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  1. hi, I am trying to get my hands on F4U decals, scale 1/32 and seems Techmod. in poland sells 'em. So I send out an email and one via their website. No reply. Anyone familiar with these dudes? Rgds, Duncan (PS: I am looking for 1/32 P51B decals aswell...so if anyone has a set?? by chance...)
  2. "Some marks had the 20mm outboard and some had it inboard" thanks Mr. Jennings sounds sufficient enough to me. Rgds, Duncan
  3. besides the 20 mm canon there seems tobe a stub. What is it ? Its not a UHF sensor, seen on jets. Is it some cooling system for the gun?
  4. hello Bodo, if I have 1/48 stencils, well, most I have is not complete. What planes do you like, is there a kit you like? Modern jets, warplanes WOII, russian planes, ships? I have complete TECHMOD decals for F4U Corsair incl. markings for two planes flown by Kepford (early "29" and late "29") - all stencils , two complete sets of stars ( with red and blue outline ) + stencils - very nice sheet. Did You have some 1:48 decals /detail for trade ?? Best - Bodo from Poland
  5. hello, I wish to buy(paypal) a 1/32 P51B decalsheet, I prefer European WOII theather, if You have one to sell. Particular I am trying to locate the 'Leakin Lizz' bird or one which comes with a Pinup. I am living in holland, if you looking for something in return, perhaps we can settle a deal. Rgds, Duncan
  6. Hello, I am hoping to find 2 USN insignia decals for the fuselage of a 1/32 Revell Navy F4U Corsair. Mine are broken. The ones I need are for both sides of this aircraft. I can swap, I have lots at home. Rgds, Duncan from holland
  7. I am interrested in the Detail & Scale World Supercarriers (and 7th fleet carriers too) ...I am living in Holland aswell. Can we make a deal? Duncan
  8. most of my stuff is put on modelwarships.com how about details? Hmmm...as what? I ve seen TFC atleast over 800 times..
  9. Screwtops is from 'AB' CVW1.. plus the E2 needs the rigged antenna wireing. I say so, because these are darn fine looking models and these need some extra attention smooth paintjob! Must be a hack to finish such a resin kit :) lots of work.
  10. !!!!!!!!!!Take Pictures!!!!!!!! Put 'em on Dude
  11. Why? did they changed the F15 colors, this darker scheme is really ruining the looks !
  12. what does she look like..undressed?
  13. great stuff ! I need to check the gears for changes and BuNo's. I'll go for the 32TFS, and use the beautifil dutch decal set, looks sweet to me, prints r looking very good. As for the weaponstationary: I'll see it gets some attention. thx for all advice/pictures/details Guyz, much appreciated Lets print this thread
  14. A model wheels?? Alright Dude!
  15. I just read that part: ????Seems!!!!! 4 AIM7Ms were fired to get the iraqi MIG23 down. 3 of the 4 failed to start engines... ............Come on' Guyz..... :unsure:
  16. ...From the start of production, the F-15C dispensed with the engine exhaust "turkey feathers" which covered the variable nozzles, greatly simplifying the maintainence. However, by the time of the appearance of the F-15C, these had been deleted in the field from most of the in-service F-15As as well, so the presence or absence of engine nozzle turkey feathers is not necessarily a reliable external indicator of whether a single-seat Eagle is an A or a C.... The AMRAAM capability... now we R getting somewehere ! Was this MIG23 shot down by AIM7F or .....120?
  17. When checking the Airliners.net, it seems: *77-0124 (cn 411/A336) Still without the classic CR tailcode. These MSIP Eagles were only shortly deployed on Dutch soil as the USAFE left Soesterberg just a few years later. Thats a relief..WHATS MSIP?? The Multi-Stage Improvement Program (MSIP) is a joint program carried out by McDonnell Douglas and the USAF's Warner Robins Logistics Center in Georgia. Under MSIP, upgrades were progressively incorporated onto the production line and then retrofitted to earlier production aircraft. ....ETC ETC ETC gotta read this first
  18. Thx a bunch Guys! I've been away awhile, but sure checked this one out first on the web! One question by Darren did the job. ->Were the Soesterberg jets MSIP? If not then the "J" panel would be wrong. The Tamiya "C" kit has the non MSIP instrument panel.<- The F15 will be a A-model from CR, Wolfhounds (dutch decals). 79-0027 CR 027 This aircraft operated in Provide Comfort' jan 1993 a Mig23 kill. I will check out the Tamiya 'E' gear and compare it to the early A models. There are C models used by TFS32, as pics show. http://www.slobberinwolfhounds.com/
  19. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the MADs are included for the kit (must be from the C moulding sprue), the TEWs is missing but will make one from plastic rod/tube. Nothing one with the turkeyfeathers engines? The kits doesn't include AAM3s (for the J version) so I conclude Tamiya used the same sprues for C and J. Mayby some instruments from the cockpit. Still like to know what the changes are from Tamiya's C and J version. A scanned Tamiya 1/32 F15C instructions would work great though....I might compare it to the J-version. Mayby too much to ask
  20. hello I would like to start my 1/32 tamiya F15J and modify this one into a F15C USAF 32TFS CR Soesterberg, NL. What should I need to replace, except for a couple of antennes....??? Anybody good with this? :( What should I need to replace. Engines? Cockpit details? If someone knows a lot between these two versions, please I need some advice. much appreciated. D
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