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  1. Hi everyone. This is my new project, which will be presented as video build series. Episode 1. - The cockpit This episode will take You through the assembly, painting and weathering, of the cockpit, in out of the box manner. Hope you like it. All comments are welcomed. Best regards M.
  2. Two Bobs 1/32 $14.00 unless otherwise marked (also see combo sheets listed under other scales for more 1/32 scale sheets) 32001 Fighting Fulcrums (Nellis AFB F-16C) 32004 F/A18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars 32005 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats 32006 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Fighting Saints 32008 How’s My Driving? F-16C 32009 F-15E Strike Eagle Mountain Home Avengers 32011 SHWFOTS F-18C Hornets 32012 VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks F/A-18C 32013 KC and the Ragin’ Cajuns’ A-10A Warthogs 32014 VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet F/A-18C 32015 Wrap Around Thuds Hill AFB (2 available) 32016 Patriot Hornets F/A-18C of VMFA-115 and VFA-201 32018 NSAWC Topgun Hornets F/A-18A 32019 F-16C Mountain Home Gunfighters 32021 Thunderbolts and Vikings F/A-18C/D 32027 US Air To Air Missile Markings Aim-9B/D/G/J/L/M 32029 F-10 6C Block 50 Big Mouths Part I 32030 F-16C Block 40 Big Mouths Part I 32031 F-16C Block 40 Big Mouths Part III 32032 F-16C USAFE Big Mouth Vipers 32033 F-16C GoldenState Griffins 32034 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks 32035 Advanced MediumRange Air to Air Missile Markings AIM-120B/C AGM-88C 32036 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (Red Tailed CAG Bird) 32037 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (Blue Tailed CAG Bird) 32038 F-16C Minute Men 50th Anniversary 32039 F-15J/DJ JASDF Aggressors 32040 F-5E VFC-111 Bad Boy Sundowners $30 32051 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits (2 available) 32060 F-15C Eiffel Eagles $50 1/48 Scale $14.00 unless otherwise Marked 48001 F-16C Fighting Fulcrums Nellis AFB $20 48005 AH-1S Foreign User Cobras $20.00 48006 Nells AFB Fighter Weapons School Taxi Cab Vipers (2 available) 48007 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats $20 48008 F-15J Japanese Aggressors (2 available) 48009 A-10 Experimental Camo Warthogs Peanut and Flipper 48012 Hows My Driving F-16C Fighting Falcons (2 available) 48013 F-16C Retro Vipers 48014 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Desert Cats (3 available) $20 48015 F-5E Tiger II Blue/Grey Saints (3 available) $20 48016 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars (2 available) 48018 Top Gun Tinkertoys A-4 Skyhawks $30.00 48020 AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers 48021 Ad Inexporata Eagles 48022 F-117A Kosovo Bandits (2 available) $25 48023 F-15C Eagles “Eglin’s Gorillas” (2 available) 48024 F-16C Block 50 Shaw Vipers (2 available) 48025 (ARC-001) Sandbox Alleycats (2 available) $25.00 48026 F-15E Strike Eagles Mountain Home Avengers (2 available) $20 48027 F/A-18C SHWFOTS of VFA-94 (2 available) 48028 F/A-18C Ultimate Warriors (2 available) 48029 F/A-18C VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks (2 available) 48030 F/A-18C VFA-97 Thoroughbred Warhawks (2 available) 48031 F-14D VF-213 Rampant Lions over Afghanistan (2 available) 48032 F-15A WTC Scramblers (3 available) 48033 F-16C Mountain Home’s Gunfighters (3 available) $20 48034 F/A-18A VFA-97 Thoroughbred Warhawks Pt II (3 available) 48035 AH-1W Cobras Whiskeys In The Mix $30 48036 F/A-18C VFA-146 All American Bug 48037 F-15E Anaconda Squeeze Play 48038 F-16N Old School Adversarys 48039 F-14B Red Rippin Muthas’ VF-11 48040 F/A-18E Super Bugs VFA-14 Tophatters 48041 F/A-18F Superbugs VFA-41 Black Aces $20 48042 F-16C Lets Roll Vipers Arkansas and New Jersey ANG 48043 2001 Rasseblement De Tigre Mirage 2000 48045 F-14B Be-Devilers 48046 F-16C Hill Vipers 466th FS Diamondback Vipers (2 available) 48047 AJ-37/JA-37 Saab Viggens $20 48049 F-105D Wrap Around Thuds 466th TFS Hill AFB (2 available) $20 48050 QF-4G Team Target 82nd (2 available) 48051 F-104J Komatsu Starfighters (2 available) $20 48052 F-15C Alaskan Gamecocks 19th FS Elmendorf AFB (2 available) 48053 F-15E Iraqui Freedom Throwback Nose Art 48054 A-10A Bagram Warthogs $20 48055 F-14D Felix in the Fight $20 48056 F-14B Gypsy Swordsmen VF-32 (2 available) 48059 F/A-18C VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet Knucle Shampoo 48060 F/A-18E VFA-115 OIF Screamin Eagles 48061 F-16C OIF Vipers 48062 F/A-18C Patriot Hornets 48063 Ebony Talons $20 48064 T-38A Aggressive Talons $20 48067 F-111A CombatLancer SEA All Weather/Night Attack Aardvarks $20 48068 F-15E Iraqi Freedom Saddam Hunters $20 48070 F-16C OIFSwamp Foxes (2 available) 48071 F-15J Shiro Ruyo JASDF Eagles 48072 F/A-18C/D Thunderbolts and Vikings 48073 F/A-18C SSHYYF Golden Dragons (2 available) 48075 AV-8B NA/Super Harriers VMA-223/311 48076 F-16C/D Lone Star Gunfighters (2 available) 48077 F/A-18A+ Fights On VMFA-312 Checkerboards 48078 F/A-18C VFA-92 Marauders 48079 F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers $20 48080 F-15J/DJ JASDF Aggressors (3 available) 48081 F-15E The Gipper (Combo sheet 1/48 and 1/32 on one sheet) 48082 OV-1A Grumman Mohawk $30 48083 F-16A/B/C/D Stencil Data 48084 F-16A/B/C CAS Vipers 48085 AH-64D OIF Apaches $20 48086 US Air to Air Missile Markings AIM-9B/D/G/J/L/M AIM-7E-2/M (3 available) 48087 F-16C Big Mouths