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  1. Ricardo Salamé

    Heritagecon 2019 -- some photos

    CJ thanks for the pictures!!! I still have mines in my camera cards. It was a good show. I would like to know who do the Tiangong, I have a few questions about that model. It was a pleasure to see again Rob and Pete and talk about real space modeling. i appreciated the effort that Pete make to show to everyone what we get in the box and how it can be transformed in a good representation of the real spacecraft. I hope to see you all in the Torcan.
  2. Ricardo Salamé

    First Man Movie!

    I have my reservations about this movie and I have to see it twice to get my final opinion. When I left the theater I have bad taste in my mouth, so I have to wait for the Blue Ray to acknowledge what I was thinking. Read the book forget about the movie. Special Effects: Were really good, but noting out of the ordinary in these days. Well capture the equipment of the era and very realistic for the big screen. Acting: really good acting, but they don’t capture the personality of Armstrong of his wife at that point in time. The Apollo wives suffer a lot with the carrier of their husbands choose. Some lost them because they die, some for other women, some endurance terrible loneliness, some became alcoholic and some commit suicide. But none of them challenge NASA higher management and threat them to go to the press because they know the carrier of their husbands will end immediately. The representation of the woman that I saw was politically correct for the audience of today, but it wasn’t the reality of that era. Other weird thing is that Armstrong almost never smile or joke in this movie. There are tons of movies from this era that capture him smiling and joking. In this movie he is an afraid and angry man. Getting the Armstrong, “the pilot” was completely wrong. In the first minutes of the movie the give you the impression that Joe Walker had the intention to washout him from the X15 program because he don’t have the skills, “Go to Gemini it will be a better place for you, before you crash my X15”….. Weird that he was the first man to command a ship to land in other celestial body. All the time they gave you the impression that Armstrong was afraid and he archive to be in the moon landing mission buy luck. The gave the impression that he was responsible for the thruster failure of the Gemini and but because it was good to the press, Gemini 8 was “declare” a success. That wasn’t the case. The aftermath of the crash of LLT don’t happened the way that the movie portrait. Armstrong never complaint angry to his bosses and blame them for the Apollo 1 accident or the LLTV crash. There was not a confident crisis in his home. All the books that I had read all the astronauts describe his aptitude after the crash in his office and how cool was him with this. These moment define his character. The movie portrait every “liftoffs” like kaos, and it don’t illustrate the training that his people endurance. The moon landing was down play to portrait a person that lands by luck and not by skills. History: This was a millennia wet fantasy to downplay one of the most historic achievement of the mankind. This movie was address to support the anti-Apollo people. Prove of thus was a well-illustrated emphasis in the scene of the elaboration of the “killed crew message” and the critics of the people for the spending of Apollo. That only appear with tat force after Apollo 11 landing. The final scene portrait Armstrong and Janet like broken marriage after his historic flight in 1969, if this was true why the wait until 1994 to file the divorce papers? Armstrong family lost: I am really mad with the way that they explode the dead of Keren, this was very personal for this family, as is personal for any parent that experience that kind of loss. They keep this creepy feeling all the movie, with the ghost scene, then with the bracelet and the moon scene. Also I don’t recollect, but I have to do my research, the scene of him telling to their songs “I am going to die in this mission.” And also the angry Janet before Neal departure for the Apollo 11 mission looks like more Hollywood drama. Armstrong was a great person with the same defects of any human, he was very reserved in his personal life, but he had the ability to transforms himself when he was in stage, talking about flight and space exploration. He had the ability to inspire people for generations. Maybe Armstrong was a really good actor that deserve an Oscar for his public performance. Neil Armstrong personality, was very similar to Gus Grissom and John Young, mans of a few words, but when they spoke everybody hear them. Don’t waste your time with this movie, read the book and learn something real.
  3. Ricardo Salamé

    1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

    As usual Pete, fantastic work! My only advise is that you add a little more contrast to the astronaut it look to white and the pant one gray color I love to see you work Ricardo
  4. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

  5. Ricardo Salamé

    Lunar Module Dimensions - References?

    Hello: My advice is that you review this drawing http://www.realspacemodels.com/drawing-sets/148-apollo-spacecraft-set http://www.realspacemodels.com/drawing-sets/148-lunar-module-supplement-set Other good source of information is this booklet http://www.spaceinminiature.com/books/sim7.html Regards Ricardo
  6. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Yes Habu2 the Voyager 2 reached the interstellar space a month earlier! 🤣🤣🤣🤣it was expected to arrived in 2019 Ricardo
  7. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

  8. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Thanks Pete!!! I am glad that you like it Ricardo Habu2; You have to work with what you have. I used gel cyanoacrylate glue. But you have to be careful when you move it, I will need to make a special box to take it on the road. The PE its not heavy but its very long, barely fit y my modeling cabinet. Ricardo
  9. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Sound like a great idea but do some testing, so you don't add to much weight housing of the boom. I foung a little challenging the gluing of this parts Ricardo
  10. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Habu2; You have to work with what you have. I used gel cyanoacrylate glue. But you have to be careful when you move it, I will need to make a special box to take it on the road. The PE its not heavy but its very long, barely fit y my modeling cabinet. Ricardo
  11. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Thanks Ret!!!. For sure you will see it in some of the modeling shows of the Great Toronto area. Ricardo
  12. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    House dust and after market accessories don't mix well. Besides the booms became very fragil with PE
  13. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    You need to use the PE to achive a realistic look. The solid booms that came with the kit were no good for me. But this will depend on the modeler, this was a very personal project for me. Thanks
  14. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa

    Hello: No it's a custom job that ask to an Australian designer. I feel that the model have something missing. Ricardo
  15. Ricardo Salamé

    Voyager 1/48 Hasegawa