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    Interested in large scale aircraft models and anything to do with Tomcats or Corsair II's, worked on them for 8 yrs in the Navy. Also very interested in WWII aircraft, particularly single seat fighters from the ETO.

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  1. Avg. median income for a model maker in my market (Indianapolis, IN) is $55,500 or $26.70/hr. this is extremely skilled labor TIA EXPAT
  2. No they aren’t flush, they’re round head aircraft SCREWS not actually rivets. These aren’t on the flush face of the panel but on the faces of the boxes underneath the panel.
  3. Maybe I am mistaken but didn’t SOMEBODY make 3D rivet decals? ? I gotta scratch build some avionics boxes and unfortunately screw heads are prominent and cover these box fronts. It’s gonna look like a big blank space if they’re omitted so…… a rivet counter I must be….
  4. I’m looking for these because I gotta scratch build this!
  5. I’m looking to buy a set of CAM Decals 1/32 F-14 low vis data sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA EXPAT
  6. I took an extended break from the hobby and after realizing that my eye sight isn’t getting any better, I decided to not sell or waste my investment. But Testors decided to quit and my effort to be more planet friendly, I decided to switch to acrylics. So what’s your favorite brand? Who has the best availability in the states? Who has the best color selection? What is your choice, Vallejo? Gunze? ??
  7. I’m looking to buy a set of CAM Decals 1/32 F-14 low vis data sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA EXPAT
  8. Ok, Norbert, where do I send my money? Web address please
  9. I have big plans for one of these too. Have one, and a 60% complete build and need the second to complete my Carrier Air Wing 3 JFK Desert Storm diorama. I'd be one of those you could count among a slam dunk for a sale. I got designs.on your F-14 intakes too. I be among the first to encourage you to get this one back into production as soon as possible and to urge others to buy them so you had a steady revenue stream. This correction helps turn a mediocre kit into a masterpiece if well executed. It is an essential buy to build an accurate model using the Trumpeter kit.
  10. If you're serious about wanting a kit, there is a guy who comes every year to the two major Indy 500 memorabilia shows here in Indianapolis. He stocks resin Indy 500 cars and I'm relatively sure he makes them himself. If ANYONE would have what you want it would be him, his stuff is a bit pricey but not like the massively expensive Japanese Fanboy F-1 stuff. Probabaly every bit of a Tamiya P-51D in 1/32 though ($125-ish). He used to carry ALL the winners and some lesser known but unusual or some particulary historic cars too. I haven't been to the shows in several years because my Dad had to st
  11. from what I gathered on LSP there's a big fat problem with the engine fitting under the cowl on this kit and the F4U-1 kit . There's hope though because there's a AM cowl in the works by a LSP member. Here's the thread. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=29473&st=0
  12. I would LOVE to do a PBY in 1/32 scale, there is a 1:1 cutaway PBY at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola,FL. Probably one of the coolest museum exhibits EVER!!!!!! BTW, you can check out the visable PBY on the Museum's website.
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