Block 40/50 Part I 48088 F-16C Big Mouths Block 40 Part I 48089 F-16C USAFE Big Mouth Vipers 48090 F-14D Tomcats Last Pac VF-31 Tomcatters $20 48091 F/A-18C “Blue By You” Hornets VFA-83/FVA-113 48092 A-4M Skyhawks “Low Vis Mikes Part I” $20 48093 A-4M Skyhawks “Low Vis Mikes Part II” $20 48094 2004 Nato Tiger Meet Mirage 2000 $25 48097 F-14B Last of The Tomcats VF-11 Red Rippers $20 48099 F-117 Kosovo Bandits (2 available) $25 48100 F-14A/B Colorful Cats $25 48101 F-14B/D Last of the Tomcats VF-143 Pukin Dogs and VF-213 Black Lions (2 available) $20 48102 F/A-18E Rockin Rhinos Part 1 $20 48103 F/A-18F Rockin Rhinos Part 2 $20 48104 F/A-18E/F Rockin Rhinos Part 3 $20 48106 F/A-18F Rockin Rhinos Part 5 $20 48107 F/A-18E/F Press to Test Rhinos Part 1 $20 48108 Hurricane Katrina Relief (2 available) 48109 F-15A Show Me State Eagles $20 48110 Langley’s Ironmen 71st FS Langley AFB $20 48112 F-14D VF-2 Bounty Hunters OIF $20 48113 No Gun Shoguns RF-4C $20 48114 F-4C First of the Weasels $25 48115 A-7E Gecko Redcocks $20 48116 AH-1W Shark Mouth Viper (2 available) $25 48117 F/A-18F Rocking Rhinos Part 6 $20 48118 JAS-39 Rippen’ Gripens (2 available) $25 48119 F/A-18C shoot Hot Sharpshooters 48120 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (2 available) 48121 A-10A Osan’s Assam Draggins (2 available) $20 48122 F-22A Press to Test Raptors (2 available) $20 48123 F-22A Langley’s Raptors (2 available) $20 48124 F-5E VMFT-401 Snipers (2 available) $25 48125 F/A-18C Mach Altus Crusaders VMFA-122 (2 available) 48126 F-22A Tyndall’s Raptors (2 available) 48127 F-15C Da’ Heath (2 available) $20 48128 EA-6B Patriot Prowler 48129/32041 F-16C Cripes A’ Mighty Viper Combo Sheet with 1/48 and 1/32 included 48130 F-15A/B Sunshine State Eagles (2 available) $20 48131 F-16C Minute Men 50th Anniversary 48134 F-117A Silver Anniversary Bandits (2 available) $25 48135 F-15C Too Cool For School Eagles $20 48136 F-15E Too Cool For School Mudhens $20 48137 F-16C Too Cool For School Vipers $20 48138 A-10A Too Cool For School Warthogs $20 48139 F-16C 60th Anniversary Green Mountain Boys (2 available) $20 48140 F/A-18C Hellcats to Hornets 60 Years of Rampagers $20 48142 F/A-18C VFA-192 Golden Dragons $20 48143 F-5E VFC-111 Bad Boy Sundowners $30 48144 F/A-18D VMFA-332 Hornet (Combo 1/48 and 1/32 on one sheet) 48145 JAS-39A/C Colorful Gripens $25 48146 F-22A Roll The Dice Raptors $20 48147 F-15E 2005 TMOTA Mo Eagle 48148 AV-8B Jammin’ Jump Jets 48151 F/A-18A Shades of Gray Omars 48152 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #1 48153 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #2 48154 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #3 $20 48156 A-10A Barksdale’s Dogpatchers (2 available) $20 48157 F-16C Wolfpack Bandits 48159 Gridiron Viper (Indianapolis Colts Jet) 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 all on one sheet. $20 48162 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos Pt 8 VFA-147 $20 48163 F/A-18B/D Black Beauties $20 48164 F/A-18B Rough Riders 48166 F-16C/D Polish Jastrzabs $20 48168 F-15C Gunfightin’ Boars 390th FS/366th FW 48169 F-15E T-Bolts Rule 48170 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits $20 48171 F-16C Peace Puma Vipers 48173 F/A-18E All American Kestral 48174 F-16C 60 Years of Fightin’ Illini 48175 F-16C Buckeye Vipers #1 48177 JAS-39A/C/D Press to Test Gripens $25 48178 F-15C Lindbergh’s Eagles 48179 48179/32053 F-16N Old School Adversaries (Combo sheet with 1/48 and 1/32) $40 48180 EF-2000 Perfect Storm Tiffies $25 48182 J35-F1 Draken Red Dragons $25 48183 A-10A Philadelphia Freedom 48184 F-16C Wisconsin Dairyland Vipers 48185 F/A-18C Werewolves of Beaufort 48186 NF-16D Vista 2008 48187 EF-2000 Tifoni Italiani 48189 J35 Swordfish Drakens $25 48190 F-16B Press To Test Vikings (Danish Test Viper) 48192 F/A-18C Patriot Vigilantes (2 available) 48194 F-15A Satellite Killers 48195/32055 A-7D Molar Marauder (Combo sheet with 1/48 and 1/32) $20 48196 F/A-18E Fighting Fourteenth Top Hatters 48200 T-2C Buckeye VT-4, VT-7, VT-10 48201 T-2C Buckeye VT-19, VT-23, VT-26 48203 Khamis Mushait Eagles RSAF 48205 F/A-18E Lemoore’s Screamin’ Eagles 48206 T-2C/D/E Colorful Buckeyes $25 48207 Nellis Gomers Old Blue, New Blue, Grape, Ghost 48206 F/A18C/D Death Times Two 48208 F-100C USAF Skyblazers $30 48209 F-16A/C/D Press to Test Vipers 48210 F/A-18B Casper and his Bandit Ghosts 48212 F-5E Nellis Gomers Pumpkin, Sand, Old Lizard, New Lizard 48213 F-5E Nellis Gomers Frog, Snake, Flogger, New Lizard, VNAF 48214 F-5E Nellis Gomers New Ghost, Old Ghost, Lt Gray, Silver 48215 F-5E PACAF Gomers 26th Aggressor Squadron 48216 F-5E PACAF Gomers 26th Aggressor Squadron 48217 F-5E Alconbury Gomers New Blue/Grape/ADC Gray/Old Ghost 48218 F-5E Alconbury Gomers ADC Gray/Snake, VNAF Snake 48219 F-16 ADF L’Ultima Diana 48220 F-15A Candy Cane Eagles 48221 F-15B Candy Cane Eagles 48222 AV-8B Yuma Nightmares VMA-513 48223 AV-8B Gunship Harriers VMA-214, VMA-223 48224 F-16C/D Hellenic Falcons (2 available) $20 48227 F/A-18C Snakes and Dragons 48229 EA-18G/EA-6B CONA 48230 F/A18C VFA-122, VFC-12 CONA 48231 F/A18C VFA-204/VX-31 CONA 48236 F-15C Eiffel Eagles 48238 F-15C Digital Flanker $20 48240 F/A-18E Argo’s on Cruise 48241 EA-18G VAQ-130 Zappin’ Growlers 48242 F-5E/N Defenders of the ConchRepublic 48243 A-4N Wings of Wittmund 48245 Saab AJ/JA-37 Viggen $20 48247 F-16C Block 50 50 Years of YGBSM 48248 F-15C Digital Remix 48250 F-15C Fresno Repo Eagles 1/72 Scale and Combo Sets $10 