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  1. First off, thanks to some of you for the light pushing to post a build thread. I wasn't feeling ready for it, I'm more of a "wait for the thing to be done, and then write about it" kind of guy but here we go! A brief background - I've always been somewhat removed from the space program. Never really paid much attention to it (one of those 'it's so routine that it's not exciting' things), saw some launches in elementary school in the early 90s, I remember being in 4th or 5th grade when John Glenn went into space. Moved to Florida (from New Jersey) in 2001, and continued to not pay a
  2. Has anyone seen the actual resin parts for the Blackbird Models BMA72009 HC-130H set? Is it for the USAF HC-130H version or the USCG version? Hannants does not show a photo, but has a few in stock. The Blackbird Models website is also blank. I'd like to order a set, but want to know what i am getting before I commit. K/r, Dutch
  3. My 11th and last build of 2020 is a Vietnam War-era A-4F Skyhawk. I added the APS-107 RHAW sensor under the nose and armed the Skyhawk for the SAM Suppression mission which the US Navy calls 'Iron Hand'. Decals are from Superscale. Painted in acrylics and given slightly heavier weathering with oils to depict a war-time bird. With fellow CVW-21 stablemate from VF-211 Checkmates. NP-103 wears markings from 1968 however. A full build log and more photos can be found on my s
  4. Hello Everyone, My first try at making ocean waves. I use my old Hobbyboss 1/72 Sh-60 Jayhawk kit and I modify this by adding rudimentary pilots, open door and a winch wire. The Rotating blades are made by using Clear Acrylic sheet which was masked and painted with RED White and Yellow Stripes. Black was Painted on the bottom in a fading stroke. The waves are made using silicone rubber and Baking Soda. I put two layers and I think it did a good enough job. The base is basic plywood and topped with foam and acrylic putty. Paints used a
  5. The are several incarnations of both kits from multiple manufacturers, Italeri, Zvezda (more than one), Dragon, Hobby Boss (I believe). Which one is the closest to an operational machine in 1/72 scale? Thanks.
  6. Whith the first two F-15EX on the Boeing final assembly line, it's time for a decent kit. which one is best to update among Academy, GWH and Hasegawa?
  7. This started as as a P-3C and was modified to a P-3B config of the Argentinian Navy using reference pictures. I filled the sonobuoy tubs, added Eziline HF wire antennas, and updated the antennas to reflect the Argentine fit. The model was also rescribed. Paints are mainly Gunze acrylics and SMS lacquers. Decals are the From DekLs sheet.
  8. Good evening, I'm going to be building a Luftwaffe Alpha Jet, and I would like to hang a some LAU-51 Rocket pods underneath. Does anybody have any in the spares box that they would be willing to sell or trade with me for? Thank you very much! Hoops
  9. After 9 months, it's finally done. ---------------------WARNING------------------ Huge amount of pictures below ----------------------------------------------------- I edited some newly took photos of the completely finished diorama with tractors and figures. Title: Morning Scale: 1/72 Aircraft: GWH Decal: DXM Tractor: Dream model Crews: Reedoak Tow bar: Brengun Trolley: Italeri Bombs: Hasegawa Deck: Scratching with Infinity PE DSC_2350 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr
  10. Hello Everyone, The build is a MIG29SMT built into an Indian Air Force MIG29UPG taking off on a Wet Runway with Glowing Afterburners. The kit used is a Trumpeter MIG29SMT in 1/72 size. Most of the work done was on making the Flame look realistic enough. The flame is Clear Resin and is lit by using 2 White LEDs housed in the exhaust cans. The model is painted using the bare basic techniques of preshading and light coats of grey color to make this an IAF grey machine. Paints used were acrylics. This was a first trial run to make the Afterbu
  11. Anyone familiar with me, especially here on ARC, knows that I’ve been tinkering around with building a 1/72 Saturn model for the better part of five years. (Yes, five.) There have been many starts and just as many stops, all with long stretches of time in between. During that time I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and have been able to produce some 3D models of the Saturn that I’m quite satisfied with. The problem is I didn’t have anything physical to show for all the work, and producing it would be extraordinarily expensive, especially at the resolution that would produce the detail I’m l
