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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback! I'm glad I bought some of the stuff and will be sure to give it a try. This last time I used Krylon Glossy Black which worked well but I sprayed on a really humid day so didn't get that smooth of a finish which of course affected the final result. Is it better to mist on the alclad paint as well? The instructions say to use it like a brush, but I don't know about that. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has used Alclad IIs grey primer. Does it work well? Can it be airbrushed right out of the bottle, or does it need to be thinned? I know people have had problems with Alclad's black primer, so wanted to see what people have to say about the grey primer. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tips guys, I will give them a shot. I just happen to have some of that detailer! The hobby guy here sold it to me, and I didn't think I would ever use it. Would you guys recommend doing the wash (detailer or Tamiya Smoke) before or after the dry brush? Seems like the wash first, then the dry brush is the way to go
  4. Hey everyone, I am building a Hasegawa A6M5 Zero Type 52 and need some advice on what color to use for the wash on the radial engine? I painted the engine using the kit's recommended Gunze Aqueous Steel (H18) which is pretty dark. SHould I use an even darker wash...burnt umber? Also, if I coat that part with Future to do the wash, can I dry brush over the Future? Finally, when dry brushing in general, it seems like the paint is getting too dry in the brush between getting rid of the paint on newspaper, and doing the actual dry-brush. It seems like it goes on gummy...I am new to this so am not sure if I am doing something wrong? Thanks for all the help, I am glad I came across this site!!! Zack
  5. Hey All, I will be building an F-84 soon and want to use Alclad II (will be my first time). Swanny recommends using Krylon Gloss Black, has anyone tried this? Seems like he gets good results with all variations of the Alclad II... Thanks Zack
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