each unless otherwise marked 72001 F/A-18A NSAWC Topgun Hornets 72003 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Fighting Saints (2 available) 72004 F-14A Splintered Tomcats 72007 A-10A Compass Ghost Tank Plinkers 72008 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars (2 available) 72009 AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers 72010 F-15E Strike Eagles Mountain Home Avengers 72011 F-14D VF-213 Rampant Lions Over Afghanistan 72018 F-15A WTC Scramblers 102nd Fighter Wing Massachusettes ANG 72020 S-3B VS-35 Blue Wolves NAVY 1 72021 F-15E Iraqi Freedom Throwback Nose Art 72022 F/A-18E Super Bugs VFA-14 Tophatters 72023 F/A-18F Super Bugs VFA-14 Black Aces 72024 B-1B Seek and Destroy B-1B Lancers Operation Iraqi Freedom 72025 A-10A Shark Bait 75th FS Tiger Sharks Operation Iraqi Freedom (2 available) 72026 F-14D Felix in the Fight VF-31 Tomcatters OIF 72027 F-14B Red Rippin Muthas VF-11 Red Rippers 72029 F-16A/B/N Top Gun Vipers 72030 F/A-18E VFA-115 OIF Screaming Eagles 72031 F/A-18A/C/D OEF/OIF Marine Hornets 72032 F-111A CombatLancer SEA All Weather /Night Attack Aardvarks 72034 F-4E SEA Heros 72035 F/A-18C VFA-82 Marauders 72036 F/A-18F VFA-154 Black Nights (3 available) 72037 F/A-18E VFA-137 Kestrals (2 available) 72040 F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise 72043 Hurricane Katrina Releif VFA-204/159th FW 72044 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. 1 VFA-22/VFA-143 72045 F/A-18F Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. II VFA-11/VFA-106 72046 F/A-18E/F Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. III VFA-2 72047 F-4C Phantoms First of the Weasels 72048 RF-4C No Gun Shoguns 72049 F-14D VF-2 Bounty Hunters OIF (2 available) 72050 F-14B/D Retro Tomcats 1 VF-143, VF-213 (2 available) 72051 F-14B Retro Tomcats 2 VF-11, VF-32 72052 JAS-39 Rippen’ Gripens 72053 T-38A Talon Tango #1 72054 T-38A Talon Tango #2 (2 available) 72055 A-10A Osans Assam Dragons (2 available) 72056 F-22A Press to Test Raptors (2 available) 72057 F-22A Langley’s Raptors (2 available) 72058 F-22A Tyndall’s Raptors (2 available) 72061 F-116A Silver Anniversary Bandits 72062 F-15E Too Cool for School Mudhens 72063 F-15C Too Cool for School Eagles 72064 F-16C Too Cool for School Vipers 72065 A-10A Too Cool for Shool Warthogs 72066 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos 4 VFA-41 72067 JAS-39A/C Colorful Gripens 72068/32043 F/A-18A/B Shades of Gray Omars COMBO SHEET 1/72 & 1/32 $14 72071 F-22A Roll The Dice Raptors 72075/32050 F-16C 2005 TMOTA 79th FS 72076 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits 72077/32052 F-16C Buckeye Vipers #1 $14 72078 JAS-39A/C/D Press to Test Gripens 72079 F-105D Wrap Around Thuds 466th TFS Hill AFB 72081 F-15S Khamis Mushat Eagles RSAF 72082 J35F1/J Swedish Drakens 72083 FA-18E Fighting Fourteenth Tophatters 72085 B-1B Dakota Backbone 72094/32046 F-16ADF L’Ultima Diana COMBO SHEET 1/72 & 1/32 $14 72097 EA-6B/EA-18G VAQ-129 CONA Send email to thestohrs@aol.com if interested. Postage extra, will mail anywhere on the planet. Will wheel and deal on multiple sheets. Over 3500 decal sheets in stock, email for full current list
  3. Hi all! Here is my latest completed project, the Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat in NSAWC "Flanker" adversary scheme, NAS Fallon 1999. As you know, this is the notorious Hasegawa Tomcat. This is my second one, and I learned quite a bit from my first try. I deviated from the directions in three key places: 1. Intake Assembly 2. Fuselage Join 3. Beaver Tail Attachment Basically what I did was to install the intake trunking BEFORE putting the inner ducting in. This allowed me to get a fantastic join of the intake trunking, which gave me fits last time. For the fuselage join, I cut out the rear bulkhead of the forward fuselage, and attached the completed forward fuselage to only the upper portion of the rear fusleage pancake. Also gave me a much better fit than last time. Third, attach the upper portion of the beaver tail to the upper portion of the fuselage pancake, and attach the lower beaver tail to the lower fuselage pancake. This was a HUGE improvement from the last time. The fit was almost perfect doing it this way. I used quite a mix of paints on this. Both grays are Gunze Aqueous, the light blue and white are Mr Paint, and the dark blue is Model Master. I am a bit disappointed as I used too light of a light blue, but I think it still looks pretty cool. Just a bit too light. :-) Decals are Fightertown Decals, and they are really fantastic. The fact that this aircraft is devoid of almost all stencils was a nice plus. LOL Other aftermarket additions are the Verlinden Cockpit Set, Steel Beach Naca Vent, and Master Pitot, and the Hasegawa Weapons Sets C and D for the probe and sidewinder. Anyway, I hope you like! Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat PT46 Decals: Fightertown Decals "Top Gun, Best of the Best" 48077 Aftermarket: Master Model Pitot, Verlinden Cockpit Set, Steel Beach NACA Vent, Hasegawa Weapons Set C and D Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, and FS 36320 Dark Ghost Gray , Mr Paint FS 35450 Air Superiority Blue and FS 17875 Insignia White, ModelMaster FS 35109 Aggressor Blue, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, Clear Yellow, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Hot Metal Violet, Hot Metal Blue, Airframe Aluminum, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash.
