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Found 120 results

  1. Raptor71

    AW129D Mangusta

    I am pleased to present my project AW129D Mangusta resin and 1/48 scale ... Information on the progress of the work and availability will be indicated later. http://s345.photobucket.com/user/SimPlai/slideshow/AW129D
  2. All kit boxes have been opened, but all of the kits are intact. Everything is 1/48 unless otherwise noted: KITS Academy Hawker Hunter F.6 (kit was missing roundel decals when purchased second-hand) $20 (see below for aftermarket parts & decals) Kitty Hawk Mirage F.1CT/CR $25 PENDING Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 $20 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.Vc $20 Eduard Albatros DV with photo etch and white metal engine $20 PENDING USA Models O-1 Bird Dog $20 Fine Molds D4Y2 Judy $25 Classic Airframes Sea Hawk Royal Navy $20 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 $10 Monogram P-40B $5 Revell Spitfire Mk.II Missing clear sprue but includes Squadron canopy. $5 Revell 1/144 F-19 $5 Trumpeter 1/144 YF-23 2 for $5 Trumpeter 1/144 Kawanishi H6K5 Mavis $15 Amodel 1/144 C-123B/K Provider $15 Scott Doepker 1/144 C-141B resin kit with laser-printed decals $20 Monogram 1/24 Ferrari 308 GTB $5 Revell 1/100 Apollo Command Module $5 Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise original series $20 Polar Lights 1/1000 Klingon D-7 battlecruiser $20 RESIN Renaissance 1/24 Porsche 917K corrected rear body $15 Cutting Edge MB Mk. 2 seat $5 Hi Tech 1/48 MB Mk4 ejection seat $5 PENDING Quickboost 1/48 QB48-464 Sea Vixen FAW.9 Air Intake for Airfix kit $5 PENDING GT Resin F-4J afterburner nozzles for Z-M kit $12 PENDING Scale Aircraft Conversions F/A-18A/C landing gear (for Hasegawa) $10 Cobra Company 1/48 Martin-Baker H5 seats $8 PENDING Steel Beach 1/48 F-4 Phantom arrestor hook for Hasegawa (have 2) $4 ea. 1 PENDING High Flight F-16 Pratt & Whitney afterburner nozzle for Hasegawa $5 True Details 1/48 P-40B/C cockpit for Hobbycraft kit $5 Squadron 1/48 Ki-46III canopy $1 True Details 1/48 He-162 wheels and vacuformed canopy $2 PENDING PHOTO ETCH Reheat Models RH052 1/48 Aircraft canopy details (Modern) $5 Teknics 1/48 Japanese seatbelts, buckles, & rudder pedals $5 Model Technologies 1/48 Sidewinder missile fins $2 DECALS Scaleliners 1/144 AirTran DC-9-30 $10 (Xtracolor paint 2 tins, $4) Flight Path 1/144 United A320 Blue/Gray livery $8 Jbot 1/144 Jetstar Reader’s Digest corporate jet (ALPS-printed) $2 JBot 1/144 Piedmont 737-200 delivery scheme (ALPS-printed) $4 EagleCals EC32-87 1/32 He-162s $8 Tridecal 48-2001: 1200 1/48 He-162A-2 decals $10 Techmod 48032 Ju-88A-4 II/KG3 North Russian Front 1941/ LG 1 Libya $8 Aeromaster 48-172 Ju-88 Collection $6 RooDecals 1/48 Mirage IIIO $8 Experts Choice 48-2 RF-84Fs $6 Microscale 48-0181 F-106As 5th FIS, 49th FIS $8 Aeromaster 48-319 Ki-43 IJAAF Falcons Part II $8 Superscale 48-938 AV-8B Harriers $6 Fred Cady 229 1982 Z28 Camaro Indy Pace Car $2 Buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred for US buyers. International buyers must use Paypal. No trades, please. Thanks for looking! Ben Brown North Carolina, USA bebrown1[AT]bellsouth[DOT]net
  3. Thanks for looking. I am just spitballing on prices here, feel free to make an offer, the worst I will say is, “No, thanks.” Sales only, I am not looking for trades. Please respond via email, I will only periodically read PMs. Email is: cjhamilton AT gmail (you know the rest). Cheers! CJH KITS & DETAIL SET 1/350 Bronco Models USS Independence – LCS-2 $18 Open box, sealed parts Dragon USS Ticonderoga – CG-47 $32 Sealed (cellophane is damaged) Dragon USS Hewitt – DD-966 $30 Sealed 1/144 Minicraft 777-200 ‘Continental Airlines’ $8 Sealed 1/72 Hasegawa Kawasaki T-4 ‘Blue Impulse’ $6 Open box, sealed parts Huma Messerschmitt Me 609 $15 Open box, sealed parts Huma Messerschmitt Me 209 V5 $12 Open box, sealed parts Huma Focke Wulf Trieblflugl $45 Open box, sealed parts Huma Henschel Hs 132 $12 Open box, sealed parts Huma Junkers Ju 287 Bomber $45 Open box, sealed parts 1/48 Academy KF-16D ‘ROKAF Falcon’ $22 Open box, sealed parts (includes JDAMs, smart bombs, and AMRAAMs) Aires Ju-88 A-4 Cockpit Set $18 Sealed Airfix S2B Buccaneer $32 Open box, sealed parts AMT MiG-27 Flogger-D $7 Sealed (cellophane damaged) Classic Airframes TA-4J ‘US Navy’ $30 Open box, all parts present and on sprues ESCI/ERTL MiG-23 Flogger S $8 Sealed Hasegawa F-51D Mustang ‘Korean War’ $13 Sealed Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger-D $8 Sealed, but parts sound loose inside. Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger ‘Desert Storm’ $8 Sealed Monogram F-4J Phantom ‘MiG Ace’ $8 Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present Panda F-35 Lightning II ‘NATO Fighter’ $12 Open box, sealed parts (includes JDAMs) Revell A-6E Intruder $13 Sealed Revell F-100 Super Sabre $8 Sealed Revell MiG-25 Foxbat $18 Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present Revell-Germany MiG-25 Foxbat $8 Open box, sealed parts 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero ‘Type 52’ $75 Sealed DECALS 1/72 SuperScale 72-274 Low-viz US insignia in FS 17038, 36495, 36375 & 36237 $2 SuperScale 72-623 Su-25 Frogfoot – Iran, Iraq, Czech and USSR $3 TwoBobs 72-024 B-1B Seek and Destroy – Elmendorf with nose art (no instructions) $7 1/48 Caracal Decals CD48025 T-45C Part 3 – Shark mouth $10 Cutting Edge CED 48123 Corsair – Nose Art Part 3: F4U-1, F4U-1A and F4U-1D Corsairs $8 Cutting Edge CED 48161 A-4E/F’s Skyhawks – VA-55 & VMA-332 $8 Cutting Edge CED48181 F-105 – Fancy Girls Part 3: F-105D & F’s $22 MAW Decals 48-MAW001 F/A-18D Hornets – VMFA(AW)-224, 121 & 533 $8 Microscale 48-087 F-4B Phantoms – VMFA-312, 323 & MAG-32 full color (missing 5-6 small data decals) $5 Microscale 48-174 F-86D – 469 FIS & 94 FIS $4 Microscale 48-275 F-105D/F – Virginia ANG 149 TFS $5 RepliScale 48-5039 F/A-18 Hornets – VMFA-212 & 232 $5 SuperScale 48-192 A-4M/TA-4J Skyhawks – VMA-211, 331 and USN Composite Sqd. 13 $5 SuperScale 48-416 A-6E Intruders – VA-85, 115 & VMA-533 & 224 w/ Desert Storm Mission Markings $8 SuperScale 48-911 A-10 Thunderbolt II’s – 131FS/104FW & 110FW w/ armament data $5 Third Group 48-032 F-8E Crusaders – VF-194 Red Lightnings & VMF(AW)-333 Shamrocks $5 TwoBobs 48-035 AH-1W Cobras – Whiskeys in the Mix $10 TwoBobs 48-037 F-15E – Anaconda Squeeze Play $10 TwoBobs 48-039 F-14B – Red Ripper Muthas’ $10 TwoBobs 48-096 F-14B – VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise $13 TwoBobs 48-113 RF-4C – No-Gun Shoguns $10 TwoBobs 48-127 F-15E – Da’ Heath! $8 1/32 CAM Decals 32-004 F-4B Phantom II – VF-32 Swordsmen $8 CAM Decals 32-017 F-4J Phantom II – VF-41 Black Aces $8 Microscale 32-27 F-4J Phantom II’s – VF-31 Felix the Cat & VF-96 Black Falcons $8 SuperScale 32-134 F-16N/TF-16N Data $3 Yellowhammer 32-07 F-4J Phantom II – VF-96 Cunningham/Driscoll Ace Markings $18 The fine print: Shipping is not included (USPS insured), PayPal only. Will ship worldwide from 09624 (DPO). If you have questions or concerns, please email me before the sale. Given past difficulties, shipping outside of the United States is at your risk (any damage, customs fees, etc., are your responsibility).
