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  1. To say I build slow would be a major understatement! This project started life in a different state, and in a different decade! It went through two other abandoned conversions (EC-135E ARIA and WC-135B) before finally becoming what you see here… the sole NC-135B. It was a test bed for the emerging satellite technology of the late ‘60s through the early ‘80s. (In 1982 the airframe became an RC-135S Cobra Ball.) The 1/144 Minicraft KC-135E kit (now Academy) had some improvements added including: *Fisher resin nose *Details added to the main wheel wells *Reinforcing
  2. Revell B-52H with Caracal 144020. Only modifications to the kit were to replace the wedge-shaped ALQ-117 antenna fairings on the aft fuselage with the newer, teardrop-shaped ALQ-172 fairings from the updated Minicraft kit, remove the kit's 'pop-up' ALQ-117 antenna from the upper aft fuselage, and as this represents an ALCM jet, I added an additional pair of ALT-32 antennas to the waist for treaty compliance. Chris
  3. I have the following airliner kits for sale: Airfix 144 03175-2 Boeing 737 Vintage kit. Decals are questionable. $18.00 Airfix 144 03183 Boeing 727-200 Special Edition 'Pan Am/Lufthansa' Sealed box. $35.00 Airfix 144 06178 Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar 'TWA' Sealed box.
  4. Model represents KC-135R 63-8004 "Gunfighter Express/City of Mountain Home" of the 22d Air Refueling Squadron, 366th Wing around 1999. This is my sixth completion of the Minicraft KC-135 and second of the R-model. Built OOB, mostly painted with Model Master enamels. Decals are a mix of Caracal, kit, spares box, and custom. Intake covers were cut on a Silhouette Cameo. Last couple of photos taken with my 366th Wing B-1B that I finished a couple of years ago (Academy kit). Thanks for looking- Chris
  5. Represents C-130E 64-0495 of the 41st Airlift Squadron, 23d Wing, during the brief time when Air Combat Command operated much of the USAF's CONUS-based slick C-130 fleet. First build of the Minicraft Herk for me, I used C-130H boxing no. 14649. Only additions were the SATCOM antenna and what I presume to be a blade antenna just above the cockpit. Paint is Model Master enamel FS 36173. Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, and custom ALPS-printed markings. The walkways and some common markings came from one of Minicraft's more recent C-130J boxings. The tiger mouth & eyes ar
  6. A couple of years ago I ran across the "International Color and Camouflage" article in the July 1992 issue of FineScale Modeler describing the then-recent paint changes to the USAF tanker/transport fleet. An interesting tidbit caught my eye: some months before Air Mobility Command established FS 36173 as the standard finish, SAC painted one KC-10 in FS 36320 as an experiment. The author (Dana Bell) was kind enough to include the tail number for this one-off, so after a quick Google search I found several good photos of 83-0082 wearing a noticeably lighter shade of overall gray than the 36173
  7. My third build of the Academy kit...I backdated this one by omitting the towed decoy fairings & targeting pod and replacing the flush-mounted ECM fairing under the aft fuselage with the blade-type antennas seen in photos of this particular jet. Other mods were to plug the mounting holes in the mid & aft bomb bays to depict them empty and reposition the stabilizers. Paint is Model Master enamels with Tamiya TS-48 for the radome. Decals are a mix of Caracal 144003 & 144025 and a couple of custom-printed decals for the 37th Bomb Squadron "Tigers" markings. Oil paints
  8. This is my second build of the Academy kit, really enjoyed both. I filled the slot for the targeting pod and modified the mounting pins for the stabilizers to allow repositioning to a slight nose-down angle as often seen on parked B-1Bs. I left the bays empty on this one, but did cover the two mounting holes in each bay. Paint is Model Master FS 36118, and I used Tamiya TS-48 for the slightly darker radome. Decals are a mix of kit, Caracal 144003, CDB48007, spares box, and a few custom-printed decals for the 13th Bomb Squadron "Reapers" markings. Oil paints were used for weathering, espe
