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  1. I will not use it. So, anyone out there looking for one? Duncan in europe
  2. Fair hobby 48008: I will not use it. Thought I would go for the kit but nogo. Its been untouched. Duncan in Europe
  3. Sometimes I use Johnsons Klear for positioning PE, just let it dry for a while and later on use a stronger bond of glue (gator).
  4. I bought this book on Rotterdam airport on my way to Crete for holidays. Great book! Reads very well. I only need to finish the last chapter. I recommend this book, lot of history (vietnam) and a great inside of TG self.
  5. - I used the bird dog O-1A decals but some tended to silver. - and these which came on nice, with decalsetting and Johnsons future. Mig-19 " Farmer" / 72-115 / MIG Air force of the Vietnam war / 72
  6. Very good ! I used a sheet 1/72 dutch police for the eurocopter. Excellent detail, color use and research. I did not use decalsetting as the carrierfilm was quite thin. As i remember correctly, one needs to cut out the decals yourself.
  7. What about the Tamiya 1/48 Brewster B-339 Buffalo? Can't imagine anyone gets exicted of it.
  8. There is no difference in effect between airbrushing or using a brush with Future (Klear). It contracts very nicely, any which way.
  9. I wonder if the RAM -paint evolves in the future and show us new colors? Would be great.
  10. Pitney bowes charges me some extra suddenly after payment at ebay. I also had to pay extra for items that contained rubber (Preiser landing strips), custom charges. The Global Shipping Program is a mystery? Some years ago i bought some adversay patches and had to kneel down for some $$, where they went dunno? Take it or leave it.
  11. I keep my Klear in a leaden box, free from X-rays en neutrino's.
  12. I use M3 blue cap. Mine came in the mail too but left unchecked. Storing this item cool somewehere as the masking included will shrink over time. I bought one incase i get a F-15C ($$$) one day but seeing the price of that kit makes me wonder to sell this item here or at ebay.
  13. So, AMK released a Fat Tomcat with a short fuselage, crooked legs and flopped tail? Whoo, I want one !
  14. Did GitD-paint improved over the years? It faints after 5 seconds? I used it for my battelstar galactica models and cockpit layouts back then. Now if i want burner cans, i use micro-leds (used in modelbahn/trains).
  15. I have some humpydumpy Fujimi pilots 1/48...from some 70's A-4 skyhawk kits?
  16. I hope someone has 2x Python4 missile launchers/adaptors left overs for the 1/48 F-15? Parts are A15 / A16 and O15 / O16. I can trade in return or buy from you (PP) Duncan the netherlands Python4.tif
  17. Yes, Fujimi...I have one too, same AIM-7s...
  18. I wish for a 1/72 ,1/48 < Early YF-16A/YF-18A sheet >
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