  4. Hi all! I would like to share my latest completed project, the 1/48 Great Wall Hobby F-15C from the MSIP II ANG boxing. I decided to build it in the fantastic splinter camo markings of the 65th AGRS circa 2013. The camo was done without a mask, using Tamiya tape and just kinda eyeballing it. I started by painting the gray, then masking and painting either the white or blue areas one at a time. Some areas were easier to paint the white over the blue, and others the blue over the white. I used some aftermarket on this one, including a Quickboost seat, Meng CATM Aim-9M from the short range weapons kit, and the ELTA-8222 and ACMI pods from the Meng long range weapons set. For decals, I actually had three options to choose from, the Two Bobs "Digital Flanker" set, Afterburner "65th Aggressors" sheet, and the Speed Hunter Graphics "Elegant Eagles" sheet. I wanted to do Blue 94, so that eliminated the Afterburner sheet which does not include that option. Between the Two Bobs sheet and the SHG sheet, the color saturation and stencils were nicer on the SHG sheet, and being Cartograf printed sealed the decision for me. This is the second time using SHG decals (F-4G was the other), and they performed fantastically once again. Big fan of their products! The GWH kit is much lauded, and for good reason. It is just a fantastically detailed kit, and fit is generally excellent throughout. Rear fuselage and intakes take the most care, but nothing major to note. Here is what I used on this build: Kit: 1/48 Great Wall Hobby F-15C Eagle MSIP II ANG boxing Decals: Speed Hunter Graphics "Elegant Eagles" sheet Aftermarket: Quickboost Ejection Seat, Meng Short-Range Weapons Set, Meng Long-Range Weapons Set Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), ModelMaster FS35109 International Blue, Gunze Aqueous FS 36118 Gunship Gray, Mr Paint FS 36251 Aggressor Gray and FS 36628 White Gray, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Yellow, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Molotow Liquid Chrome also used. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. Without further ado, here are the pics, hope you like!
  5. Eaglestrike 1/48 $12.00 Each (unless otherwise marked) 48001 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 1 (2 available) 48002 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. I (2 available) 48003 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. II 48004 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 2 (2 available) 48008 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 3 48009 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 4 (2 available) 48010 Deadly Dorniers DO-217E 48014 Bristol Blenheim Pt. I (2 available) 48015 Bristol Blenheim Pt. 2 48016 Royal Navy Grumman Martlets 1941 – 1944 Pt. 1 48017 German Lozenge Camouflage (5 color upper pattern) 48018 German Lozenge Camouflage (5 color under pattern) 48020 F-14 Tomcats Pt. 1 48021 JU-87 Stuka Pt. 1 48022 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 5 (2 available) 48023 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 1 (2 available) 48024 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 2 48025 F-14 Tomcats Pt. 2 48026 Wings of Nato Part 1 F-104/F-16 48027 Focke-Wulf FW190 Part I 48028 Focke-Wulf FW190 Part 2 48029 Silver Starfighters (USAF) 48032 A-4 Skyhawks Pt III 48033 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. IV 48034 Pearl Harbor Pt. I IJN Carrier Hiryu $15 48035 Pearl Harbor Pt. II Akagi/Zuikaku $15 48037 F-14 Tomcats Pt. III (2 available) 48039 Ivan’s Eagles Mig 29’s 48040 Tomcats Part IV (2 available) 48041 The Flying Circus Part 1 Albatros D.III/D.V 48042 The Flying Circus Part 2 Fokker D.VII 48043 Skytrains at War (2 available) 48044 Wild Weasel F-4G (2 available) 48051 Augsburg’s Flyers Pt II 48052 Tomcats Part V 48054 American Jabos Thunderbolts Pt. IV 405th F G 48055 Augsburgs Flyers Pt. III 48057 Stars over Europe F-104G and F-104S Starfighters 48058 American Spitfires 48059 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.V/VIII/IX Pt I 48060 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.V/IX Pt. II 48061 British Thoroughbreds, Spitfires Mk.IX Part III 48062 Too Little Too Late Bf109K-4 Part 1 48063 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt 2 48064 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt. III 48065 Too Little Too Late Me262’s Pt. IV 48066 Carl Vinsons Hornets (2 available) 48067 VNAF Skyraiders (2 available) 48068 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. I 48069 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. II 48070 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. III 48071 F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt. IV 48072 American Falcons Overseas Pt. I 48073 American Falcons Overseas Pt. II (2 available) 48074 Falcons Pt. III 48075 Warhawks Part 1 P-40E/K/N 48076 Warhawks Part 2 P-40K/N 48077 Warhawks Part 3 P-40K/N 48078 Jagdwaffe over the Sahara Bf109F’s 48079 The Flying Circus Pt. 2 Albatros D.III/D.V 48080 The Flying Circus Pt. 2 Fokker D.VII 48081 Camels Part 1 Sopwith Camels F.1 $15 48082 Stuka Bombers Part II 48083 362nd FG Jugs Pt 1 48086 Best Seller Corsair Collection Part 1 48087 362nd FG Jugs Pt. II 48088 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. I 48089 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. II (2 available) 48090 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. I 48091 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. II 48092 Checker Tailed Clan Pt. III 48093 Best Sellers Corsair Collection Pt. III 48094 Best Sellers Corsair Collection Pt. IV 48095 Butcher Birds of JG-1 Pt. III 48096 Phantoms Phorever Pt 6 48097 American Jabos Pt. VI 405th FG 48098 American Jabos Pt. VII 405th FG 48099 American Jabos Pt. VIII 405th FG 48100 American Jabos Pt. IX 405th FG 48101 Augsburgs Flyers Pt. IV 48102 Flying Circus Fokker Dr.1 Aces 1918 Pt. 1 48103 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. I (2 available) 48104 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. II 48105 Sea Fury Collection 48106 Slybirds 353rd FG Mustangs Pt. III 48107 Skyraiders Pt. II 48108 Skyraiders of the Fleet (2 available) 48109 Pearl Harbor Pt. III Shokaku $15 48111 Pearl Harbor Pt. IV IJN Kaga $15 48112 Phantoms Phorever Pt. VII 48113 Mitchell Strafers B-25D 48114 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 1 48115 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 2 48116 F9F-5 Panther Pt. 3 48117 Colorful Corsairs Pt. I 48118 Colorful Corsairs Pt. II 48120 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt 1 (2 available) 48121 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 2 48122 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 3 48123 Bf109’s of the Balkans Pt. 4 (2 available) 48124 Night Hurricanes Pt. I 48125 Colorful Fokkers 48126 Night Hurricanes Pt. II 48127 Freedom Hornets Pt. 1 48128 Freedom Hornets Pt. 2 48129 Camels Sopwith F.1 Camels Pt. 2 $15 48130 Texans over Korea Pt. 1 48131 Texans over Korea Pt. 2 (2 available) 48132 