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  1. Well, i located one in slowakia. I ordered the last one. Its not been paid yet, the kit is 39 euro. Post is 8 euro, they still ship it with stagecoaches DHL. If you can't get one I have one. If you pick one up, just fine. Since they are scarce i can always help someone out in the future. I love shopping ;)
  2. I thought Ebay was cruel but Amazon hits it!
  3. Excellent, really nice! I love the Falkwar subject too. As a kid I watched the news hoping to catch some images of the brittish vessels and the harrier. The S.A.S. and the troops. I have the 1/48 Tamiya kit and aftermarket decals. Hope I start it one day. Nice touch you mentioned in your comment/build: "adjusted to TLAR for the Extra Dark Sea Grey. I tried to lighten the lower fuselage as this was over-painted white by brush on the way down to the Falklands and darken the areas on the tail where the squadron markings and "Royal Navy" were over painted. I didn't totally pull this off.". Duncan
  4. I am so sorry... I totally missed this conversation, time flies. Send me your adddress I will post the parts you need. I can check this evening and send you a picture.
  5. Do you need the CVN-70 part?
  6. I would like the one mentioned below. PM sent. 5. Superscale 72-822: USMC F-4J Phantom II -> 8$
  7. I like the white wave pattern done on top of the wings. I might do this on my 1/144 and 1/350 Viggie. Your scratchbuild is outstanding. I would never archive this, I never tried but it looks just like an original modelkit to me.
  8. Great F-15! Looks sweet These SU's are impressive.
  9. There are masks available for the spoiler's, seen it.
  10. Nice! I was not aware of this kit 1/32 untill I read your post. AOA decals are great. One question I would like to ask, why are there black USAF stencils included? Was this used beside Insignia Blue as people told me Black was not correct. I do not doubt you but would like to know why?
  11. Nice ... one still need some mirrors for the canopy, one question i have to you: How did you manage to mask the wing's spoilers?
  12. ooww a 1/72 sheet when ???
  13. It should be a amphibious airplane, equipped with retractable landinggear and skids. It should be bigger than a catalina or a sunderland and be a genious design like the germans had in WOII. A small delivery plane stored below or on top of the plane. All painted in red+white and silver & gold.