  4. SPITFIRE MK XII - SUSSEX, ENGLAND 1943 (AIRFIX 1/48) Spitfire MK XII - Airfix 1/48 For the first time in more than 25 years I've built an 1/48th scale model. This was a Kris-Kringle present and I decided to build it despite not being my preferred scale. So here we go! This new tooling Airfix kit is really very nicely done, excellent details and fine and crisp engraved panel lines. Also the fit is just perfect and I haven't use putty at all. The decals has two options and I decided to do one flown by South Australian RAAF Flight Lieutnant Donald Smith. Don Smith was the Squadron Leader and it was his personal aircraft. References: The model: Until next time! Cheers
  5. Sorry! Posted in the wrong forum Moved to: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/300098-spitfire-mkxii-sussex-england-1943/
  6. Hi everyone! I just complete my 23rd model, the 1/48 Revell Panavia Tornado IDS in Luftwaffe JaboG 31 markings from Afghanistan deployment at Mazer-e-Sharif in 2009. Let me just start by saying this is not an easy kit to build, particularly the wings and intakes. This ranks up there with the Hasegawa Tomcat as the most challenging builds I have encountered to far. In addition to the tricky wings and intakes, the instructions are really not good at all. Even worse, however, is the nonsensical parts numbering and part placement among the sprues. The parts are just spread all over, with a sprue containing parts in the 20s maybe and other in the 40s 50s 60s 70s up to the 100s. The sprues are all lettered, but the instructions never call out a letter, only the number. So much time is wasted hunting down parts by the number and appearance only. And since the numbers have no organization on the sprues, you literally hunt by appearance then check to see if it is the right number. Maddening! But with all of that said, it really does build into a nice model. The detail is quite good, despite the fact they added an extra panel line at the nose before the nosecone or something. It's just not quite right there. I am very happy with how this turned out despite some flaws and alignment issues that have only become apparent after looking at the pics. I used the Wingman Models Luftwaffe Tornados Part 1 sheet for this, and I must say they are quite awesome. No issues at all and they performed flawless. There was a little bit of an issue with the stencil diagram with incorrect numbering, but nothing that was not able to be figured out with some thought and deduction. I recommend this to anyone looking to do a German Tornado! Kit: 1/48 Revell of Germany Tornado IDS Decals: Wingman Models WMD48006 Luftwaffe Tornados Part 1 Aftermarket: Pavla Ejection Seats, Hasegawa Weapons Sets C (AGM-88s), Master Model Pitot Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous FS 35237 Grayish Blue, FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, FS 36320 Dark Ghost Gray, and FS 36173 Neutral Gray, Tamiya XF-24 Dark Gray, Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. I am aware that some of the pics are kinda blurry. But I hope you enjoy!
  7. F-23A Black Widow II, 1/48, HobbyBoss

    What`s up guys? :) Here is what i got yesterday - this wonderful HobbyBoss kit in 1/48. The YF-23 is a very cool plane, but i plan to make it even cooler - for instance how it should look like as a serial F-23A Black Widow II. Of cource, i don`t plan to start it any time sooner. Yet check out this monter kit - so nice boundaries and continuities and curves and shapes... beauty beauty!