Barbarossa 1 (2 available) 48133 Barbarossa 2 (2 available) 48134 Russian National Insignia W.W.II 48135 RAF Roundels Early Spitfires and Hurricanes 48136 RAF Roundels Late Spitfires, Hurricanes, Tempests and Typhoons (2 available) 48137 US National Insignia 1947 – Today (High Viz) 48139 Augsbur Flyers Pt. V 48140 Flying Daggers Pt. I F-102’s 48141 Tomcats Pt VI 48142 Tomcats Pt. VII 48143 Thunderjet Fighter Bombers of the Forgotten War 48145 Barbarossa 3 The Invasion of Russia 48146 Barbarossa 4 The Invasion of Russia 48147 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part I 48148 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part II 48149 Last Wild Weasel Phantoms 48150 Best Sellers Viet Nam Warriors Pt. 1 $15 48151 Best Sellers Viet Nam Warriors Pt. 2 $15 48152 F-16 Israeli Barak Pt. 1 48153 F-16 Israeil Barak Pt. 2 48155 Green Ghost Squadron Beaufighters Mk.21 48156 Achtung Viermots Pt. 1 B-17G’s 48157 Achtung Viermots Pt. II B-17G’s (2 available) 48158 Achtung Viermots Pt. III B-17G’s (2 available) 48159 Flying Circus! Albatros D.III Pt. III 48160 Best Sellers The Last of the Legend Late Spitfires Part I 48161 Best Sellers The Last of the Legend Late Spitfires Pt. II 48162 Devastators at War 48162 Best Seller Thunderbolts Pt. IV 48163 Best Seller Thunderbolts Pt. V 48165 Tomcats Pt. VIII 48166 Tomcats Pt. IX 48168 Arado 234 Blitz Bombers Pt. I 48170 Early Slybirds of the 353rd FG Thunderbolts Part I (Fancy Art Series) 48171 Early Slybirds of the 353rd FG Thunderbolts Pt II (Fancy Art Series) 48172 Shokis of the IJAAF Part I 48173 Mustangs Forever Pt. I Late WWII and Occupation Forces 48175 Best Seller Mosquito Pt. I 48176 Best Seller Mosquito Pt. II 48177 Shokis of the IJAAF Part 2 48178 USAFE Delta Daggers Pt. I 48179 USAFE Delta Daggers Pt. II 48180 Last of Many Marine Phantoms Pt 1 48181 Last of Many Marine Phantoms Pt. 2 48183 Deadly Demons Pt. II 48184 Deadly Demons Pt. III 48185 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. I 48186 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. II 48187 Luftwaffe Sabres Pt. III 48188 Flying Circus Pt V Fokker D.VII 48189 Flying Circus Pv. VI Fokker D.VII 48190 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Pt. III 48191 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Pt. IV 48192 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. I (2 available) 48193 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. II (2 available) 48194 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt. III 48195 RAF Sabres Pt. I 48196 RAF Sabres Pt. II 48197 Eyes in the Sky RF-4B/C Phantoms Pt. I (2 available) 48198 Eyes in the Sky RF-4B/C Phantoms Pt. II (2 available) 48199 Checkers Anyone? 78th FG Mustangs Pt. I 48200 Checkers Anyone? 78th FG Mustangs Pt. II 48202 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. I 48203 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. II 48204 Marauding Havocs A-20/F-3 Pt. III 48205 Delta Darts (F-106) Part 1 48206 Delta Darts (F-106) Part 2 48207 F-14 Basic Lo-Viz Stencils 48208 Early USAF F-4 Phantom Stencils 48211 Spitfire End of the Line Mk 22/24 Pt. II 48212 Spitfire End of the Line Mk.22/24 Pt. III 48213 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Part I 48214 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Part II 48215 USAFE F-84 Thunderjets Pt. III (4 available) 48216 RAF Sabres Pt. 3 48217 RAF Sabres Pt. 4 (2 available) 48218 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 3 48219 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 4 48220 “The Six” F-106 Delta Dart Part 5 48223 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 2 48224 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 3 48225 Corsairs over Korea Pt. 4 48228 US Spitfires Part 2 Africa and Italy 48229 US Spitfires Part 3 Africa and Italy 48230 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 1 48231 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 2 48232 In Defense of the Reich FW190’s Part 3 48233 Birds of Prey Warhawks and Kittyhawks Part 6 48235 Voodoo Flight Part 1 48236 Voodoo Flight Part 2 48237 Skytrains at War Pt III 48238 Skytrains at War Pt. IV 48239 Starfighters 1 F104C and F104G Starfighters 48240 Starfighters 2 F104G and CF-104 Starfighters 48241 Spitfire End of the Line Mk. 22/24 Pt. IV 48244 Voodoo Flight Part 5 48251 In Defense of the Reich Bf109’s Part 4 45252 In Defense of the Reich Bf109’s Part 5 48253 Last of the Big Beautiful Jugs 48254 Mirage F-1 Part 1 $15 48255 Mirage F-1 Part 2 $15 48257 Flying Circus Pt. VII Fokker D.VII 48258 Flying Circus Pt. VIII Albatros D.III/D.V 48260 F-16 Worldwide Markings Dutch Diana and Belgian Tiger Meet 48263 F-16 Worldwide Markings Chilean Air Force 48269 31st Fighter Group Spitfires (2 available) 48270 31st Fighter Group Mustangs 48273 Spitfires and P-47C’s 4th Fighter Group 48274 P-51 Mustangs 4th Fighter Group 48275 Sukhoi SU-27 641st Guards Fighter Aviation 48282 AV-8B & Gr.7 Harriers 48284 Douglas A-26 Invaders IP4801 Venomous Cobra’s of the World $20 IP4802 357th Fighter Group Part 1 $15 IP4803 357th Fighter Group Part 2 $15 IP4804 357th Fighter Group Part 3 $15 IP4805 357th Fighter Group Part 4 $15 IP4807 Blue Nose Birds of Bodney Part 1 $15 IP4808 Blue Nose Birds of Bodney Part 2 $15 Please email me at thestohrs@aol.com Postage extra. I will mail anywhere on the planet! I will wheel and deal on multiples. Over 3500 sheets of decals in stock, email for current list.
  6. Right then. So after a long time of not touching any kit with a purpose of starting AND finishing it, plus watching the two awesome Monogram F-14A builds by john53 and picknpluck, I'm going to start knocking this one out. What we have here is the 'Hunt For Red October' edition of Monogram's 1/48 F-14A Tomcat. Livery will be done in VF-211 colors for a line jet that flew on the 1997 cruise to participate in Operation Southern Watch over the skies of Iraq. This aircraft in particular is provided by FCM Decals. So far for this build I have the decals, picked up the original Steel Beach LANTIRN set (comes without the hand control unit), True Details F-14A cockpit, A.M.U.R. Reaver photoetch tail stiffeners, Eduard pe (actually for the Revell F-14D but there's still usefulness for it), and a set of Aires exhausts. The Aires exhausts are actually for the Academy kit however after a lot of digging and asking questions I have concluded that the cans will fit on the Monogram but we will see. Still pending purchase are the following: Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Chin Sensor Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Ventral Strakes Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Nose Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat ECM Blisters Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Nav Lights CrossDelta F-14 Tomcat Step Area & Formation Lights Steel Beach F-14 NACA Vent What I do not know however is what else I need for this. The items I have in limbo on whether or not to get them are: Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat BOL Rails (loaded) Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Wheel Halves Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Walkways Light Gray Steel Beach GPS Domes Steel Beach F-14 Tomcat Pylons Set I think that's about it. I know it's a lot, and it's a lot for just a Monogram kit but I picked this up for $5 so it should be interesting. My biggest thing is with all of the AM stuff I just want to get the aircraft right and get it right the first time. I'll start posting pictures as soon as I can and when things arrive in the mailbox. I have fall classes beginning next week plus I'm a stay at home dad to two little ones so progress will be slow to say the least. Oh here's the loadout:
  7. Two Bobs 1/32 $14.00 unless otherwise marked (also see combo sheets listed under other scales for more 1/32 scale sheets) 32001 Fighting Fulcrums (Nellis AFB F-16C) 32004 F/A18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars 32005 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats 32006 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Fighting Saints 32008 How’s My Driving? F-16C 32009 F-15E Strike Eagle Mountain Home Avengers 32011 SHWFOTS F-18C Hornets 32012 VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks F/A-18C 32013 KC and the Ragin’ Cajuns’ A-10A Warthogs 32014 VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet F/A-18C 32015 Wrap Around Thuds Hill AFB (2 available) 32016 Patriot Hornets F/A-18C of VMFA-115 and VFA-201 32018 NSAWC Topgun Hornets F/A-18A 32019 F-16C Mountain Home Gunfighters 32021 Thunderbolts and Vikings F/A-18C/D 32027 US Air To Air Missile Markings Aim-9B/D/G/J/L/M 32029 F-10 6C Block 50 Big Mouths Part I 32030 F-16C Block 40 Big Mouths Part I 32031 F-16C Block 40 Big Mouths Part III 32032 F-16C USAFE Big Mouth Vipers 32033 F-16C GoldenState Griffins 32034 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks 32035 Advanced MediumRange Air to Air Missile Markings AIM-120B/C AGM-88C 32036 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (Red Tailed CAG Bird) 32037 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (Blue Tailed CAG Bird) 32038 F-16C Minute Men 50th Anniversary 32039 F-15J/DJ JASDF Aggressors 32040 F-5E VFC-111 Bad Boy Sundowners $30 32051 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits (2 available) 32060 F-15C Eiffel Eagles $50 1/48 Scale $14.00 unless otherwise Marked 48001 F-16C Fighting Fulcrums Nellis AFB $20 48005 AH-1S Foreign User Cobras $20.00 48006 Nells AFB Fighter Weapons School Taxi Cab Vipers (2 available) 48007 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats $20 48008 F-15J Japanese Aggressors (2 available) 48009 A-10 Experimental Camo Warthogs Peanut and Flipper 48012 Hows My Driving F-16C Fighting Falcons (2 available) 48013 F-16C Retro Vipers 48014 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Desert Cats (3 available) $20 48015 F-5E Tiger II Blue/Grey Saints (3 available) $20 48016 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars (2 available) 48018 Top Gun Tinkertoys A-4 Skyhawks $30.00 48020 AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers 48021 Ad Inexporata Eagles 48022 F-117A Kosovo Bandits (2 available) $25 48023 F-15C Eagles “Eglin’s Gorillas” (2 available) 48024 F-16C Block 50 Shaw Vipers (2 available) 48025 (ARC-001) Sandbox Alleycats (2 available) $25.00 48026 F-15E Strike Eagles Mountain Home Avengers (2 available) $20 48027 F/A-18C SHWFOTS of VFA-94 (2 available) 48028 F/A-18C Ultimate Warriors (2 available) 48029 F/A-18C VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks (2 available) 48030 F/A-18C VFA-97 Thoroughbred Warhawks (2 available) 48031 F-14D VF-213 Rampant Lions over Afghanistan (2 available) 48032 F-15A WTC Scramblers (3 available) 48033 F-16C Mountain Home’s Gunfighters (3 available) $20 48034 F/A-18A VFA-97 Thoroughbred Warhawks Pt II (3 available) 48035 AH-1W Cobras Whiskeys In The Mix $30 48036 F/A-18C VFA-146 All American Bug 48037 F-15E Anaconda Squeeze Play 48038 F-16N Old School Adversarys 48039 F-14B Red Rippin Muthas’ VF-11 48040 F/A-18E Super Bugs VFA-14 Tophatters 48041 F/A-18F Superbugs VFA-41 Black Aces $20 48042 F-16C Lets Roll Vipers Arkansas and New Jersey ANG 48043 2001 Rasseblement De Tigre Mirage 2000 48045 F-14B Be-Devilers 48046 F-16C Hill Vipers 466th FS Diamondback Vipers (2 available) 48047 AJ-37/JA-37 Saab Viggens $20 48049 F-105D Wrap Around Thuds 466th TFS Hill AFB (2 available) $20 48050 QF-4G Team Target 82nd (2 available) 48051 F-104J Komatsu Starfighters (2 available) $20 48052 F-15C Alaskan Gamecocks 19th FS Elmendorf AFB (2 available) 48053 F-15E Iraqui Freedom Throwback Nose Art 48054 A-10A Bagram Warthogs $20 48055 F-14D Felix in the Fight $20 48056 F-14B Gypsy Swordsmen VF-32 (2 available) 48059 F/A-18C VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet Knucle Shampoo 48060 F/A-18E VFA-115 OIF Screamin Eagles 48061 F-16C OIF Vipers 48062 F/A-18C Patriot Hornets 48063 Ebony Talons $20 48064 T-38A Aggressive Talons $20 48067 F-111A CombatLancer SEA All Weather/Night Attack Aardvarks $20 48068 F-15E Iraqi Freedom Saddam Hunters $20 48070 F-16C OIFSwamp Foxes (2 available) 48071 F-15J Shiro Ruyo JASDF Eagles 48072 F/A-18C/D Thunderbolts and Vikings 48073 F/A-18C SSHYYF Golden Dragons (2 available) 48075 AV-8B NA/Super Harriers VMA-223/311 48076 F-16C/D Lone Star Gunfighters (2 available) 48077 F/A-18A+ Fights On VMFA-312 Checkerboards 48078 F/A-18C VFA-92 Marauders 48079 F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers $20 48080 F-15J/DJ JASDF Aggressors (3 available) 48081 F-15E The Gipper (Combo sheet 1/48 and 1/32 on one sheet) 48082 OV-1A Grumman Mohawk $30 48083 F-16A/B/C/D Stencil Data 48084 F-16A/B/C CAS Vipers 48085 AH-64D OIF Apaches $20 48086 US Air to Air Missile Markings AIM-9B/D/G/J/L/M AIM-7E-2/M (3 available) 48087 F-16C Big Mouths Block 40/50 Part I 48088 F-16C Big Mouths Block 40 Part I 48089 F-16C USAFE Big Mouth Vipers 48090 F-14D Tomcats Last Pac VF-31 Tomcatters $20 48091 F/A-18C “Blue By You” Hornets VFA-83/FVA-113 48092 A-4M Skyhawks “Low Vis Mikes Part I” $20 48093 A-4M Skyhawks “Low Vis Mikes Part II” $20 48094 2004 Nato Tiger Meet Mirage 2000 $25 48097 F-14B Last of The Tomcats VF-11 Red Rippers $20 48099 F-117 Kosovo Bandits (2 available) $25 48100 F-14A/B Colorful Cats $25 48101 F-14B/D Last of the Tomcats VF-143 Pukin Dogs and VF-213 Black Lions (2 available) $20 48102 F/A-18E Rockin Rhinos Part 1 $20 48103 F/A-18F Rockin Rhinos Part 2 $20 48104 F/A-18E/F Rockin Rhinos Part 3 $20 48106 F/A-18F Rockin Rhinos Part 5 $20 48107 F/A-18E/F Press to Test Rhinos Part 1 $20 48108 Hurricane Katrina Relief (2 available) 48109 F-15A Show Me State Eagles $20 48110 Langley’s Ironmen 71st FS Langley AFB $20 48112 F-14D VF-2 Bounty Hunters OIF $20 48113 No Gun Shoguns RF-4C $20 48114 F-4C First of the Weasels $25 48115 A-7E Gecko Redcocks $20 48116 AH-1W Shark Mouth Viper (2 available) $25 48117 F/A-18F Rocking Rhinos Part 6 $20 48118 JAS-39 Rippen’ Gripens (2 available) $25 48119 F/A-18C shoot Hot Sharpshooters 48120 F/A-18C Feline Hornets VFA-131 Wildcats (2 available) 48121 A-10A Osan’s Assam Draggins (2 available) $20 48122 F-22A Press to Test Raptors (2 available) $20 48123 F-22A Langley’s Raptors (2 available) $20 