  12. Good Morning, Attached are the first few photos of my next work in progress, this is a bit of kit bash between these two kits and both are being built parallel. 20200105_134423 by J Hooper, on Flickr The fist subject will be a new F-15SA (Saudi Advanced), still being flown by Boeing for flight test and integration purposes. Inspiration for this build can be seen in the link below: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/21755/f-15sa-bristles-with-a-dozen-aim-120s-missiles-during-star-wars-canyon-run The second subject will be a Israeli Defense
  13. Hello Everyone, The Modelsvit Sukhoi 7 BMK Of the Indian Air Force No32 Sqn wearing the Striking Tigershark Scheme. The kit is built OOB. The Yellow nose was brush painted and the kit decals were used. Paints used are locally available acrylics. The kit doesn't have part numbers on the sprue so you will have to refer the kit instructions for the part numbers - a bit annoying if you are new to this kit. Also all the parts have stubby cut points on the sprue and no pins to align the parts together, eg the droptanks. The ejection seat needs to be sanded from the bottom quite heavily a
  14. Hi guys Here I will post some photos from the Spitfires, I am currently building. I would like to ask for some advice, since these are my first builds (alongside with a F 16). Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the early stages. I used the Spitfires mostly to gain some experience using airbrush. For airbrushing I used a H&S Ultra airbrush, for the PRU schemed airplane I used AK's 3rd gen acrylics, while for the day fighter I used Humbrol Enamels. Both models were primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 and preshaded with black color, for the metallic base I used AK's True Metal Silve
  15. Hello, I am new in scale modeling. I used this kit (Dual Spitfire Combo) to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques (I had an accident with one of the roundels but actually looks good). For painting the PRU Spitfire I used Tamiya and AK 3rd gen acrylics (camo). For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo. For the metallic base for chipping I used AK's true metal silver. I pre shaded the m
  16. Hello, this Spitfire is my first complete build, I used it to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques. For painting I used Humbrol Enamels (basic camo) and Tamiya and AK acrylics. For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo (I know that looks overweathered but I had some accidents during masking). You can see that I tried some chipping (Never chip befor masking.....), for its base I used
  17. Dear ARC Colleagues A few photos of my Academy F-8E from VF-162 based on USS Oriskany in 1967. Lets see if my photos work here?? Regards Andrew
  18. There's a correction article somewhere for the 1/72 Monogeam F-16XL kit, but I cannot locate it. Also does anyone know of a reliable scale 3 views profile. Thanks.
  19. Hello, This is Eduard's Mig-21MF Profipack edition kit, built with some additional aftermarket goods (resin exhaust, external PE set), in Romanian AF markings. Very beginner friendly kit, goes together like a dream. Brush painted with various colors from AKAN, Ammo Mig and MRP aqua based paints. Apologies for my "potato camera" picture quality. Thanks for looking.
  20. Dear Fellow Modellers There maybe a thread you can direct me too, but what is the consensus on who makes the most attractive F-14 Tomcat in 1/72. I think I last made one from Airfix in the early 1970s (oops) Thanks Andrew
  21. Hi all, I have the Hasegawa YF-16/ CCV kit but other than the smaller forward fuselage that may or may not be correct, everything else is very basic. What would be a good kit to complete an early bird? Kursad over at Caracal Decals is about to release an awesome 1/72 decal sheet for the early Vipers and I would like to put it to good use.
  22. One last request for now ... Looking for a copy of the Testors 1/72 XR-7 Thunder Dart at a reasonable price ? Thank You for looking !
  23. Hello Is there anybody to share one of the scheme in the Camouflaged B-29 Iliad #7203 decal sheet? I have an old Airfix kit to do for a friend of mine who gave me the box. Patrick
  24. Anyone heard any news about a manufacturer making a 72nd Raptor? I heard Hasegawa was making one about 5 years ago but I haven’t heard anything about it since. I was wondering if one of the newer manufacturers like GWH had one planned or if Hasegawa is still working on it?
  25. Here is a 1/72nd scale E-ing kit that I make. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QJ66gsy3oviXuhePD5_jZdFG-3rUXLi1/view?usp=sharing
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