  8. Hello, As the title states,I'm looking for the instrument panel and control stick from the Monogram/Revell 1/48 A-10 Warthog. If you've used a resin cockpit for yours and still have the parts and would be willing to let them go, I'd be more than happy to pay the shipping. Thank you! Justin
  9. Eaglestrike 1/48 $12.00 Each (unless otherwise marked) 48001 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 1 (2 available) 48002 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. I (2 available) 48003 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. II 48004 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 2 (2 available) 48008 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 3 48009 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 4 (2 available) 48010 Deadly Dorniers DO-217E 48014 Bristol Blenheim Pt. I (2 available) 48015 Bristol Blenheim Pt. 2 48016 Royal Navy Grumman Martlets 1941 – 1944 Pt. 1 48017 German Lozenge Camouflage (5 color upper pattern) 48018 German Lozenge Camouflage (5 color under pattern) 48020 F-14 Tomcats Pt. 1 48021 JU-87 Stuka Pt. 1 48022 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 5 (2 available) 48023 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 1 (2 available) 48024 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 2 48025 F-14 Tomcats Pt. 2 48026 Wings of Nato Part 1 F-104/F-16 48027 Focke-Wulf FW190 Part I 48028 Focke-Wulf FW190 Part 2 48029 Silver Starfighters (USAF) 48032 A-4 Skyhawks Pt III 48033 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. IV 48034 Pearl Harbor Pt. I IJN Carrier Hiryu $15 48035 Pearl Harbor Pt. II Akagi/Zuikaku $15 48037 F-14 Tomcats Pt. III (2 available) 48039 Ivan’s Eagles Mig 29’s 48040 Tomcats Part IV (2 available) 48041 The Flying Circus Part 1 Albatros D.III/D.V 48042 The Flying Circus Part 2 Fokker D.VII 48043 Skytrains at War (2 available) 48044 Wild Weasel F-4G (2 available) 48051 Augsburg’s Flyers Pt II 48052 Tomcats Part V 48054 American Jabos Thunderbolts Pt. IV 405th F G 48055 Augsburgs Flyers Pt. III 48057 Stars over Europe F-104G and F-104S Starfighters 48058 American Spitfires 48059 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.V/VIII/IX Pt I 48060 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.V/IX Pt. II 48061 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.IX Part III 48062 Too Little Too Late Bf109K-4 Part 1 48063 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt 2 48064 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt. III 48065 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt. IV 48066 Carl Vinsons Hornets (2 available) 48067 VNAF Skyraiders (2 available) 48068 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. I 48069 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. II 48070 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. III 48071 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. IV 48072 American Falcons Overseas Pt. I 48073 American Falcons Overseas Pt. II (2 available) 48074 Falcons Pt. III 48075 Warhawks Part 1 P-40E/K/N 48076 Warhawks Part 2 P-40K/N 48077 Warhawks Part 3 P-40K/N 48078 Jagdwaffe over the Sahara Bf109F’s 48079 The Flying Circus Pt. 2 Albatros D.III/D.V 48080 The Flying Circus Pt. 2 Fokker D.VII 48081 Camels Part 1 Sopwith Camels F.1 $15 48082 Stuka Bombers Part II 48083 362nd FG Jugs Pt 1 48086 Best Seller Corsair Collection Part 1 48087 362nd FG Jugs Pt. II 48088 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. I 48089 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. II (2 available) 48090 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. I 48091 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. II 48092 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. III 48093 Best Sellers Corsair Collection Pt. III 48094 Best Sellers Corsair Collection Pt. IV 48095 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. III 48096 Phantoms Phorever Pt 6 48097 American Jabos Pt. VI 405th FG 48098 American Jabos Pt. VII 405th FG 48099 American Jabos Pt. VIII 405th FG 48100 American Jabos Pt. IX 405th FG 48101 Augsburgs Flyers Pt. IV 48102 Flying Circus Fokker Dr.1 Aces 1918 Pt. 1 48103 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. I (2 available) 48104 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. II 48105 Sea Fury Collection 48106 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. III 48107 Skyraiders Pt. II 48108 Skyraiders of the Fleet (2 available) 48109 Pearl Harbor Pt. III Shokaku $15 48111 Pearl Harbor Pt. IV IJN Kaga $15 48112 Phantoms Phorever Pt. VII 48113 Mitchell Strafers B-25D 48114 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 1 48115 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 2 48116 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 3 48117 Colorful Corsairs Pt. I 48118 Colorful Corsairs Pt. II 48120 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt 1 (2 available) 48121 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 2 48122 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 3 48123 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 4 (2 available) 48124 Night Hurricanes Pt. I 48125 Colorful Fokkers 48126 Night Hurricanes Pt. II 48127 Freedom Hornets Pt. 1 48128 Freedom Hornets Pt. 2 48129 Camels Sopwith F.1 Camels Pt. 2 $15 48130 Texans over Korea Pt. 1 48131 Texans over Korea Pt. 2 (2 available) 48132 Barbarossa 1 (2 available) 48133 Barbarossa 2 (2 available) 48134 Russian National Insignia W.W.II 48135 RAF Roundels Early Spitfires and Hurricanes 48136 RAF Roundels Late Spitfires, Hurricanes, Tempests and Typhoons (2 available) 48137 US National Insignia 1947 – Today (High Viz) 48139 Augsbur Flyers Pt. V 48140 Flying Daggers Pt. I F-102’s 48141 Tomcats Pt VI 48142 Tomcats Pt. VII 48143 Thunderjet Fighter Bombers of the Forgotten War 48145 Barbarossa 3 The Invasion of Russia 48146 Barbarossa 4 The Invasion of Russia 48147 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part I 48148 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part II 48149 Last Wild Weasel Phantoms 48150 Best Sellers Viet Nam Warriors Pt. 1 $15 48151 Best Sellers Viet Nam Warriors Pt. 2 $15 48152 F-16 Israeli Barak Pt. 1 48153 F-16 Israeil Barak Pt. 2 48155 Green Ghost Squadron Beaufighters Mk.21 48156 Achtung Viermots Pt. 1 B-17G’s 48157 Achtung Viermots Pt. II B-17G’s (2 available) 48158 Achtung Viermots Pt. III B-17G’s (2 available) 48159 Flying Circus! Albatros D.III Pt. III 48160 Best Sellers The Last of the Legend Late Spitfires Part I 48161 Best Sellers The Last of the Legend Late Spitfires Pt. II 48162 Devastators at War 48162 Best Seller Thunderbolts Pt. IV 48163 Best Seller Thunderbolts Pt. V 48165 Tomcats Pt. VIII 48166 Tomcats Pt. IX 48168 Arado 234 Blitz Bombers Pt. I 48170 Early Slybirds of the 353rd FG Thunderbolts Part I (Fancy Art Series) 48171 Early Slybirds of the 353rd FG Thunderbolts Pt II (Fancy Art Series) 48172 Shokis of the IJAAF Part I 48173 Mustangs Forever Pt. I Late WWII and Occupation Forces 48175 Best Seller Mosquito Pt. I 48176 Best Seller Mosquito Pt. II 48177 Shokis of the IJAAF Part 2 48178 USAFE Delta Daggers Pt. I 48179 USAFE Delta Daggers Pt. II 48180 Last of Many Marine Phantoms Pt 1 48181 Last of Many Marine Phantoms Pt. 2 48183 Deadly Demons Pt. II 48184 Deadly Demons Pt. III 48185 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. I 48186 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. II 48187 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. III 48188 Flying Circus Pt V Fokker D.VII 48189 Flying Circus Pv. VI Fokker D.VII 48190 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Pt. III 48191 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Pt. IV 48192 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. I (2 available) 48193 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. II (2 available) 48194 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. III 48195 RAF Sabres Pt. I 48196 RAF Sabres Pt. II 48197 Eyes in the Sky RF-4B/C Phantoms Pt. I (2 available) 48198 Eyes in the Sky RF-4B/C Phantoms Pt. II (2 available) 48199 Checkers Anyone? 