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    Interested in large scale aircraft models and anything to do with Tomcats or Corsair II's, worked on them for 8 yrs in the Navy. Also very interested in WWII aircraft, particularly single seat fighters from the ETO.

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  1. So this may be the longest stretch between posts but here goes . I have a personal connection to “Lil Margaret”, as a kid growing up in rural western Indiana you have little occasion for excitement. But a “P-51” passing overhead in the sky is occasion for loud yells of “YAHOO”! I had a tried and true Christian Bale “Empire off the Sun” moment , twenty years PRIOR to the fact. This was well before OshKosh because I was in my early teens the first time I saw her briefly pass over my parents house in the early 1990’s. I saw her several more times flying low and fast, truly, nothing but NOTHING s
  2. The kit uses either an older GTO steering wheel or one from a Tempest. The one in the pic is correct. Does anyone make a correct wheel or a similar one? TIA Expat
  3. I’ve been mulling over the same question, compiling pics for references , etc. There is no 1970 Lola T-70 coupe racer in 1/24 but there IS a 1/24 Carrera slot car of that car, Same for some versions of the 1970-71 Ferrari 512M figuring on a conversion just don’t wanna pay $100 for a donor slot.
  4. The BEST kits are from MFH (Model Factory Hiro ), from Japan. The 1/24 scale kits generally start at about $250, their 1/12 scale kits can run $750 -$1200 depending on their rarity. The attention to detail is only matched by scratch built super-modeler kinda stuff. Expat
  5. I’m super detailing a 1/32 M-61 Vulcan and have the Master 6 barrel upgrade but need 20mm ammo belts and feed chutestes. Eduard made a 1/35 M-163 20mm detail set for a while but discontinued it. I think these parts are the hardest to replicate in styrene or resin. .50 cal is the biggest ammo belt I can find and I haven’t found anyone making the chutes in PE. Even a styrene part can be replicated if anyone is aware of one existing in a kit. ‘Does anyone know if ANYONE makes these?
  6. Sorry for the typo, freaking auto-correct strikes again.
  7. Thomson, ya nailed it! Wow, what a good job. My only improvement would be finding a way to make the horse mane and other hair a bit more managed and conforming to the flow of air.
  8. Looking for a King’s Road 1/32 Jimmy Doolittle pre-war 1929 air racer figure to go with my Williams 1/32 GeeBee
  9. I think you did a wonderful job with the figure itself. The ammo belt just hanging out in space could be remedied with some hot water and a bit of a bend. I know this had to be an issue because there are so many ways it could go wrong. I think I’d take the chance thought to get it to hang more naturally.
  10. I need an M-61 Vulcan 20mm cannon so if you didn’t use yours in your build, I’ll buy it.
  11. Given skill and a fine enough line of lead, I’m betting you could make the “lightening rod antenna” out of the line of death on the Tamiya canopy.
  12. ARE THESE REUSABLE ALSO Has anyone used an 1/32 Eduard F-14D undercarriage set (for Trumpeter) on a Tamiya kit what about the Aires F-14D wheel wells? Can they be modified to fit?
  13. Avg. median income for a model maker in my market (Indianapolis, IN) is $55,500 or $26.70/hr. this is extremely skilled labor TIA EXPAT
  14. No they aren’t flush, they’re round head aircraft SCREWS not actually rivets. These aren’t on the flush face of the panel but on the faces of the boxes underneath the panel.
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