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Found 29 results

  1. Hello all, I'm currently working on the Airfix Lynx, and doing it as a German Navy Mk.88A. Lovely kit, for the most of it, but I'm a bit underwhelmed with the door gun, especially the barrel. It wasn't straight, and it doesn't have any detail at all. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a decent replacement for it? I believe the real thing is an M3M, but I'll take anything that looks like it. The kit barrel is 19mm long, if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looks like Airfix's next release after the Walrus will be a new P-51D. www.airfix.com%2Fuk-en%2Fnews%2Fworkbench%2Fnew-wwii-classic-in-148th-scale%2F&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.network54.com%2FForum%2F149674&title=Plane Talking - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum%3A Airfix Facebook page hinting that a new 1%2F48 P-51 to be announced. nt&txt=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.airfix.com%2Fuk-en%2Fnews%2Fworkbench%2Fnew-wwii-classic-in-148th-scale%2F
  3. Hello All, So, here is my completed Canberra in the colorful ESSA livery (before becoming NOAA). This old Airfix kit required a lot of work to bring it to "modern" standards, but I am happy with the results, although not entirely satisfied with the engine inlets leading edge which are a bit too fat... Note also that none of the Airfix (old or recent) kits seem to have properly captured the attachment of the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage, and that would have been too much work for me to correct. The WIP is available in the In-Progress section of the forum. Now, enjoy the pictures... I hope you like it ! PS: Decals are homemade (including yellow stripes) and I have couple of sheets available for sale... ;-) Best regards from Montreal, QC Alex CL-215 Forever
  4. Good day all, This is my first posting here with a model (in WIP). I am still struggling with the image servers and the posting, so bare with me... (sorry for some of the pics captions only in french, but "the pics worth a thousand words" ) ;-) This is the (very) old Airfix kit of the BAC Canberra which I converted into the US licensed Martin B-57A. This acft was operated by the US Govt ESSA agency (as presented here) before becoming the NOAA and changing livery. The following modifications were made to improve the look, but I am not looking for full accuracy (that would require way too much work with this base, and knowledge on the subject which I don't have...) : - The whole model was engraved based on various dwgs found on the net. Note that the Martin wings are a bit different than BAC ones. - Cockpit - Completely scratchbuilt since the Airfix parts were more of a joke than model parts (except the yoke). I used Pavla resin seats which were painted and weathered. - Nose cone - The typical ESSA/NOAA radar (weather ?) was resin casted out of a glass tube spices container, then puttied over once installed to give it its conical shape. - Wheel wells - The "empty caves" were detailled using Evergreen strips inspired from existing resin sets from various suppliers. (I later discovered that the Martin wings implies some variation on the wheel bays structure depending on the model (ie WB-57 longer wings) - Landing gears - The NLG was modified to represent Martin's version and accomodate wheels taken from Harrier kit. The MLG molded with the main doors were kept but sidebrace and actuator were detailled using plastic strips and brass rods. The main wheels were heavily modified since the hubs are much different than the british Canberra ones. Since I already f'd-up twice the posting, I will hold the rest of the completion on a response post later on. Thanks for your understanding ! Regards Alex CL-215 Forever
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