78th FG Mustangs Pt. I 48200 Checkers Anyone? 78th FG Mustangs Pt. II 48202 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. I 48203 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. II 48204 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. III 48205 Delta Darts (F-106) Part 1 48206 Delta Darts (F-106) Part 2 48207 F-14 Basic Lo-Viz Stencils 48208 Early USAF F-4 Phantom Stencils 48211 Spitfire End of the Line Mk 22/24 Pt. II 48212 Spitfire End of the Line Mk.22/24 Pt. III 48213 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Part I 48214 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Part II 48215 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Pt. III (4 available) 48216 RAF Sabres Pt. 3 48217 RAF Sabres Pt. 4 (2 available) 48218 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 3 48219 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 4 48220 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 5 48223 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 2 48224 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 3 48225 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 4 48228 US Spitfires Part 2 Africa and Italy 48229 US Spitfires Part 3 Africa and Italy 48230 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 1 48231 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 2 48232 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 3 48233 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part 6 48235 Voodoo Flight Part 1 48236 Voodoo Flight Part 2 48237 Skytrains at War Pt III 48238 Skytrains at War Pt. IV 48239 Starfighters 1 F104C and F104G Starfighters 48240 Starfighters 2 F104G and CF-104 Starfighters 48241 Spitfire End of the Line Mk. 22/24 Pt. IV 48244 Voodoo Flight Part 5 48251 In Defense of the Reich Bf109’s Part 4 45252 In Defense of the Reich Bf109’s Part 5 48253 Last of the Big Beautiful Jugs 48254 Mirage F-1 Part 1 $15 48255 Mirage F-1 Part 2 $15 48257 Flying Circus Pt. VII Fokker D.VII 48258 Flying Circus Pt. VIII Albatros D.III/D.V 48260 F-16 Worldwide Markings Dutch Diana and Belgian Tiger Meet 48263 F-16 Worldwide Markings Chilean Air Force 48269 31st Fighter Group Spitfires (2 available) 48270 31st Fighter Group Mustangs 48273 Spitfires and P-47C’s 4th Fighter Group 48274 P-51 Mustangs 4th Fighter Group 48275 Sukhoi SU-27 641st Guards Fighter Aviation 48282 AV-8B & Gr.7 Harriers 48284 Douglas A-26 Invaders IP4801 Venomous Cobra’s of the World $20 IP4802 357th Fighter Group Part 1 $15 IP4803 357th Fighter Group Part 2 $15 IP4804 357th Fighter Group Part 3 $15 IP4805 357th Fighter Group Part 4 $15 IP4807 Blue Nose Birds of Bodney Part 1 $15 IP4808 Blue Nose Birds of Bodney Part 2 $15 Please email me at thestohrs@aol.com Postage extra. I will mail anywhere on the planet! I will wheel and deal on multiples. Over 3500 sheets of decals in stock, email for current list.
  10. F/S CA Westland Whirlwind kit #415. Kit is complete and unstarted, nice resin, photo-etch, metal landing gear and nice decals. Vacform canopies are yellowing. 22.00 plus shipping I take PPal or can accept a M.O. or personal check. contact licin at comcast dot net Thanks Max Bryant
  11. Tamiya 1/48 P-47

    My latest completion, a Tamiya P-47. It's a great kit and a lot of fun to build.
  12. If anybody bought the revell re-issue with the VX-23 scheme are not going to use the decals, I could really use decal number 58 (x2), they are the blue "223" that goes on the flaps Thanks, Brent
  13. I have the following items for sale or trade. All items are complete and unstarted unless noted. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator. I will ship internationally. Payment via Paypal, money order, check (held until cleared) or cash. Please PM or email me with your interests and include your zip code or country so that I may calculate shipping. Brian Trade Wants: 1/48 Kinetic E-2C, Trumpeter F-100D, GWH T-33A All prices are negotiable! 1/48 Kits Academy Su-27B $30 Classic Airframes DH Vampire Foreign Service Pt2 $20 Czech Model Grumman JRF Goose $30 Eduard Bf110E $20 Kitty Hawk XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack $40 1/48 Packages Hobby Boss A-7A +Superscale 481233 $30
  14. Hello all, I have the Aires cockpit and the burner cans for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-18 kit. Does anybody of you have any experience, on how it fits the Kinetic kit? If these do not fit, I want to sell the with the Hasegawa kit. Thanks. Thomas
  15. Hi everyone! Back again to share my latest completed project, the 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk in Lo-Viz VMA-131 Diamondbacks markings from 1993. had the bright idea to add the Aires cockpit... what a mistake that was! I had only a couple of months ago used my first Aires pit (on a Tamiya F-16C Aggressor), and while it did take some work to fit, was not too much of a hassle. This one was nothing but a hassle. It took me more than an entire week to just get it to sorta fit in there. I had to hack up the plastic sides, the nose gear well, and the pit itself to shoehorn it in. Considering it usually take me just over three weeks to build an entire kit, a week fitting a cockpit alone is a huge time sink for me. So if you are considering the Aires cockpit for the Hasegawa A-4, DON'T. You have been warned! LOL I will not buy another Aires pit, however I will still use the ones I currently already have. The issue with the cockpit really took the wind out of my sails, and I must admit I rushed the construction a bit. So the seams and steps are not all perfectly attended to. All pics I have seen of this exact bird show it to be rather dirty and worn, so I tired to replicate that. I am happy with how the weathering turned out, despite the fact it is rather heavy. Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk Decals: Furball Aero Design "Lo Viz Devil Dog Scooters" Aftermarket: Aires A-4M Cockpit set, Hasegawa Weapons Sets A and B Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous FS 36495 Light Gray, FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, FS 36320 Dark Ghost Gray, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. Now on to the pics, I hope you like!
