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  1. I am planning to build a P-51D modeled after Stephen C Ananian's from the 505FS, 339FG, 8AF USAAF. His plane was named Baby Mine. I can't find any decals for that aircraft. Obviously there were thousands of P-51s built so I didn't expect to find any decals for it. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there a way to make them myself? I suppose it's better to just switch to a plane for which there are decals. Just curious if there are ways around this. Thanks!
  2. I am planning to build a P-51D modeled after Stephen C Ananian's from the 505FS, 339FG, 8AF USAAF. His plane was named Baby Mine. I can't find any decals for that aircraft. Obviously there were thousands of P-51s built so I didn't expect to find any decals for it. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there a way to make them myself? I suppose it's better to just switch to a plane for which there are decals. Just curious if there are ways around this. Thanks!
  3. I was planning to use the kit-supplied decals with my Hasegawa F-8J, but they shattered like glass when they hit the water. I ordered a replacement sheet from Hobbico nearly 3 months ago, but I've received nothing and I really don't expect to given their financial situation. I'm looking for one of the following sheets so I can finish my model (listed in order of preference): Aeromaster Colourful Crusaders III 48-445 Hasegawa decals from kit HSGS0226 Aeromaster Colourful Crusaders I 48-403 Aeromaster Colourful Crusaders IV 48-450
  4. Heya everyone, As per usual, being a late comer to the hobby means i've missed out on a lot of stuff I actually need for builds... Anyhow, I'm after the Model Alliance MA 48109 decal sheet for Operation Telic Part 1. Even just the portion for the 12b Squadron Tornado GR.4 would be all I need as I can get the stencils elsewhere. Any help would be awesome... Many thanks, A
  5. Anyone out there have any unused 1/48 F-16 data decals they are willing to part with? I have a Hasegawa kit almost completed although need data decals including US roundels. I’ll be happy to wheel & deal, and will pay shipping to 81637 Please help! Thanks in adance for any help! Bob
  6. I recently bought this kit and it is missing the canopy and decal sheet. If you have either if these items (or both) please let me know. I’d even take ANY ‘F’ decals you may have as I have none in the spares. Thank you! Later, Lee
  7. Hi, I'm over in the UK looking for but having no joy in locating F-105G decals to replace those in the HobbyBoss kit. Any of you have any from an aftermarket sheet (MicroScale/SuperScale?) you'd be willing to part with? If so let me know your terms! Waiting in hope! Bryn
  8. Got two ZM F4c kits in the mail a week ago, and I'm simply stunned at what's in the box!!!! Wow! This is the Phantom we've all been begging for. I'll build one with the kit decals as I kinda like the checker board pattern, but no F4c group would be complete with out a Robin Olds airframe! I looked over at Spru brothers and saw nothing for Robin Olds in 1/48th. Can someone here aim me in the right direction? By the way; I see me now wanting an F4d and an F4e from ZM! gary
  9. Now that I'm distracted with another project in mind, I am looking to sell the following as a package only. I will take PayPal Gift Option for payment. Shipping is included in the price of these items. As always, please PM me if interested. Transactions will move to email afterwards: All Cutting Edge Products 1/48 Su-27B Decal #48024 Ukrainian AF Fairford IAT '96 Scheme 1/48 Su-27B BlackMagic #CEBM48385 Ukrainian Splinter Camouflage Masks (Vinyl Masks on 3 sheets) 1/48 Su-27B BlackMagic #CEBM48186 Canopy/Wheel Hub Mask 1/48 Su-27B Decal #48011 Flanke
  10. imatt88

    Pacific B-26s

    Hey all, I'm looking for decal sheets for Maurader squadrons used in the Pacific. Nothing special in particular, just the correct theatre markings Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Cheers, Ian
  11. Title says it all. Just need the NH ANG markings from Collect Aire kit #4846 decal sheet if you have built it as another version. PM me with price and shipping info. R/ Dutch
  12. Hello, I got a Hasegawa Mitsubishi T-2 at a swap meet and the decals are missing. I have looked everywhere to find a set of decals with no avail. Does anybody have a set of markings from the Hasegawa kit that they are not using? I am willing to pay a reasonable price. Thank you, Ozzie
