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  1. The rivet looks amazing. They really highlight the model. You make a fantastic job with this LM! No you raise the bar again. Thanks for shearing the pictures! Regards Ricardo
  2. Well, you know the road and the difficulty for the real modeller, the Real Space Modelers. I always told to my club friend, to build Real Space, with no accuracy on the kits, not too much after-market a few references and you will be a complete modeller Jaja Jaja. Whoo!!! Your decals are fantastic! Great job man, you put more effort than me. Thanks for sharing someone could benefit from them! When I did my research online, I only was able to find two models, both stray from the box. The Aoshima kit had potential, but I guess that is not popular. I hope that
  3. Steve: I saw those before; I don't know if were on Sven's site or in the SIM book. it's a great build I love it. I love Iganacio's works. I want to use those with the Lunar Models LRV. I got my eyebrow up every time that I mentioned the acrylic and oils mix technique. So I figured guys don’t like it, but I saw that in a book and for me had worked well. Regards Ricardo
  4. Mike: I am glad that you like it. It’s a nice little build, I do the main in 3 weeks. Almost no putty and sanding. Watch out with the thrusters they are too fragile. I have a few pictures of reference if you need them. Regards
  5. Sadly, we are at the end of an era. Soon there will be no one who was there, to tell us what happened and how it was, and was a unique time in history. I was lucky to meet Ken Mattingly in 1999. I was at a user conference for a product that I use for my profession. The advertisement was all about Apollo 13. At the end of his presentation, I was lucky to chat with him about the Apollo 16 Mission STS 4 and 51C. He was intrigued about the question that I asked, and he notes that I took. Until he found out that was a space modeler. It was one of the nicest chats that I have with an Apo
  6. Hi: I am not a figure painter. I am just a guy who likes to do real space modes. As I mentioned in older posts. First, my base paint is done in acrylic. I paint all my base colours with that. Then with oils, I match the color and do 5 o 6 darker tones. Then I set the darker colours and from there, I do the transitions to the lighter colour. After the colours are dry, I varnish the figure. Star to do the visor and the last is the metallic. That is my approach. Years ago I made my first attempt with an EVA models figure in 1/35. At that time I was under the impression
  7. Project done. It looks decent but it will never be a contest model. I had a few issues using the mylar. I think that is expired. When I was handling the colour it wore off. I don't know if any of you had those issues. Next projects A CSM and LM and Orbiter, the Enterprise with the ALT paint scheme in 1/144. I just wish that I have Pete speed. See you in cyberspace. Ricardo
  8. Nicely done Randy!!! Apollo 10 it's like a forgotten subject. You capture it right Regards Ricardo
  9. Nice touch this fellow. It give you the sense of scale Ricardo
  10. Details of the Canada Arm 2. The shape is not correct and it tp fragil. But this is a simple project The Canada Arm2 is not accurate. I just added a few details but did not correct the wrong shapes.
  11. H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) a nice little project, Aoshima 1/72. Not too much sanding but a lot of wrapping tinfoil. The orange-gold foil that I picked was to tick, very difficult to handle with a 72 vehicle of this size. The cargo
  12. Some pictures of a "What If" figure Reheat Models 120mm. Base paint acrylic, suit wrinkled with oils. I know this is a no-no technique for figure painters, but I am not. I am a Real Space Modeler. The moon dust had been done with pigments. It was a simple project for my "What if" contest at my local club, no more than 3 weeks. Saludos Ricardo Final pictures A real space "what if" subject. The Soviets
  13. Hello here you have a gallery with with 800+ pictures of the show https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=rshobbyattic&set=a.748994843443183 Enjoy Ricardo
  14. Ret you are right CJ F14 are making quite a buzz on Social Media Ricardo
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