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  1. Thank Cap I am gald that you like it. I have a few question for Starfleet, can you relay them? Ricardo
  2. Yes Pete, you know me. I always like to add something to the model in this case was the base. I am glad that you like this little touch Ricardo
  3. Thanks Pete! Yes I try to mimic Alan Bean work. I got my inspiration from his paints. Its a very cool subject, but Soviet era hardware information it's a little hard to find. The accuracy suffered a little. I am glad that you like it. Ricardo
  4. Aussi Pete I think that It's the best source for astronauts and cosmonaut in 120mm and the king for bigger scale. Ricardo
  5. Thanks Pete, the cosmonaut is from Space Helmet Models from Spain. You can fin them on Facebook.
  6. Orlov DMA spacesuit Space Helmet Models, scale 120mm
  7. Magnificent Job! Pete I think that it’s a little late, but a coat of gloss varnish protects the foil paper for future discoloration Ricardo
  8. Believe or not a lot of what we think for big companies in this hobby, are just small operations maintain for one or two people, that struggle a lot to be competitive and offer a good service to his clients. A lot of them have hard time to make it even, some don’t survive because, shipping issues, government regulations or the lack of good providers. Hang in there Pete. Ricardo
  9. Yes is all part of the kit, the only scratch is the dual rail missile launcher, and some hydraulic lines for the landing gear. The rest is just paint and decals Ricardo
  10. Thanks Colin. The load is unrealistic for any CF18 mission, RCAF are more moderated on the payload. But you never know if any live practice someone will load that build like that. The lad was to make the plane more sexy Ricardo
  11. Pete: Thanks Pete I am glad that you like it. The figure had a great potential, but as any space kit it had errors. It requires a little work to make it look nice. I bought the figure back in 99, today you can find them on the Web, but they are not cheap. Oher option is buying Ignacio’s from Space Helmet Models https://www.facebook.com/Space-Helmet-Models-438055056281252/ they had all the goodies and AL7 and AL7B suits. The reflection is based on Alan Bean painting. I base all my helmet reflections on his work. I am thinking more in an exhibition table
  12. Thanks Ret, I am glad that you like it. Yes I will take it to Heritagecon plus a CF18B that I publish in the Jet forum. We should prepare an exhibition for the 50 Anniversary of the end of Apollo Program Ricardo
  13. Hello Guys: Here you have a few pictures my Reheat 120mm Neil Armstrong. The figure has a few modifications to make it more accurate. Make it with Tamiya Epoxy Putty,the pictures will show. It was painted with Acrylic and Oil paints. A little mis (AMMO by Mig, Model Master, Tamiya). Some pigments for the weathering. The Camera is scratch, and the flag is printed and custom decals. Enjoy Ricardo
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