  16. 1/48 ICM MiG-25RBT Foxbat-B Iraqi Air Force

    Hi everyone! Back once again to share my latest creation, the ICM MiG-25RBT. This kit is really quite nice, the moldings and details are very crisp. The fitment is quite good unless... well you do what I did and not spend enough time assembling the bulkhead support and intake section. This caused a chain reaction of fit issues in the rear fueslage. I am 99% sure that these issues I encountered were my fault. So if you build this kit, please take your time in that part of the construction process. I used the Cold War Studios corrected nose section, which is quite nice. The masks and IP acetate were also very helpful. Also used the Master Pitot set (which is really awesome!) and Neomega KM-1 seat. Decals for the Iraqi Air Force were OOB. My goal was to make this beast very worn and tired looking. So I weathered it quite heavily, so much so I was concerned I had overdone it. But the more I look at the pics the less concerned I am that I did. So I am happy with the finish. Kit: 1/48 ICM MiG-25RBT Foxbat-B Decals: OOB Aftermarket: Cold War Studios nose section correction, Master Pitot and AOA, and Neomega KM-1 Seat Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), MrPaint Traffic Gray (For MiG-31 and MiG-25), and Russian Wheel Green, Gunze Aqueous FS 36118 Gunship Gray, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Blue, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Aluminum, Gold Titanium, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray and Deep Brown panel wash. Now on to the pics, I hope you like!
  17. Have some resin conversion parts for sale. 1/72 Defiant Mk.I Rotol Propeller w/ Tool - Quickboost - $10 1/48 F-104 Starfighter Exhaust Nozzle - Aires - $15 Paypal preferred. Will ship across Canada and to the USA. Buyer pays shipping. If interested, either comment or pm me.
  18. 1:48 F-16 Pylons

    Hi all, I'm in the process of starting a 1:48 Hasegawa F-16D that I picked up last weekend; I'm wanting to build a jet that I've seen in person, namely F-16D Block 30B 85-1572 (ironically the subject of the kit boxart and decals, just "a few" years before I saw it). I'm still in the process of doing research, but one thing that showed up right away that I'll need to address is the pylons on the wings. The kit comes with the original style pylons, but when I saw it, they had been replaced by LAU-129s on the wingtips and outer pylons, and the center pylons included in the kit don't look much like what was mounted. I'd like to build the jet as I saw it (i.e. without any ordnance), so the pylons will definitely need an upgrade. The jet in question: USAF F-16D 85-1572 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr USAF F-16D 85-1572 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr Some googling has shown that Voyager makes a replacement set, but images are hard to find, so I can't tell if the rails are actually represented, or they're just flat, and expected to be covered by missiles. One other option I've found is Eduard's Brassin IRIS-T, which includes two LAU-129s and two RB99 rails (which look very similar - could they be used as a substitute?) That would in theory cover the four LAU-129s I need, but I'd still need a source for the center pylons. So I guess my question is: does anyone make a decent set of F-16 pylons that could be displayed "clean" without too much work? For the markings, I'm planning on cobbling together some bits from Jake Melampy's Test Vipers sheet, and eventually using that same sheet to build 85-1551, which came in at the same time (both were out doing refueling testing with the KC-46A last summer)
  19. Have a lot of 1/48 and two 1/32 WWI aircraft kits. All are complete and new in the box. Prices are listed below. 1/48 - Albatros D.III – Eduard “ProfiPACK” - #8035 - $25 (factory sealed) 1/48 - Albatros D.V – Eduard “ProfiPACK” - #8110 - $30 1/48 - Albatros D.Va – Eduard “Limited Edition” - #1107 - $25 1/48 - Albatros D III – Eduard “Limited Edition” - #1104 - $30 1/48 - SPAD XIII late version – Eduard - #8196 - $25 1/48 - Nieuport Ni-23 in Russian Service – Eduard “Limited Edition” - #1108 - $25 1/48 - Nieuport 21 – Eduard “ProfiPACK” - #8076 - $35 1/48 - Albatros D.II – Eduard “ProfiPACK” - #8081 - $25 1/48 - Nieuport-17 in Russian Service – Eduard “Limited Edition” - #1106 - $25 1/48 - Fokker Dr.I – Eduard “Dual Combo!” - #8161 - $65 1/48 - Albatros D.V Red Baron – Eduard - #8019 - $25 1/48 - Albatros D.III O.A.W. – Eduard - #8038 - $25 1/48 - Albatros D.V – Eduard - #8013 - $25 (x2) 1/48 - Pfalz. D.III – Eduard - #8005 - $30 (x2) 1/48 - Siemens-Schuckert D.III – Eduard - #8001 - $25 1/48 – BERG D.1 (Lo) Series 115 – Flashback - #KLH-8922 - $45 1/48 – Fokker D.VI – Eduard - #8012 - $30 1/32 – Nieuport 17 – Hobby Craft - #HC1683 - $15 (Factory sealed) 1/32 – Sopwith F-1 Camel – Hobby Craft - #HC1681 - $15 (Factory sealed) Prices do not include shipping. SHIPPING Paypal preferred Buyer pays shipping Goods and Services please Shipped from Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  20. This sheet seems pretty rare, and I keep missing it on eBay! If anyone has a set, or even partial set depending on what is left, please let me know. Thanks!
  21. Eduard Hellcat 1/48

    If I had to build only one kit for the rest of my life it would probably be the Eduard Hellcat. This is my third or fourth but I will keep building them. I have not built a night attack version however so I decided that was the way to go. I bought the weekend edition and then robbed a few parts from other boxings in the stash. I also got some metal gun barrels and a resin drop tank from Quickboost. But I wanted to use the occasion to try some new weathering techniques. I used a black base with Stynylrez which I have to say is one of the single best things you can ever use on a model kit. It makes your surface smooth and fills on minor blemishes. Next I hit areas where I wanted to chip with some Alclad II aircraft aluminum Then I tried some liquid mask and then sprayed some yellow chromate from Mig Productions I found that the liquid mask does not always come off and getting it to come off can damage the surrounding paint in a way that you don't want. The liquid mask also covered up areas that I thought were too large. So with future Hellcats I might go with chipping solution only. I sprayed some chipping solution over the yellow and then hit it with the base coat and then I faded the top of the aircraft. Then I used some steel wool to scratch and remove the liquid mask. Again, not all of the liquid mask came up. I am still doing some minor repairs and I would like to use a finer steel wool in the future but the effect was pretty good I thought. Along the leading edges of the wings I dabbed some silver paint to better replicate the fine chipping often seen on this area of the F6F. I wish I could have achieved the effect through the liquid mask or chipping solution but in the end I think that it looks 'good enough' to move on. I did take off some paint on the engine cowling so I need to repaint part of that and then weather it back in. I will also be working on the prop, drop tank, wheels and canopy as well. There are some issues that I am having and areas where it is not perfect but I think it is a step in the right direction. I am learning a lot and that is always a good thing.
