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Found 7 results

  1. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have searched everywhere I can to locate the Caracal Decals CD48048, which is the 1:48 decal sheet for the YF-23 kit by Hobbyboss. No one has them in stock anywhere. If anyone has this sheet and wouldnt mind parting with it, I have cash on hand and would love to buy it off you. I am interested in the full sheet, but I will not hesitate to buy partials or partly used decal sheets. Anything helps! Thanks guys, JC
  2. Hello everyone, I have searched everywhere I can possibly search on the internet to try and locate the Caracal Models YF-23 Prototype decals in 1:48 scale. Is there anyone out there that may have one of these lying around? Partial or full I will buy it. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. JC
  3. The beast has moveable landing gear and rudders 🙂 So this is the photoshoot only in a "parked" mod. Most of the pics are also on a direct sunlight, which helps make the Have Glass shines and reflections more pronounced. And of course - a big Thank you guys, for all the kindness, ideas and guidelines throughout this build! Here is the WIP topic and the "In-flight" Rollout. And now let's get started with some on-the-ground sillhouettes...
  4. Hi all! Here is my recently finished model - the infamous F-23A Black Widow II, as she could have look like if entering into serial production. 🙂 The weathering also features quite a significant amount of "what if", but for the conversion i used all the unclassified pics and diagrams on the www.yf-23.net website. I tried to make this kit as correct as possible while sticking to the mentioned dimensions, angles, etc. - all the changes from the prototype version YF-23. As a base kit - it is the HobbyBoss's 1/48 kit and here is the WIP topic. (PS: the pics on the first pages are invisible... don't know why...) and another PS: the landing gear and the rudders move, so i'll take a couple of photosessions - in an in-flight mode and parked. Overall photoshoot:
  5. Although YF-23 was defeated by the YF-22, but the futuristic looking and powerful performance still fasinated me. The kit itself was simple and easy to assemble. Just build it for leisure and let my imagination fly~ Incorrect structure blocked the exhaust, do not hesitate, just resect it. ="= I took this picture as reference. The highly color variety of stealth coating always hard to present...... Thanks for your watching!
  6. What`s up guys? :) Here is what i got yesterday - this wonderful HobbyBoss kit in 1/48. The YF-23 is a very cool plane, but i plan to make it even cooler - for instance how it should look like as a serial F-23A Black Widow II. Of cource, i don`t plan to start it any time sooner. Yet check out this monter kit - so nice boundaries and continuities and curves and shapes... beauty beauty!
  7. Edit: This project is on hold! Please don't ask about the status. I will be continuing the project in the future! There is still a whole bunch of work required to bring this to kit form. I really wish that I could work on it full time, but for now I have to keep producing other smaller products to survive as a business. I will post new updates and let you all know as soon as I am working on it again. Price will be determined when it is close to being finished. The Northrop YF-23 Black Widow II Advanced Tactical Fighter. Such a beautiful airplane that I just had to have one…In 1/32 of course! This is a project that I began about 10 years ago and put on hold when life got in the way… About three years ago I dug it up and started working on it again with plans to start Zactomodels once it was finished. Then Trumpeter went and released one of my other favorites, the Su-27. I set the YF-23 aside planning to do a nice OOB Flanker… :D (Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 ..., How long have we wait...) The Flanker parts are done, Zactomodels exists and I just had to get back to the YF-23. Unfortunately I didn’t end up with a nice finished Flanker sitting next to my Mig-29. Maybe some day… I want to thank Bela. He not only graciously set his YF-23 aside and agreed to work on one his other projects, but also exchanged YF-23 references with me as well. Cheers my friend! I look forward to seeing your birds! ;) Any other references, especially the cockpit, weapons-bay and exhausts would be greatly appreciated Unfortunately I don’t have pics of the early stages of the build. I hand carved it from blocks of 12lb. sign foam that were pinned together. Spackled, primed, puttied, primed, puttied, primed, puttied, primed, puttied, primed, puttied, primed, puttied, primed, puttied and primed until I was happy with it. I then mounted the fuselage halves, boxed them and poured a mold. Next I removed the pattern from the mold and added a wall thickness using sheet wax and clay. I then poured the second half, the inner core of the molds. Next I casted a copy which I am now detailing to use as the master pattern for the finished model.
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