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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks for looking. And please feel free to make an offer, the worst I will say is, “No, thanks.” Sales only, I am not looking for trades. Please respond via email, I rarely read PMs. Email is: cjhamilton AT gmail (you know the rest). Cheers! CJH KITS & DETAIL SET 1/350 Bronco Models USS Independence – LCS-2 $17 Open box, sealed parts Dragon USS Ticonderoga – CG-47 $30 Sealed (cellophane is damaged) Dragon USS Hewitt – DD-966 $28 Sealed 1/72 Huma Messerschmitt Me 609 $14 Open box, sealed parts Huma Messerschmitt Me 209 V5 $12 Open box, sealed parts Huma Focke Wulf Trieblflugl $42 Open box, sealed parts Huma Henschel Hs 132 $11 Open box, sealed parts Huma Junkers Ju 287 Bomber $42 Open box, sealed parts 1/48 Aires Ju-88 A-4 Cockpit Set $22 Sealed AMT MiG-27 Flogger-D $5 Sealed (cellophane damaged) ESCI/ERTL MiG-23 Flogger S $5 Sealed Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger-D $5 Sealed, but parts sound loose inside. Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger ‘Desert Storm’ $5 Sealed Panda F-35 Lightning II ‘NATO Fighter’ $8 Open box, sealed parts (includes JDAMs) Revell A-6E Intruder $10 Sealed Revell MiG-25 Foxbat $10 Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present Revell-Germany MiG-25 Foxbat $8 Open box, sealed parts 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero ‘Type 52’ $72 Sealed DECALS 1/72 SuperScale 72-274 Low-viz US insignia in FS 17038, 36495, 36375 & 36237 $2 SuperScale 72-623 Su-25 Frogfoot – Iran, Iraq, Czech and USSR $3 1/48 Caracal Decals CD48025 T-45C Part 3 – Shark mouth $12 Cutting Edge CED48181 F-105 – Fancy Girls Part 3: F-105D & F’s $20 Microscale 48-174 F-86D – 469 FIS & 94 FIS $4 Microscale 48-275 F-105D/F – Virginia ANG 149 TFS $4 SuperScale 48-192 A-4M/TA-4J Skyhawks – VMA-211, 331 and USN Composite Sqd. 13 $4 SuperScale 48-416 A-6E Intruders – VA-85, 115 & VMA-533 & 224 w/ Desert Storm Mission Markings $8 TwoBobs 48-035 AH-1W Cobras – Whiskeys in the Mix $12 TwoBobs 48-039 F-14B – Red Ripper Muthas’ $9 TwoBobs 48-096 F-14B – VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise $12 1/32 CAM Decals 32-004 F-4B Phantom II – VF-32 Swordsmen $8 CAM Decals 32-017 F-4J Phantom II – VF-41 Black Aces $8 Microscale 32-27 F-4J Phantom II’s – VF-31 Felix the Cat & VF-96 Black Falcons $8 SuperScale 32-134 F-16N/TF-16N Data $3 Yellowhammer 32-07 F-4J Phantom II – VF-96 Cunningham/Driscoll Ace Markings $15 The fine print: Shipping is not included (USPS insured), PayPal only. Will ship worldwide from 09624 (DPO). If you have questions or concerns, please email me before the sale. I am happy to ship worldwide, but shipping outside of the United States is at your risk (any damage, customs fees, etc., are your responsibility).
  2. Please refer to my "Collection For Sale" for a wide selection of 1/72 Modern Armor at reasonable prices.most of it is hard to find Eastern Block subjects Please stop by and take a look. Thank You...Andy Whitworth
  3. Please refer to my "Collection For Sale" for a wide selection of 1/700 Modern US Ships at reasonable prices. Please stop by and take a look. Thank You...Andy Whitworth
  4. Good Afternoon, Already moved, everything is in long term storage for the next four years. Cheers, Hoops
  5. Good Afternoon, After doing some stash rationalization, here are some kits that have been determined to be surplus that I am offering for sale. I will ship anywhere if you are will to pay for it, shipping will be at cost. I accept Paypal only for payment. Kits: 2x Revell Gmbh P-3C Orion (Hasegawa plastic with the best and most complete stencil decals ever for the aircraft in the scale) - $35 ea Fujimi HH-53C (one external fuel tank short shot) - $20 Revell F-15E (Hasegawa plastic) - $20 2x Fujimi A-7D (let me know which of the two boxings you want) - $12 ea. PENDING Hasegawa Ka-8 F-4G - $35 Hasegawa K33 F-111C - $35 Fujimi MiG-21bis (includes Quickboost corrected spine, nosecone, and stabilizers) - $20 Fujimi A-6E - $20 Revell F-16A - $15 PENDING Zvezda Su-25 (also includes HiDecal Line Sheet and KP Su-25UB kit in the box) - $10 Academy F-18A Hornet - $20 Aftermarket: PENDING Various True Details Resin Seats (SJU-17s, GRU-7, KM-1M, K-36) - $2 ea NeOmega KT-1M Seats for Tu-22M - $8 Lone Star P-3 Firebomber conversion - $20 Begemot Su-27 Flanker Part 1 - $10 Eduard PE for the old Hasegawa Su-27 - $5 Thank you for looking! Cheers, Hoops
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