  22. Priced as listed but reasonable offers considered. Not really looking for trades right now. USPS shipping from Zip 20636. Payment via paypal preferred. I’m willing to ship internationally, but be warned that postage can be rather pricey. Email at hegedus(at)md(dot)metrocast(dot)net or PM if interested. Thanks for looking! 1/32 Revell PA-18 Super Cub. New in box. - $20 1/72 Italeri A-6E Intruder, new in box but no inner bags. - $15 1/72 Testors/Heller F-8E Crusader. Cockpit parts painted gray, 2 sets of kit decals (Heller and Testors). Extra set of stabilizers also. - $5 1/72 Hasegawa S2F-1 Tracker. Some parts off sprue but complete. - $10 1/72 MPC (Airfix) B-26 Marauder. - $10 1/72 Revell (Monogram) F-82 Twin Mustang (most recent issue) - $10 1/72 Italeri P-47N Thunderbolt - $8 1/72 Italeri PBJ-1D (B-25D) with torpedo - $10 1/72 Hasegawa P-40E Warhawk/Kittyhawk - $5 1/72 Special Hobby F2G Super Corsair "US Navy" issue - $15 1/72 Special Hobby F2G Super Corsair air racer - $15 1/72 Anigrand YF-17 Cobra - $45 1/72 Academy TBM-1C Avenger new in sealed box (will throw in a Haseagwa Hellcat prop if you want as well)- $10 1/48 AMT F7F-3 Tigercat. Includes Cutting Edge resin wheels, Aeromaster Firebomber decals; kit tires wrapped in plastic bag to protect the plastic parts. Interior areas painted green, no other work done. - $25 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M "Last Skyhawk" New in open box. Includes parts for the larger main gear struts and doors as used on the last A-4Ms built. Kit No. 09611 - $50 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk. Original issue with photoetch details. - $30 1/48 Revell Stearman Aerobatic - $10 1/48 Monogram P-40B Tomahawk blue box issue from the mid-60s. -$10 1/48 Eduard Brassin FFAR Rockets (product number 648 123) new in package, $7 Decals (1/48, $4 each): Superscale (all are sealed) 48-1038 FA-18C VFA-83 CAG 48-1116 FA-18C VFA-146 & 147 CAGs 48-1196 FA-18C VFA-192 2007 CAG & VFA-131 2004 CAG 48-1204 FA-18A+ VFC-12 CAG and FA-18D VMFA(AW)-533 CO Eagle Strike (new, uncut in package) 48-066 Carl Vinson's Hornets FA-18C VFA-94 CAG and line jet, VFA-22 line jet
  23. 1/48 Tamiya F-16C "Blizzard" Aggressor

    Hi all! I am back once again with my latest completed project, the 1/48 Tamiya F-16C "Blizzard" Aggressor. This is my first time building the 1/48 Tamiya F-16, and it is indeed very nice as, although not quite on the level of their new F-14A, but close. This is built from the Aggressor boxing and is a Block 32 Viper. I used some aftermarket on this one, including my first full resin cockpit (Aires). I was a bit worried about making it fit, as I have heard horror stories about Aires pits and fitting them. But this must have been one of their better efforts as it was not as bad as I was expecting. I also used Steel Beach masks for the camo, and I definitely recommend them, as I would never have attempted this scheme without them. Even so, it was a bit tricky to apply, based on the complex shape of the F-16 (especially around the intakes) and the somewhat rigid vinyl (not as pliable as masking tape). But I had no problems at all with them pulling any paint up, which was good. I used Afterburner Decals "64th Aggressors" sheet for this, which I luckily found for sale at the IPMS Cleveland Model Show for $10 this past November. These were great, and I used them over the TwoBobs sheet I had as the decal print was clearer and nicer. To round out the aftermarket used, I added the Master Pitot and AOAs. The static dissipators are actually made from toothbrush bristles, a tip which I found here in these forums. I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them credit. I did make a couple of errors that I did not fix, the most glaring is the fact I added the chin pods per the Tamiya instructions for a block 32 Aggressor, however my reference shows that they were not used on the Blizzard Viper. By the time I realized my error, I had already painted and weathered the model. With the complicated camo scheme, I decided to leave it as is instead of ripping them off and trying to fix the paint. This was also my first time using MrPaint. This stuff sprays like an absolute dream. A bit stinky though. I will probably start using this more and more, even though I really have no issues with Gunze Aqueous (except their Insignia White, which I have lots of problems with LOL) or Tamiya. Here is what I used on this build: Kit: 1/48 Tamiya F-16C "Aggressors" boxing Decals: Afterburner "64th Aggressors" Aftermarket: Aires F-16C Aggressor Cockpit set, Master Pitot and AOA, Steel Beach "Blizzard" mask set Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), ModelMaster FS35109 International Blue, MrPaint FS 36270 Neutral Gray, FS 36251 Agressor Gray, and FS 36628 White Gray, Tamiya Rubber Black and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Aluminum, and Gold Titanium, Jet Exhaust. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Homemade black oil panel wash. Without further ado, here are the pics, hope you like!
  24. Ignore... Delete

  25. Hello all, I'm looking for the F/A-18F VFA-22 low viz decal option from Fightertowns' 48078 'Superhornet Ball West Coast' http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ftd48078.htm As I say, just after the VFA-22 low viz jet (with the bomb tally) If anyone has this sheet and can spare the above scheme, please let me know. I can reward you via PayPal. Thanks Dave