48124 F-5E VMFT-401 Snipers (2 available) $25 48125 F/A-18C Mach Altus Crusaders VMFA-122 (2 available) 48126 F-22A Tyndall’s Raptors (2 available) 48127 F-15C Da’ Heath (2 available) $20 48128 EA-6B Patriot Prowler 48129/32041 F-16C Cripes A’ Mighty Viper Combo Sheet with 1/48 and 1/32 included 48130 F-15A/B Sunshine State Eagles (2 available) $20 48131 F-16C Minute Men 50th Anniversary 48134 F-117A Silver Anniversary Bandits (2 available) $25 48135 F-15C Too Cool For School Eagles $20 48136 F-15E Too Cool For School Mudhens $20 48137 F-16C Too Cool For School Vipers $20 48138 A-10A Too Cool For School Warthogs $20 48139 F-16C 60th Anniversary Green Mountain Boys (2 available) $20 48140 F/A-18C Hellcats to Hornets 60 Years of Rampagers $20 48142 F/A-18C VFA-192 Golden Dragons $20 48143 F-5E VFC-111 Bad Boy Sundowners $30 48144 F/A-18D VMFA-332 Hornet (Combo 1/48 and 1/32 on one sheet) 48145 JAS-39A/C Colorful Gripens $25 48146 F-22A Roll The Dice Raptors $20 48147 F-15E 2005 TMOTA Mo Eagle 48148 AV-8B Jammin’ Jump Jets 48151 F/A-18A Shades of Gray Omars 48152 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #1 48153 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #2 48154 F-15DJ Nyutabaru JASDF Cold Face Killas #3 $20 48156 A-10A Barksdale’s Dogpatchers (2 available) $20 48157 F-16C Wolfpack Bandits 48159 Gridiron Viper (Indianapolis Colts Jet) 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 all on one sheet. $20 48162 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos Pt 8 VFA-147 $20 48163 F/A-18B/D Black Beauties $20 48164 F/A-18B Rough Riders 48166 F-16C/D Polish Jastrzabs $20 48168 F-15C Gunfightin’ Boars 390th FS/366th FW 48169 F-15E T-Bolts Rule 48170 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits $20 48171 F-16C Peace Puma Vipers 48173 F/A-18E All American Kestral 48174 F-16C 60 Years of Fightin’ Illini 48175 F-16C Buckeye Vipers #1 48177 JAS-39A/C/D Press to Test Gripens $25 48178 F-15C Lindbergh’s Eagles 48179 48179/32053 F-16N Old School Adversaries (Combo sheet with 1/48 and 1/32) $40 48180 EF-2000 Perfect Storm Tiffies $25 48182 J35-F1 Draken Red Dragons $25 48183 A-10A Philadelphia Freedom 48184 F-16C Wisconsin Dairyland Vipers 48185 F/A-18C Werewolves of Beaufort 48186 NF-16D Vista 2008 48187 EF-2000 Tifoni Italiani 48189 J35 Swordfish Drakens $25 48190 F-16B Press To Test Vikings (Danish Test Viper) 48192 F/A-18C Patriot Vigilantes (2 available) 48194 F-15A Satellite Killers 48195/32055 A-7D Molar Marauder (Combo sheet with 1/48 and 1/32) $20 48196 F/A-18E Fighting Fourteenth Top Hatters 48200 T-2C Buckeye VT-4, VT-7, VT-10 48201 T-2C Buckeye VT-19, VT-23, VT-26 48203 Khamis Mushait Eagles RSAF 48205 F/A-18E Lemoore’s Screamin’ Eagles 48206 T-2C/D/E Colorful Buckeyes $25 48207 Nellis Gomers Old Blue, New Blue, Grape, Ghost 48206 F/A18C/D Death Times Two 48208 F-100C USAF Skyblazers $30 48209 F-16A/C/D Press to Test Vipers 48210 F/A-18B Casper and his Bandit Ghosts 48212 F-5E Nellis Gomers Pumpkin, Sand, Old Lizard, New Lizard 48213 F-5E Nellis Gomers Frog, Snake, Flogger, New Lizard, VNAF 48214 F-5E Nellis Gomers New Ghost, Old Ghost, Lt Gray, Silver 48215 F-5E PACAF Gomers 26th Aggressor Squadron 48216 F-5E PACAF Gomers 26th Aggressor Squadron 48217 F-5E Alconbury Gomers New Blue/Grape/ADC Gray/Old Ghost 48218 F-5E Alconbury Gomers ADC Gray/Snake, VNAF Snake 48219 F-16 ADF L’Ultima Diana 48220 F-15A Candy Cane Eagles 48221 F-15B Candy Cane Eagles 48222 AV-8B Yuma Nightmares VMA-513 48223 AV-8B Gunship Harriers VMA-214, VMA-223 48224 F-16C/D Hellenic Falcons (2 available) $20 48227 F/A-18C Snakes and Dragons 48229 EA-18G/EA-6B CONA 48230 F/A18C VFA-122, VFC-12 CONA 48231 F/A18C VFA-204/VX-31 CONA 48236 F-15C Eiffel Eagles 48238 F-15C Digital Flanker $20 48240 F/A-18E Argo’s on Cruise 48241 EA-18G VAQ-130 Zappin’ Growlers 48242 F-5E/N Defenders of the ConchRepublic 48243 A-4N Wings of Wittmund 48245 Saab AJ/JA-37 Viggen $20 48247 F-16C Block 50 50 Years of YGBSM 48248 F-15C Digital Remix 48250 F-15C Fresno Repo Eagles 1/72 Scale and Combo Sets $10 each unless otherwise marked 72001 F/A-18A NSAWC Topgun Hornets 72003 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Fighting Saints (2 available) 72004 F-14A Splintered Tomcats 72007 A-10A Compass Ghost Tank Plinkers 72008 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars (2 available) 72009 AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers 72010 F-15E Strike Eagles Mountain Home Avengers 72011 F-14D VF-213 Rampant Lions Over Afghanistan 72018 F-15A WTC Scramblers 102nd Fighter Wing Massachusettes ANG 72020 S-3B VS-35 Blue Wolves NAVY 1 72021 F-15E Iraqi Freedom Throwback Nose Art 72022 F/A-18E Super Bugs VFA-14 Tophatters 72023 F/A-18F Super Bugs VFA-14 Black Aces 72024 B-1B Seek and Destroy B-1B Lancers Operation Iraqi Freedom 72025 A-10A Shark Bait 75th FS Tiger Sharks Operation Iraqi Freedom (2 available) 72026 F-14D Felix in the Fight VF-31 Tomcatters OIF 72027 F-14B Red Rippin Muthas VF-11 Red Rippers 72029 F-16A/B/N Top Gun Vipers 72030 F/A-18E VFA-115 OIF Screaming Eagles 72031 F/A-18A/C/D OEF/OIF Marine Hornets 72032 F-111A CombatLancer SEA All Weather /Night Attack Aardvarks 72034 F-4E SEA Heros 72035 F/A-18C VFA-82 Marauders 72036 F/A-18F VFA-154 Black Nights (3 available) 72037 F/A-18E VFA-137 Kestrals (2 available) 72040 F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise 72043 Hurricane Katrina Releif VFA-204/159th FW 72044 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. 1 VFA-22/VFA-143 72045 F/A-18F Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. II VFA-11/VFA-106 72046 F/A-18E/F Rockin’ Rhinos Pt. III VFA-2 72047 F-4C Phantoms First of the Weasels 72048 RF-4C No Gun Shoguns 72049 F-14D VF-2 Bounty Hunters OIF (2 available) 72050 F-14B/D Retro Tomcats 1 VF-143, VF-213 (2 available) 72051 F-14B Retro Tomcats 2 VF-11, VF-32 72052 JAS-39 Rippen’ Gripens 72053 T-38A Talon Tango #1 72054 T-38A Talon Tango #2 (2 available) 72055 A-10A Osans Assam Dragons (2 available) 72056 F-22A Press to Test Raptors (2 available) 72057 F-22A Langley’s Raptors (2 available) 72058 F-22A Tyndall’s Raptors (2 available) 72061 F-116A Silver Anniversary Bandits 72062 F-15E Too Cool for School Mudhens 72063 F-15C Too Cool for School Eagles 72064 F-16C Too Cool for School Vipers 72065 A-10A Too Cool for Shool Warthogs 72066 F/A-18E Rockin’ Rhinos 4 VFA-41 72067 JAS-39A/C Colorful Gripens 72068/32043 F/A-18A/B Shades of Gray Omars COMBO SHEET 1/72 & 1/32 $14 72071 F-22A Roll The Dice Raptors 72075/32050 F-16C 2005 TMOTA 79th FS 72076 F-16C/D Blue Fox Bandits 72077/32052 F-16C Buckeye Vipers #1 $14 72078 JAS-39A/C/D Press to Test Gripens 72079 F-105D Wrap Around Thuds 466th TFS Hill AFB 72081 F-15S Khamis Mushat Eagles RSAF 72082 J35F1/J Swedish Drakens 72083 FA-18E Fighting Fourteenth Tophatters 72085 B-1B Dakota Backbone 72094/32046 F-16ADF L’Ultima Diana COMBO SHEET 1/72 & 1/32 $14 72097 EA-6B/EA-18G VAQ-129 CONA Send email to thestohrs@aol.com if interested. Postage extra, will mail anywhere on the planet. Will wheel and deal on multiple sheets. Over 3500 decal sheets in stock, email for full current list
  8. Whiskey