  9. Decals are a mix of custom, kit, spares box, and Caracal 144004 & 144016 (Thanks to Dutch for providing the 2 BMW emblem from his Caracal KC-10 sheet!) Main improvements were to notch the aft end of the ruddervators where they meet the boom, trimming off the protruding boom nozzle and drilling out the end of the boom, and filling the recessed detail on the pilot director lights and replacing with Caracal decals. I was almost done when I found an additional reference photo showing a Shamu-painted nose cowl on the #1 engine...since I couldn't pass up this distinguis
  10. Arii F-111E marked as F-111F 70-2408 as she appeared in October 1993. Built straight OOB with a mix of custom & spares box decals. Positioning the wings forward would have created a gap to deal with, so in the interests of keeping this project simple I positioned them aft. While researching the tail end of the 'Varks USAF career, I found several photos of FS 36118 jets carrying green drop tanks, so went with that look. Chris
  11. I managed about the same as last year, with 3 being rescued from the Shelf of Doom (all my 1/144 completions) which were my last 3 finished for the year, and one a strip and repaint of an older build. 5 were RAAF subjects for my club's delayed RAAF 100 display and a number of others for GBs around the Interwebs. Here they are in no particular order. 1/72 Airfix Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle, Finnish AF 1/72 Airfix North American RA-5C Vigilante, RVAH-12 USN 1/72 Hasegawa McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet, 77SQN RAAF 1/72 Hasegawa Lockhee
  12. edit: After completing a third Barksdale KC-135Q model, I thought I'd consolidate the threads rather than start another! ******** Lots of transition for the USAF in the 1990s; the combination of BRAC, MAJCOM reorganization, and the post-Cold War drawdown led to some unique and short-lived paint and marking combinations. In June 1992, the 2d Wing at Barksdale was reassigned from SAC to Air Combat Command, and the Wing's aircraft received ACC-style unit markings. For the KC-135s of the 71st Air Refueling Squadron, these markings were fairly short-lived, as the squadron was rea
  13. All are complete, unstarted, and in original boxes unless noted otherwise... Postage is additional from Arizona and I always send cheapest possible, unless requested otherwise for faster delivery... Let me know if anything interests you... thanks... PM or email me at: tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net 1/72 Kits Special Hobby JA-37 Viggen $28.00 AMK L-29 Delphin $20.00 Special Hobby Mirage F.1CE/CH $20.00 Special Hobby Mirage F.1CR $20.00 Eduard Spitfire XVI Hi Back Early Wing Overtrees Ed. $13.00 Eduard Avia B.534 II. Serie Overtrees Ed. $11.00
  14. With Caracal 144025 coming soon, I've been thinking about what's involved with backdating the Academy B-1B to the SAC era. Here's what I've got so far: - Omit targeting pod & fill opening - Omit towed decoy fairings and fill openings - Remove ALQ-161 DAS fairing from underside of aft fuselage, add original blade-type antennas - Replace late exhausts with original turkey-feather exhausts (any options yet? Didn't see any on Scalemates) - Nuc mission loadout: use kit bay tank, SRAMs from Crown/Minicraft B-52H...any 1/144 B61s or B83s out there? Would need to
  15. I bought an FDM printer last year, specifically with an eye to doing some more airships in the future. Well, I found some sweet-fool drawings of the Hindenburg a while back, and spent some time on it over the weekend. The problem is, apart from punching the basic dimensions into Solidworks and having a general feel for the size, it never really sunk in just how big it would *actually* be in 1/144. I knew it would be about double the size of the Q-Class Zepp I'm building. I knew it would be noticeably longer. And I knew that as a result, it would be a more massive ob
  16. Another project I finished at the beginning of 2020. This was my last build of that year before Covid locked everything down. This is an out of the box build of Dragon's 1/144 SR-71 kit. All things considered, it is an excellent kit and I was able to finish it in under 10 hours. Some people knock the shape of this kit, but overall, I think it is a better representation of the SR-71 in this scale than the LS/Arii kit. Shape-wise, I believe Dragon copied and pantagraphed down the Hasegawa kit while adding some minor panel line detail as the two kits are eerily similar, down to the rudimentary co