  13. Last chance for a decal list, I'm putting the remainder onto eBay soon. Please contact me at xraflad@hotmail.com for an updated list of decals for sale. cheers Peter
  14. Does any one have an extra Barracuda Cals P-51D Part 1 sheet??? I wil buy the entire sheet OR if someone can spare me the fuselage codes for "Alabama Rammer Jammer" 353ed FG scheme. If anyone would like to help I'll pay through Paypal for an arranged price for the sheet (or partial sheet) plus postage. Please feel free to contat me off line. Bryant Dunbar bryant.dunbar@grexusa.com
  15. I have for sale the follow items. Will ship anywhere. Prices do not include shipping. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to PM Me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Prefer paypal for payments. Thanks for looking! For sale. (Buy them all for $100 plus shipping) 1/72 Kits Academy -OV-10A bronco #1665 $9.00 -F-8P crusader #12407 $15.00 -F/A-18C hornet #12432 $15.00 Accurate miniatures -F-4D phantom II #0410 $10.00 Hasegawa -F-15E eagle (updated new mold) #01569 $25.00 -F-16A fighting falcon (no decals and no bo
  16. A good friend of mine has discovered that her father and uncle both crewed the 'Ton Up' Lancaster 'Uncle Joe'. I'd really like to make her a model of this aircraft but I'm having trouble sourcing the decals. I believe they were made by Tally Ho! under the reference number 72 042. Anyone out there have a set or know where I could get them?
  17. Hello, Is anyone willing to sell or trade their 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk XVI Profipack decals? I am specifically after the box top scheme of the silver spitfire with the blue spinner. I have markings from the Limited Edition Dual combo boxing I can trade, minus the James Robb blue scheme. I will pay $10+ shipping via PayPal if you want to sell your sheet outright. Please drop me a PM or email to falconxlvi@yahoo.com. Thanks, Steve
  18. Anyone interested in going in on a set of Werner's Wings 1/35 decals 35-04 or 35-06? I only want the MH-6M decals. On a side note...any interest in starting a sub forum dedicated to folks teaming up to buy a decal sheet, especially considering the size and breadth of some current manufacturer's printing style (i.e. wolfpak, furball, etc.)? nick
  19. Hi Guys, Where can I find decals for a Royal Navy Phantom these days? Unfortunately my kit got wet and the decals are obviously unusable. I would take either the camouflaged or the dark grey carrier birds. Checked E bay but they seem really scarce. Thanks for any help. Regards Pierre
  20. Hi! can someone help me get a decal set for the 1/48 IDF Defender, I have just finish building the kit, but the box version is an all black one. maybe you got some spare ones!! Thanks in advance! Byron
  21. Saw some Letraset 'decals' offered on ebay recently. These were offered by Squadron back in the early seventies and had no carrier film just like the product still used in graphic production. Here's a link to illustrations published in Squadron Magazine back in the seventies: Letraset aircraft and armor These were the only illustrations I recall seeing published during the era. There were no scheme instructions that came with the rub-ons or mention that most schemes were taken from Osprey publications of the era. Probably some reason for their demise even though it was
  22. Hi I have 2 FJ-4Bs that are nearly ready to paint. One is going to be in the Utility squadron grey, yellow and orange and I am looking for decals for the other one, a Sqn FJ-4B. Does anyone have any decals either left over from a Grand Phoenix kit or one of the sets that Eagle Strike put out that I could buy? Ideally I am looking for the ones with the orange lightning bolts. Your help is very much appreciated. Will
  23. Hello again everyone, I've been out of modeling for almost a decade now, but I still have my 27 kit stash in the attic that I will get to.....someday. I am looking for two old Cutting Edge decal sheets in 1/48th scale. 48-226, which includes several of Boynton's Corsairs 48-267, which includes a Korean War-era VMF-214 F4U-4B. Anyone have one or both of these for sale? Cheers and Happy New Year, Chappie
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