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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I am starting a new project: the first prototype of the Tomcat, in flight, on the GWH basis. I will use a F-14B kit to do so. Why ? Because I wanted to represent a VF-102 F-14B(Upgrade) with a HUD. But VF-102 never had F-14B(Upgrade) with a HUD ... but, I am happy to have the decals for a future Academy kit. And also, I've never build the GWH Tomcat and I wanted to see if the kit was worth it ... (because, I could have bought 2 Academy kits for the same price, and I would still have some money for extradetailling kits). I have to confess that is not my first
  2. Building period Aircraft: 5 months (Dec 2021- April 2022) Accessories and diorama: 3 months (April 2022- July 2022) Aircraft mostly OOB except D&W landing gears, resin nozzles, Master metal dischargers. WIP thread:
  3. Simply the BEST Flanker kit in any scale: Great Wall Hobby GWH Flanker family, with adequate detail level by easy+straightforward building experience. I simply hate those over-engineered mode kits(if you still call them model kits) because it's simply waste of my precious time and energy. Afterall the final effect is up to your skill, not the so called "details" from kit part number!! Will definitely build more of GWH Flanker kits. Have a nice weekend~
  4. Up all night and then some completing this Great wall hobbies Mig a fantastic kit with extreme surface detail and builder options not found in many kits. I opted to take advantage of having the engine out and the cowling covers removed. I added a few upgrade Eduard kits to enhance this build I have been planning for some time. There are at least three digital schemes between the Ukraine and Slovakian Air force all very similar with variations to the pattern and shade. I chose a Slovakian digital scheme in a tighter pixel pattern that I think looks more interesting. A mask does not exist for th
  5. Hello all, Currently working on a GWH 1/72 F-15C. Excellent kit with lots of details and great fit but as it appears customary in this scale GWH choose to model "cropped intakes" that are completely inaccurate. So I took it upon myself to design proper intakes and 3D Printed them. Here are the results: I am now working to perfect these and since my intent is to model an open engine bay I'm tackling next a complete 3D Printed F100-220E... 😎
  6. Dear eagle fans, today I got a great aftermarket set from Kopecky Scale Models. Maybe most of you don't know this new company, but the quality of detail is very good. Therefore I started this topic and want to share with you some detailed pictures of the F-15c pylons. The surface of the resin parts is so smooth, no rework needed. Available here: https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/product-page/48007-f-15c-late-pylons-rails
  7. Haven't done much modelling the last few years, and I've been looking through a lot of builds lately, of the Tomcats that have come out in the past few years (while I wasn't building any!)---I don't think any has been praised as "clearly the best one ever"----that said, I'm wondering what one "has the best odds of looking good when built". A master modeler can deal with any issue in any kit---that's not me! I'm looking for one where I won't have to spend 100 hours trying to get parts to fit. I would basically want to "slap it together out of the box, and be proud of it". Skills are rusty,
  8. I used to model as a child, and now I decided to get back to the hobby. For such I chose the GWH 1/48 Su-35S, I love how the Su-27 aircraft family looks, and Ive seen some awesome reviews of this kit online. To the point, mine arrived a few days ago from China, and as I wait for the rest of the stuff I need for the build to arrive, I figured I would start this topic, and adress some of the first questions that came to my mind regarding the build. Starting by some doubts regarding which joints are and wich joints arent panel lines: The joints that have BLUE lines paralel t
  9. Hello, I just started my 3rd 1/48 GWH F-15, what a great kit 🙂 This one will be the F-15E with Two Bobs' "T-Bolts rule" decals, specifically the 389th FS CC aircraft, very similar to this one:
  10. Need some input gents. I have an opportunity to pick up the KH SU-35S “Flanker E” for $60 after shipping which seems to me like a decent deal. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger however. After absolutely fallening in love with @Fighting Eighty-Four‘s build of it and want to do the same aircraft in flight, fully loaded. Would it be a good idea to pick this up or spend a little bit more for the GWH kit that everyone is raving about? Thoughts?
  11. Hello ,this is my build last summer. I used S4804 (F-15C MSIP II flown by Jeff Hwang) but instead replaced its decals with Afterburners' 'Shogun Eagles'. Weapons came from difference sources( AIM-120Cs from Hasegawa's air-to-air weapon set, Sidewinders were from Tamiya's F-16C kit)
  12. Hello all, what has to be changed on the GWH F-15C kit to make it a mid 80´s to early 90´s bird in BT mrkings? I have the Two Bobs Eifel Eagles sheet and I want to buy the GWH kit S4804 Many thanks, Thomas
  13. Hi all! I would like to share my latest completed project, the 1/48 Great Wall Hobby F-15C from the MSIP II ANG boxing. I decided to build it in the fantastic splinter camo markings of the 65th AGRS circa 2013. The camo was done without a mask, using Tamiya tape and just kinda eyeballing it. I started by painting the gray, then masking and painting either the white or blue areas one at a time. Some areas were easier to paint the white over the blue, and others the blue over the white. I used some aftermarket on this one, including a Quickboost seat, Meng CATM Aim-9M
  14. Hi folks! adter finishing the long Su-30 build I wanted to build something "easy" without that much work to get it to look nice, so I decided to build the GWH Mig-29 for a friend who was asking me to build it after some time! so I thought it was going to be a pretty straight forward build, and so far I'm happy with the decission cause this is a great kit! is not a shake'n'bake kit but is really close to that! it has some really nice details and fitting is really good in most places but let's get to the pics so you can take a look at it. I'm not gonna make a review of the kit cause there are so
  15. This set intended to improve Great Wall Hobby 1/48 MiG29 (9-12, 9-13, SMT) exterior details. Made of steel with a thickness of 0.05 mm. WBR Rust Usmanov A.M.U.R.Reaver Team
  16. Hi all! I present to you my latest project, the 1/48 Great Wall Hobby MiG-29SMT Fulcrum-E, "Red 23" in the fantastic splinter camo of the Russian Air Force, circa 2010. This is indeed a beautiful kit that goes together very nicely, with relatively few fit issues. One such issue, according to builds I had seen during research, are the intakes. But I kinda cheated... 1. I Did not install the full engines and 2. I modeled the FOD doors in the down position. By doing this and removing all of the locator pins on the rear trunking I was able to get the fit to be nearly per
  17. Finally something to show, it's being a while since i post something here, this for sure is not my best model, but for sure is the mos extravagant done, hope you like it. This is GHW 1/48 F-15C OOB build Jorge Oppenheimer
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