  17. My subject is B-52H 60-0057, photographed at Barksdale AFB in May 1995: The obviously weathered and mismatched paint really caught my eye, and after some digging I determined that this appearance was in large part a function of the consolidation of the B-52H fleet following the closures of Carswell and KI Sawyer, as well as the realignment of Fairchild. Furthermore, the primary camouflage color was changed from FS 36081 to 36118 for the B-52 and B-1B fleets during this time, also contributing to the mismatches seen in the photo. 0057 departed depot in ear
  18. Hello Everyone, Been long since I posted anything here . . . All thanks to COVID-19 . . . My latest work . a Minicraft 1/144 Super Constellation in Air India colors. The kit is a simple build and the parts are few. Very little filler was needed but the parts had to be accurately shaped and the flash was removed for a crisp model. Painting was first done with chrome spray paint which was masked and thereafter the top white coat was applied. The wing walk areas and the Grey Nose were brush painted. Do Enjoy the Build. . . The wing walk areas and the
  19. Really a nice kit, already planning my next one! If only Academy would scale this up to 1/72... I filled the slot for the targeting pod since this model predates Sniper, and took additional 500 lb bombs from a second kit to get enough for all three bays. Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, and custom-printed. I used 1/200 airliner windows for the OSO/DSO windows, which look about right to me. I tried some oil paint weathering on the engine cowlings and around the wing sweep/overwing fairing area. I used Tamiya TS-48 Gunship Gray on the radome; it looked
  20. I have these decals for sale... all are complete unless noted, and all are $10.00 unless noted. They are all in excellent condition. Postage is additional from Arizona. Let me know if any interest you... PM or email to tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net... thanks... Payment via check, cash, m/o, Paypal (friend/family), or Paypal (+4%) 1/32 DECALS TWOBOBS 32-033 F-16C CALIF ANG Griffins $5.00 32-037 FA-18C VFA-131 Feline Hornets $5.00 SUPERSCALE 32-130 FA-18 Hornet VFA-136 $5.00 1/48 DECAL
  21. Hey guys, I have already posted here one of my civil aircraft video builiding and seen, that there are lovers of 1/144 scale. Here I want to show you building of my 2 new projects: A320Neo in awesomes liveries: airlines Spirit and S7 airlines. First one is already painted in main color and it is waiting for decaling and painting of engine pylons. Golden parts - photoetched details by Microdesign. Green has only paintind cabin and imitation of curtains! I am going to creare diorama for this model with plane ladder, bus and people.
  22. Hey guys! I have completed one more model. Part of building is in this forum part: In few words: it is kit by Zvezda, decals- Ascensio, masks- KV models. There is more information in my video: Thank you for attention!
  23. Hey guys! Good afternoon! I was told to post here my finished model to get feedback. I want to present you my last finished model of russian regional civil aircraft "Superjet-100'. It is a skyship designed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (subsidiary of Sukhoi company, which is known for its military planes). Kit - Zvezda №7009. Decals- laser printed by Ascensio, really nice one. Masks for windows- KAV Models, handy tool. Here are photos of finished model and video of assemblind, painting and attaching decals! Pleasant viewing!
  24. I just received my Eastern Express 1/144 L-1011 yesterday. I was a bit surprised as I thought it would be the original mold but this one has a few updates. It now contains the S shaped tube for the tail mounted engine to prevent see through and it has a new shape for the RR engines exhaust nozzles. I haven't opened the plastic as of yet but I did open the decal zip lock bag to retrieve the instructions. I also cut the decal sheet so it now fits inside the zip lock bag. I still have 4 airliners to finish up before I start this, it's going to be done as the Eastern
  25. I guess from what I am seeing the Zevzda and Revell 1/144 Boeing 777-300ER are the same molds. So I go with the lower priced kit? I am using after market decals. jon
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