    AV-8B to GR. 5?

    I have two Monogram 1/48 AV-8B’s in the stash and as I am preparing to work on one of them I was wondering if it’s possible to make the other into a GR. 5 as they look very similar. Now I know the nose radome is different (which I have no clue how to rectify), there’s one more set of pylons compared to the AV-8B, and the instrument panel is different (was thinking the Airwaves PE could help with that) thatall need to be changed. Is there anything else that I missed? Is it even possible? I don’t have the budget to drop for another Hasegawa Harrier so I thought I’d ask.
  9. Selling the last released detailing sets of Metallic Details: Landing gears for aircraft model SR-71 Blackbird in scale 1/72 - $28.00 Set contains 25 resin parts, photoetching board (40*21 mm). Opened jet nozzles for aircraft model F-15 (Revell, Great Wall Hobby) in scale 1/48 - $25.00 Set contains 44 resin parts, photoetched parts (49*25 mm). Jet nozzles with external flaps for aircraft model F-15 (Revell, Great Wall Hobby) in scale 1/48 - $25.00 Set contains 10 resin parts, photoetched parts (49*25 mm). C-5B Galaxy. Engines (1/144, Roden) - $26.00 C-5B Galaxy. Tail (1/144, Roden) - $3.20 Sets contain resin and photoetched parts. Lighthouse of Brier Island in scale 1/144 - $56.00 Kit contains 7 resin parts, photoetching board (52*137 mm), film, LED, switch, wires and battery with sell to build 1 model. Detailing set for aircraft model Airbus A350 (Revell) in scale 1/144 - $8.00 Set contains 2 photoetching boards (29*71 and 17*37 mm) for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Detailing set for helicopter model AH-64 Apache LongBow (1/72) - $22.00 AH-64 Apache. Tail support (1/72) - $3.60 AH-64 Apache. Exhaust Pipes (1/72) - $5.40 AH-64 Apache. LongBow Radar (1/72) - $7.20 AGM-114 Hellfire (1/72) - $9.00 Sets contain resin and photoetched parts.
  10. This is my second entry in this GB, it is 1 of 3 kits (A-4E Aggressor and F-16A Demonstrator are the other 2) I plan on building to revisit the kits my father built in 1980 for my brothers and myself while he was away doing training for the USAF. Will build it OOB using the supplied decals just as he built it, this was the model that I set as a benchmark in my early modeling career, I would stare at it for ours at all different angles imagining it in combat situations. The F-5 was lost in a move in 1985, a great loss to my collection.
  11. Whiskey

