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  1. Hello here you have a gallery with with 800+ pictures of the show https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=rshobbyattic&set=a.748994843443183 Enjoy Ricardo
  2. Ret you are right CJ F14 are making quite a buzz on Social Media Ricardo
  3. There are more pictures of that LRV on the forum http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/292538-lunar-rover-vehicle-132/ Ricardo
  4. It was 1/48. I think that is base on the simulator of the Cradle of Aviation Museum https://www.cradleofaviation.org/history/exhibits/exhibit-galleries/exploring_space/grumman_lunar_module_simulator.html
  5. Hello CJ: Thanks for the pictures!!!. I was not able to get a good shot of your F14s. They were one of the nice surprises of the show! When I saw them clips of the movie played in my mind. It is a fantastic presentation I love it! I can imagine the kind of challenge to move them from your car to the museum. The winds were so strong. One piece of advice that I think you learn already. Don’t finish any model the night before a show. Winning or losing you always had some details that you don’t finish. Sometimes it could happens: paint reacts, the varnish got finger marks,
  6. When I see Pete doing stuff like this I know that something good is comming! Suggestions Pete scale up the v section of the legs that touch the primary struts. The look a little thin https://apolloarchive.com/apollo_gallery.html RS
  7. Hello Guys: It was a great comeback show! Nice to see and talked with a lot of people. Ret and I have a wonderful day on the show. We miss Pete. Crakerjazz yes the CF18B it mine. Guys you already know the Armstrong. I also bring a Klingon Bird of Pray, small vignette o two Rangers in Normandy and a down Me 109G10 with the pilot running in the sunflowers. As Ret mentioned there are a lot of images in the IPMS Hamilton Facebook RS
  8. Thank Cap I am gald that you like it. I have a few question for Starfleet, can you relay them? Ricardo
  9. Yes Pete, you know me. I always like to add something to the model in this case was the base. I am glad that you like this little touch Ricardo
  10. Thanks Pete! Yes I try to mimic Alan Bean work. I got my inspiration from his paints. Its a very cool subject, but Soviet era hardware information it's a little hard to find. The accuracy suffered a little. I am glad that you like it. Ricardo
  11. Aussi Pete I think that It's the best source for astronauts and cosmonaut in 120mm and the king for bigger scale. Ricardo
  12. Thanks Pete, the cosmonaut is from Space Helmet Models from Spain. You can fin them on Facebook.
  13. Orlov DMA spacesuit Space Helmet Models, scale 120mm
  14. Magnificent Job! Pete I think that it’s a little late, but a coat of gloss varnish protects the foil paper for future discoloration Ricardo
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