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  1. I am looking for the Operation Petticoat series for years. Not the movie. I have found no downloads or dvd so far.
  2. I post this message to tribute my 37 age of birth F-14A Tamiya. It is my treasure at home. I wish to redecal the bands and skull The White seem to vanish troughout the years Its was airbrushed perfect in all over gull grey back then, One droop i did not missed I love my berlin If someone can spare these cuts I am your wish bringer Faery Duncan Holland Europe
  3. Some sell parts of the kit at ebay. Shipping is expensive outside the US. The resin tanks are to heavy.
  4. VF-126 I seen one on a video (www), it was gorgeous, gold, yellow, blue.. Slightly diffrent than the picture shown at top
  5. The launch is real (to me) but not one from it's missile-bay? There is this small sleek fuselage design near the wingroot, enough space to hide a small IR? My guess is where the actuators are hidden for the forward flipper-fin (or what ever it is called). Anyway, it still cannot match a F-22.
  6. haha... Well, it sure is a challenge, the YF-16 build.
  7. Very nice. I need to deal with this later on (otaki-tamiya/hasegawa - all in white sprue plastic). The YF- thing is: the gun needs to be located aside the cockpit ejection seat, not aft.
  8. What about the search light? Only for Block30? Seems left out for the 50/52. But here, its a wide mouth, with a search light?? https://www.blogbeforeflight.net/2018/01/hellenic-air-force-f-16-viper.html
  9. Yes, indeed, i need to check out that emitter shape more in detail. HAF F-16s do they use sniper ATP's? They could but not seen one at a picture.
  10. Alright, got my Tamiya kit in the mail. The paracover was harder to find...but got 2.
  11. So, when i understand correctly, any GE engined HAF F-16 comes with a MCID. The 1/72 Tamiya CJ/CG includes these parts, except for the para-cover. http://airwingspotter.com/greece-air-force-f-16-variants/
  12. Thank you Guys. So, beside the Tamiya CJ/CG kit a 1/72 Kinetic is also an option? This F-16 catched my attention. http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album37/album15/075
  13. I like to start with some hellenic air force aircraft and not sure which kit best is? Is it the 1/72 Tamiya CJ with quickboost parahousing (eventually)?
  14. You are right, i spot the YF-strakes also the canopy frame, which is different, at least what i can tell from the picture...
  15. The No. 2 prototype was nearly identical to No. 1. It had a gun. That picture (Rome) shows an ordinary F-16. One can see the old paint, strakes are not like the YF-16.
  16. Cool, hehe...I will sew em on my pyjama. I wonder if Nimitz patches will ever be rare? When the ship gets scrapped, guess everyone forgets about it later. Especially when generation X retires and generation Z doesn't give a S**t about it.
  17. 103 years of age?? Incredible. A tough man Kirk Douglas, no wimp.
  18. Found one Has Thunderbirds F-16A (white sprue plastic).
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTNEZWTjOu8 09:23
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