    SEU-3/A Ejection Seat

    Looking for an accurate aftermarket copy of the Stencil SEU-3/A ejection seat that was used by the USMC in the AV-8A's for my Monogram kit. I am fully aware there are several Stencel S-III-S (SJU-4) made in 1/48 and some manufacturers even advertise these as for the -A models however that is incorrect. Anyone have any ideas or should I just tinker with improving the kit seat?
  12. Hi all! I present to you my latest project, the 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E, "Red 08" in the unique Eggplant Dark Gray scheme of the Russian Air Force, circa 2014. This is really a great kit that has excellent fit almost everywhere, with the wing joins being the notable exception. The kit is not without other issues, however. The exhaust nozzles are molded in the straight position which would only be correct for a powered up machine, not drooped at rest. The stinger tail has flare boxes on the top, which is only correct for the prototypes and early production aircraft. Luckily for me, I wanted to do an early production Eggplant Gray aircraft so the stinger tail is correct OOB for my build. If one wants to do a current in-service aircraft, this would not be correct. Aftermarket used were the AMUR Reaver thrust vectoring nozzle to fix the droop issue, and Begemot Decals. The Begemot Decal sheet includes all the needed stencils for both the aircraft and weapons. The weapons are all OOB, and they are very nice, although I am no expert on the real ones, so I cannot comment on accuracy. But they look pretty accurate to me. I think this kit includes pretty much every Russian missile, bomb, and rocket pod currently in use. This will be a nice addition to my weapons bin ( The KH Fitter was the same way, so I am set with Russian Ordnance for a while!) I used copper wire for the static wicks, some thin scrap parts for the 4 straight probes near the nose cone, and a piece of scrap clear sprue to simulate the interior of the IRST. So, one of the things I really wanted to concentrate on this build was the metalwork. The real aircraft have an amazing array of colors from the heat-stressed titanium, and I am quite pleased with how that turned out. It does look a bit exaggerated in some pics, but in person the look is about perfect. The AMUR Nozzles are quite nice and are easy to remove from casting blocks, clean up, paint, and assemble. Very happy with these. I really enjoyed building this kit, and recommend it to everyone. I know the GWH Su-35 is coming, and I will be getting that one as well to do a blue camo in-service jet. But for someone wanting to do the splinter camo prototype or an early batch Eggplant jet, I would say get this kit. Hope you enjoy! Kit: 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E Decals: Begemot 48-039 Su-35 "New Generation of the Flanker" Aftermarket: A.M.U.R. Reaver Thrust Vectoring Nozzles Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Gray 1200 (main aircraft primer base) and Mr. Surfacer Black 1500, Akan Sukhoi Cockpit Blue-Gray, Mr Paint MRP-205 Eggplant Dark Gray, MRP-196 Light Blue, and MRP-032 Green for Wheels, Gunze Aqueous H305 Gunship Gray and H308 FS FS36375 Light Ghost Gray , Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Blue, and Clear Yellow, Gunze Mr Color GX2 Gloss Black (gloss black primer for metalwork) and Alclad II Hot Metal Violet, Airframe Aluminum, Gold Titanium, and Jet Exhaust. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 10:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Medium and Deep Gray panel washes.
  13. Hi! is anybody out there that may have a 1/48 MW-1 ammunition dispenser for the Tornado IDS? and that be willing to part with it? Hobby Boss does one for they Tornado IDS. Thanks for any help!! Byron
  14. I have accumulated a few pre war aircraft but had not built any due to the biplane configuration and rigging. I had tried to build the Classic Airframes F4B-4 a few years ago and it didn't go well because I had not considered the difficulty of doing the rigging in advance. I just followed the instructions (what are those). Fast forward a few years and I have figured out that you have to plan the rigging in advance. I have purchased many of Yellow Wing decals to get a lot of different markings options and a lot of yellow paint. I tried not to duplicate any color scheme and that is where the Yellow Wing decals came in handy. I started out with an easy kit, the Accurate Miniatures F3F-2. Attack Squadron F2F Very nice resin kit of an overlooked airplane. Same quality as the Accurate Miniatures kit. Had to try it again. Classic Airframes F4B-4. Something some of you may notice is the lower wing is painted gray and it should be aluminum dope. I missed it until it was too late : ( Classic Airframes P-6E Thanks for looking. Hope you like them. Geoff M
  15. Hi everyone! Back again after taking another break from building for awhile... So here is my latest completed project, the 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet in VFA-86 Sidewinders CAG markings circa 2006. I was drawn to the large orange diamond on the spine, much like the old A-7s of the same squadron in the late 70s, so I knew I had to build my first Legacy Hornet in those markings. Soon I will build a Corsair in the same "diamond spine" style markings. The decals I used are from Afterburner Decals "Snakes on a Plane" sheet. These performed flawlessly like usual. The kit itself is really nice, great detail and fit was quite good other than the intakes. That was a bit of a struggle there to align. The biggest issue I encountered with this build was self inflicted, however. A couple of weeks ago I had a long weekend off, and I decided I was going to try to finish the build that weekend, despite having a considerable amount of things to do. So I decided to skip the future coat step before decals, which I have never done before. Well, the decals went down ok (I did get some silvering I never get however), but the big issue was the wash. Man, it was a MAJOR pain to get that off, even with turpenoid. So I learned a lesson, I will not skip that step ever again! As far as aftermarket, I threw in a Quickboost seat and Aires closed nozzles. GBU-16s are from Hasegawa weapons set D, and AIM-9Xs are from the Tamiya F-16C Aggressor kit. Now that I have built a Hasegawa Hornet, I will be interested to see how the Kinetic one compares. Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet "Golden Dragons" boxing Decals: Afterburner Decals "Snakes on a Plane" Aftermarket: Aires Closed Exhaust Nozzles, Quickboost Ejection Seat, Hasegawa Weapons Set D Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous FS 33613 Radome Tan, FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, FS 36320 Dark Ghost Gray, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, and Burnt Iron. Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. Now on to the pics, I hope you like!
  16. Geoff M

