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  1. Seems the story is almost identical to the first movie? Wingman dies...bedscene and a bombing run?
  2. That Marietta-laser designator pod was already a fixed position for later future.
  3. I love the YF-16 #2 in the “cloud” scheme..i need 2 sheets minimum.
  4. Plastic for dinner, hahha! Nice reading there. How long will a Tamiya F-14 last?
  5. Some people isolate themselves by building modelkits around the clock. They have no shoes to wear, as all their money is spent on aftermarket resin. If you easily get distracted you loose interest of the (previous) project and have your eyes set on the next one. In the end you wind up modelling models all your life and forgot to live. Lucky for me, i have a stash, shoes to wear and occasionally i live.
  6. 10 years from now there is 'Green plastic' Your model will fall apart in 20 years and ready for the bin or recycling.
  7. Mayby this helps? http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/books/harrierbookpreviewsp_1.htm
  8. Hello, what kind of material do you use for the insides of the HAS? I have several Preiser's and like to add such detail aswell. Do you want to share it? It looks like ribbed - corrugated cardboard? There is 5mmx7mm Dia Flexible Corrugated Conduit Tube Pipe
  9. This is the only part i am looking for, really. I started the TA-4J kit, finished the 2 pilots and like to show it with open canopy. If someone has it with a closed canopy and left the parts as is, i am interrested! Duncan The netherlands
  10. Mayby the blurred pictures you see are the ones which came from the photobucket webplace which is not free-to-poste anymore.
  11. Theme - Old ARC (default) = works for me! In reckon the site is hacked, mayby not on purpose.
  12. What about AFV 1/35 brass munition sets? Guess the 105 mm howitzer or 75 mm gun might look good at 1/24 scale? Just a thought..
  13. Hello Kursad, when will the YF-16 decalsheet be released? Any idea perhaps? Will you do a 1/48 or a 1/72?
  14. I bought one for you. I managed to find one in germany for 19 euro all in. Once i get in the mail (next week) I send it to you for a cheaper price.
  15. Superscale #32-055 - 1/32 has a VF-142 IKE lowvis. Not sure if a lowvis VF-143 decal is out there? Never seen one 1/32. The 1979 era hi-vis is a neat one. Not out there as decal. For research you can check: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn69-80/index.html
  16. I downloaded the movie this afternoon, watching it now. Dauntless.The.Battle.Of.Midway.2019 Quite good opening scenes already! One Really should do a new version of Hunt for the Bismarck! Well, guess the Midway 2019 is another movie? Dauntless.The.Battle.Of.Midway.2019 = only interesting the first 15 minutes.
  17. I have seen the final countdown over 850 times in my life, i was 8. In the cinema, yes , my mam gave my 10 gulden to visit it, 1981, it was, i guess. I have seen many details but here i see the F-14 "202" without sidewinder fins, passing over the in-mint condition gatsby. What the heck? I know... it must be the beer and the love.
  18. Didn't the late (T)A-4's had the bent fuel probe installed? As i read the straight design caused engine fires in the past.
  19. My sister arrived safely in Amsterdam from her 2-week trip Palm coast Florida this morning. Dorian is devastating. My sister saw people barricading doors, buying goods from the stores, the airport was about to close sunday 24:00. A bit offtopic. i know.
  20. I would say it is abnormal, its a waste of your money and solitares you completely from a normal living. Who cares? 300+
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