question

    Hi , I have a question concerning the AIM-54 pallet used for the F-14. I just gazed at someones Tamiya 1/48 build and the wing root assembly fits perfect. It's an impressive model kit. Now I checked the AIM-54 pallet and the real thing shows some sort of cushion or retractable part which holds the missile in place (?). Was this the case of the C-type only? Duncan
  14. Long shot I know but I am after the...zuni's I need for my Marines F-4J. If someone is willing to sell the kit (Paypal) or want a trade? I don't live in the US, but in europe. Duncan
  15. Cessna O-2A “Oscar Deuce” – 1:48 (Testors/Italeri)

    Nice build there Wow! I did one Airfix 1/72. From research I discovered a small V-shape antenna on the right tail fin. Really love your Oscar Deuce!