    B-25J My latest addition

    It's been a while since I posted anything. I have finished quite a few so I will start putting them up here. Here is the first. Monogram's B-25J Gunship version. Out of the box except for the decals which date back to the 1985 IPMS/USA national convention. The first decal (the red and white strip behind the green) started fracturing when I put it on the model so I sprayed the rest with a thin layer of lacquer to seal them up before dipping in water. It was also my first try at using acrylic paints instead of my trusty Model Master paints. Hope you like it.
  17. murad


    This is from the ICM's set of luftwaffe winter pilot and field maintenance set #48086, enjoy
  18. imatt88

    A-1H Skyraider question

    Hey all, I have the 'Nam Tour of Duty Skyraider and I want to model the famous Navy Toilet Bomber Skyraider, What mods, if any, do I have to make to make it the Navy version? I've looked online, and the aircraft look visually the same.. Any help would be appreciated Cheers, Ian
  19. Some details of new PE set are installed on model. The set made of 0.05mm thick stainless steel and has many optional parts. ALM_3718 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3717 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3716 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3715 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3714 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3720 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3693 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3694 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3697 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3699 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3700 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3705 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3708 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3710 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_3713 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr F-14_Tamiya_instruction_PG1 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr F-14_Tamiya_instruction_PG2 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr One more little set of stiffeners around the airframe is also 0.05mm steel. ALM_3719 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr PE4819.Instr by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr http://amurreaver.ru/
  20. Hi all! I am back after a bit of a break with my latest completed model, the 1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen from 7 sqd of the Swedish Air Force. The kit is actually very nice to build, and has some really nice detail. There are a few errors in the kit, all of which are well known here and other sites. I myself was not too concerned with these issues, as they did not bother me, and by doing an in-flight build was able to avoid two of the bigger issues (canard flaps droop on the ground and way too thin wheels and tires). That also did not keep me from making some mistakes of my own on this build, mostly concerning the weapons load. Apparently AJ 37s did not carry anything on the outer pylons due to vibration (although this was fixed on the JA and other variants), and I mixed green training munitions with live RB 75s. Oops. I chose to do the Fields and Meadows splinter scheme, because OF COURSE. LOL This is without a doubt the most challenging paint and mask job I have ever done, and it is not even close. This makes the F-16C Blizzard scheme look like a walk in the park. Even with the DN Model masks this was extremely tedious, and required much touch up when finished, and I didn't get some areas exactly right. But all in all, I was very pleased when I removed the masks! The paints are all Gunze Aqueous except the black, which is Tamiya Rubber Black. I think the colors are a very nice match. When I think of the Viggen, I think of a few things that make this aircraft iconic. The unique shape. The fabulous green splinter scheme. And of course the flourescent red day-glo practice markings! I couldn't resist putting them on my model. For these I used the Euro Decal Viggen Day Glo sheet. I did have some problems with this sheet, unfortunately. First, these decals are very delicate, and tore at even the slightest resistance once place on the model. In fact, I originally was going to do "34" for sq 6, but I managed to destroy the #3 as I tried to place it. So I changed the number to 45 and had to be verrrrrry careful with the #4 , #5, and the vertical fin numbers. But I will say the Euro Decals are much brighter and look much closer to the real thing than the decals in the kit and the TwoBobs sheet. I also changed up my in-flight stand set up slightly with this model. Instead of the armature wire I had been using, I decided to try using flat aluminum bar. That worked out very well and I think it looks much cleaner and more eye pleasing. I will be using this method from now on. Here is what I used in this build: Kit: 1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen Decals: TwoBobs AJ/JA 37 Viggen, Euro Decals Viggen Day Glo numbers Aftermarket: CMK Bofors M/70 Rocket Pods, Eduard Maverick Missiles, Hasegawa Weapons Set C (for Aim-9Js to simulate Rb 24Js), Master Model Pitot set, and DN Model Splinter Camo Masks Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Gunze Aqueous H308, H309 Dark Green, H58 Light Green, and H310 Brown, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Blue, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash on the underside and black areas, and Deep Brown for the topside. Now on to the pics... Hope you enjoy!
  21. Thomas

    Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-21F-13

    Dear all when the MiG-21F-13 from Trumpeter was released, there was a thread here about it´s accuracy issues, IIRC. Using the search reveals nothing for me. Maybe I´m using the wrong key words. Does anybody has it still linked, or created it and can post the link? Many thanks, Thomas
  22. my favs are F`s

    F-23A Black Widow II - the rollout

    Hi all! Here is my recently finished model - the infamous F-23A Black Widow II, as she could have look like if entering into serial production. 🙂 The weathering also features quite a significant amount of "what if", but for the conversion i used all the unclassified pics and diagrams on the www.yf-23.net website. I tried to make this kit as correct as possible while sticking to the mentioned dimensions, angles, etc. - all the changes from the prototype version YF-23. As a base kit - it is the HobbyBoss's 1/48 kit and here is the WIP topic. (PS: the pics on the first pages are invisible... don't know why...) and another PS: the landing gear and the rudders move, so i'll take a couple of photosessions - in an in-flight mode and parked. Overall photoshoot:
  23. The beast has moveable landing gear and rudders 🙂 So this is the photoshoot only in a "parked" mod. Most of the pics are also on a direct sunlight, which helps make the Have Glass shines and reflections more pronounced. And of course - a big Thank you guys, for all the kindness, ideas and guidelines throughout this build! Here is the WIP topic and the "In-flight" Rollout. And now let's get started with some on-the-ground sillhouettes...
  24. my favs are F`s

    F-23A Black Widow II

    What`s up guys? :) Here is what i got yesterday - this wonderful HobbyBoss kit in 1/48. The YF-23 is a very cool plane, but i plan to make it even cooler - for instance how it should look like as a serial F-23A Black Widow II. Of cource, i don`t plan to start it any time sooner. Yet check out this monter kit - so nice boundaries and continuities and curves and shapes... beauty beauty!
  25. Hi- Just got an '80s NOS Monogram 1/48 F-104C via eBay, which dropped with the colorful 479th scheme and the SEA camo 'Smoke II" decal sheet. Unfortunately the OEM sheet is way out of register, with much of the print off the carrier and on the backing sheet. So I've been looking for Kursad's benchmark F-104C in Vietnam sheet and it is non-existent at pretty much all online and bricks-mortar shops... Sprue Bros, Hannants and others overseas... forget it. Does anyone have the partial sheet they'd be willing to part with, after finishing your chosen subject? Name your price.] Thanks-