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  1. Hi there! I've started on a new build whilst I wait on a few items and decals to come out for the f-22. In the meantime time for another viper, because, why not? I've learned quite a bit from my first viper build (F-16CJ misawa) and would like to see how this build compares. Originally I thought about doing a OOB build but the aftermarket and tinkering syndrome got the best of me. Looks like another long drawn out battle. Starters: Kit: Tamiya 1/48 F-16C/N There are lots of extras in here for the extras collection. I wish I can use them all. Decals: Bulls
  2. I know, this is a long shot... But if anyone has tried using the Quinta stuff designed for the GWH kit on their Hasegawa F-15 I would really like to know how it worked out. Any thoughts? :)
  3. Thanks Geoff! Some purr...ogress.. I had to shave a lot of material from the sides of RIO coaming to make the canopy close. I think for future closed-canopy Tomcats, I'll just use the cockpit parts OOB and get some of those purrty Quinta Prod decals. Also removed the moulded-on grab handle. Will use the one from the Tamiya kit as it comes as a nice separate part and it will be easier to form the RIOs hand around it. There's an area, too, that I didn't really like the look of -- the lower edge of the canvas boot looks too solid, like the edge of
  4. Hi all Posting this here for the rotorheads rather than finished models. I've been working on this kit since it landed on my bench. The fit is very good but the detail is quite basic. I used a fair chunk of aftermarket bits and pieces. -Montex Decals -Quinta Studios 3d cockpit decals -Eduard exterior photo etch -Eduard Brassin Resin UB-32 Rocket Pods -Eduard Brasssin resin Wheels -Eduard mask set -Master metal DUAS air probe and nose gun barrels I also added all the rivets and fasteners in a recessed style with my riveting tools
  5. Looking at the details of the cockpit I wonder if I need a Quinta Studio 3D printed decals.. OOB looks very impressive
  6. Great article if you're interested in Quinta. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/11/construction-review-qunita-studio.html#more
  7. I got a Quinta Studios cockpit detail set for my Hasegawa F16D because I'm so lousey painting cockpit details. Has anyone else used them amd any advice on them before I use them?
  8. Hi guys I have seen a few of my favourite hobby retailers stocking the Quinta 3D decals. They look quite interesting and definitely more “3D” than the flat eduard pe Before I go splurge , I was wondering if anyone here has seen these in person and if so what their opinions are.
  9. These things are decals, but not totally like decals. Does anyone have experience yet to comment if applying to a glossy surface is necessary for good adhesion like regular decals? The instructions don't mention gloss or not, but recommend using PVA to improve adhesion. So not sure what to think for the gloss coat.
  10. I asked if this would include the clear parts and they replied that it would. Looks like they will be teaming up with Quinta Studios on other sets so we'll see if that happens here. Either way, it looks like they're going for the full meal deal. I've used a number of their sets and very impressed. Lots of other great 1/48 scale releases this week as well. https://reskit.com.ua/index.php?route=common/home
  11. Maybe the knowledgeable people of this forum can give me informed advice. I just got a set of Quinta 3D cockpit panels for the F/A-18(A) today and started my next Kinetic CF-188. After doing some research, I am thinking that they got the color wrong on their decals, as all sources I find, claim that the F-18 (and most other US jets) have their cockpits painted in FS36231 (which was also the color, I used in my first CF-188). The Quinta panels look way too light for that, closer to FS36375 to my eye. So, I am inclined to paint the rest of the cockpit in 36375, to match the
  12. This is the cockpit I suspect would be the best seller for Red-kit, especially if they could team up with Quinta !
  13. what blocks would the Quinta F-16 cockpit decals work for? Thanks
  14. All, I have written that I was planning to start the subject model kit at some point soon, and I have. I've gotten to the point of closing up the fuselage, after completing the cockpit, using the Quinta Studios set for this kit. I have raved in the past about the Tamiya 1/48 P-47 kits, and the new P-38F/G/H kits, which EVERY modeler has, but THIS one is their equal in terms of fit and ease of build! It's a subject that perhaps many of you would not consider as it's a bit off the beaten path, but let me say that it is the kind of kit that you almost literally breathe on it, and the part
  15. I'm wanting to build a Sunliner F-18 from Desert Storm. I'm just wondering if they were still F-18A's or if they were early C's or AA+ models. Thanks
  16. Hi Gabor, and thanks for the response. As I wrote, it's typical for me to replace the seat(s) and exhaust(s), but certainly not something that I always do, automatically. I would be thrilled to find no need for those replacements, and from the photos you have been supplying, comparing the kit parts to the real thing, I'm thinking that aftermarket parts being an improvement is pretty unlikely! With the exception of using the new Quinta cockpit decals, mostly because I'm too lazy to do the necessary work to make the existing cockpit detail look fantastic (and the kit details on the panels is
  17. Ill be grabbing a few Quinta sets. One thing is for sure is some weathering, a wash etc will lift Quinta from just a 3D addon set to incredible. There is always room for the cockpit artist to improve upon a great set and elevate their work above the shake and bake crew. Just because they do a great job doesnt mean it cant be improved on..
  18. Habe received two AKAN sets. 47332 and 47325. both for Su-27, from what I understand 47332 is for later colors, after 2014. And yes, 73069 grey dark blue looks in the bottle very much like the Quinta color choice for Su-27UB. now I can start with the build
  19. Hmmm maybe, but I am not 100% sure. I haven’t seen the Quinta Decals in person yet but the combination of a great oob cockpit together with cockpit decals and some careful painting also leads to some spectacular results (see for example hanetos Su-35 build on this site). Great Wall Hobby does a great job in that regards.
  20. Matt, I agree with you as far as it goes. But the fact is that these wonderful little Quinta sets are very expensive, and not everyone can or will choose to afford them. Plus, there will always be those folks who want to do it the ’hard way’, if for no other reason than they can. As for me, someone with zero artistic or other talent, I love that there is now another option to make my airplanes look great, which is my ultimate goal anyway. But, getting back to the topic that the OP started... 😊
  21. I have ordered a second one + one more Quinta set. waiting for AKAN colors. I hope their interior grey-blue matches the one of Quinta. Anyway, Quinta’s color looks a little bit too dark compared to photos of the real thing
  22. Are the front cockpits of the F-105D and F-105G the same or are there noticeable differences. Reason I am asking is I have the Quinta set for the F-105G but wanted to build the D at this time. Thanks
  23. I’ll be building my next Tamiya cat as one of the first in the fleet - VF-1 Wolfpack’s second 101 bird, which has been modeled a lot. Research is one of the things that really appeals to me in modeling, and this project has given me a lot to learn! For instance: the first VF-1 plane to be painted as NK-101 was this one, BuNo 158627. I believe it was a Block 65 machine. Note the radome without a tan front section, long gun muzzle trough (short cover), the black skunk stripe over the canopy and spine, completely white nose gear doors, pin striping around the NACA intake on the ventr
  24. Are the front cockpits of the F-105D and F-105G the same or are there noticeable differences. Reason I am asking is I have the Quinta set for the F-105G but wanted to build the D at this time. Thanks SORRY, wrong forum.
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