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Found 26 results

  1. My Mikro-Mir Kalinin K-7 has survived the current vagaries of the international postal services and has finally arrived into my eager hands.... Ordered on-line from the Ukraine from :- https://amarket-model.com/ the kit was packed inside a stout carboard box with the contents cocooned in bubble wrap and although it took a while, it arrived undamaged - excellent service The impressive box art shows what the finished model should look like.... The massive wing is made from hollow fibreglass-resin with a superb glass-like surface finish with a restrained fabric effect - it spans a staggering 74 cm (29inches).... Underside view - with an La-5FN for scale..... The rest of the kit is injection-moulded plastic with excelent engraved detail - these are the vertical rudders.... The corrugated external finish is particularly well done - being very restrained and true to scale ..... I won't show all the sprues here - you can see them on my website :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_kalinin_k-7.html This sprue has the extremely delicate mouldings of the Scarffe rings and machine guns for the numerous gun turrets.... At 26cm (10.5in) - the tailplane is bigger than a Spitfires wing.... The tires have legible raised lettering........ The cockpit glazing is thin and crystal clear.... Self-adhesive masks are inluded - as is an etched brass fret and simple decal sheet. The instructions are printed on six A4 sheets - folded in half to make a twelve-page 'booklet'....... The centre page is the simple painting and decal placement guide..... This is an excellent new kit from Mikro-Mir and must have cost them a small fortune to create - an expense reflected in the retail price. It is an interesting replica of a bonkers design - and I can't wait to get it started... Ken
  2. Here's one I made earlier........... During a computer cleanout, I 're-discovered' my photos of a scratchbuilt A-90 Ekranoplan that I made some 20 years ago..... so I thought I'd share the build with you.... Excuse the quality of the photos - they are now quite old - and not the best I have ever taken. The build was inspired by the release of the Revell 1/44 scale A-90 - plus some drawings I found in the Russian magazine 'Aerohobby'.... The drawings are excellent - and most importantly - they have cross-sections, so they were scaled up to 1/72, on printed out in A4 and the sheets taped together. The main fuselage section is essentially a rectangular box - with a curved roof (like a railway carriage) and a vee-shaped planing bottom... Here's the inverted 'floor' with plastic card bulkeads attached as per the drawing to form the vee...... Now the right way up, the rectangulay starboard side panel is attached.... .... together with the port panel and rear bulkhead...... The fuselage inverted to show the planing vee... The centre keel of the rear fuselage is added and shaped bulkheads are attached on either side. The curved roof bulkheads are fitted to a centre keel to form the outline shape....... The planing bottom and flat rear side panels are attached........... The fin is made from a plastic card outline shape - with balsa wood stuck to both sides and sanded to aerofoil section....... Checking the fin for fit - and 'planking in' the lower rear fuselage with strips of narrow plastic card........ The port side lower rear fuselage is planked in.... The fin has the rudder separated and is skinned with thin plastic card... More later.... Ken
  3. It was expected that they will come around doing these versions too sooner or later. Well it is sooner, in the second half of 2020 Best regards Gabor
  4. Wasn’t there a topic on the Modelsvit Mirage III E kit from last year? Couls not find it, but anyway this is a brand new kit with new tool. At the time the Mirage IIIE kit received a lot of flak due to the overall riveting and the break down of parts. Noteworthy was the wing division. I believe it was a great idea to have the joint line away from panel lines making it easier to clean up. I also like the riveting for the natural metal finished aircraft. But of course this is only my opinion. I know that from French sources some critique was put forward towards the nose shape. I have the kit and it is perfect with some amazing details. Remember this is 72nd scale kit and some of the details are worthy of a 32nd kit. Listening to criticism Modelsvit decided to redo the kit. Completely new tool. The latest news is that sprues are in the finishing stages of work. And yes, there are no rivets all over the airframe. The wing structure was changed making it possible to drop control surfaces. Have no idea about the nose cone question but I am sure Laurent will have a word or two about it. The kit looks good overall. So I will have to invest in another Mirage III it seems. Best regards Gabor
  5. Just finished - the excellent 1/72nd injection moulded kit of the Russian Myasischev M-55 'Geophysica' from the Ukrainian firm of Modelsvit..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myasishchev_M-55 http://www.geophysica-eeig.eu/10ym55/khattatov.pdf It isn't the best model I've ever done - due to my clumsy errors - no blame on Modelsvit.... Modelsvit is to be applauded for producing such an unusual subject ... may they long continue. The kit is superb - I just wish I could have done it better (don't look too closely!) Here it is on the carpet - next to its predecessor - the single engined M-17 'Stratosphera' also by Modelsvit...... My thanks to Modelsvit for providing the kit The WIP discussion is here:- http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310367-m-55-geophysica-from-modelsvit/&tab=comments#comment-2978629 Ken
  6. Pure plastic. A very quick test build of the new Eduard MiG-21PFM 1/72 nd scale kit. This is the kit to be released in January next. This is a PP version, a Pure Plastic kit, straight out of box. Just to see what the finished kit would look like. Find pitfalls for my other “full colour” build of this new kit. Do some testing. Here is the fully built kit on a MiG-21HUD glass. (OK I know the PFM did not have this HUD version but still. . . ) Nothing added, just the kit as it is, no detailing, no extras, not a drop of paint. Just glue and the pure plastic kit. I was interested to see what can one do in few days from the plastic parts. The only work carried out – apart from gluing all the parts together – was the cleaning of all the parts after cutting them from the sprues. Not easy to make the position of sprue gates invisible due to plastic flow in these places. But as much as possible they were sanded and polished to make them “invisible”. Under normal conditions the first layer of primer paint would hide almost all of them. But here . . . Although there is no flash on the parts but still a very thin line is visible where the two sided injection moulding tools meet. The lines were lightly sanded and polished to get rid of them. Tried to avoid any glue marks to be able to show the plastic parts in their pure beauty. Details of the Gp-9 gun pack This is all. The kit can be built in few hours straight out of box (OK in a weekend), it took me few days only because I left some drying time for liquid cement and the extra cleaning as well as doing some other traditional things like sleeping, eating . . . Some more photos of this kit soon. Best regards Gabor
  7. Inspired by a discussion about building a Su-37 - The discussion suggested combining the back end of the 1/72 scale two-seat Zvezda Su-30SM with the front end of the Zvezda Su-33 to make the single seat Su-37. A new longer (and slightly fatter) nose is needed - along with taller, square-tipped fins - plus a few other minor changes - but the whole thing looks do-able. I have both kits in my stash, so I got both out for comparison - and liked what I saw.... so here goes.... As they are both from the same manufacturer, the panel lines match up - the Su-30SM is on the left - with the Su-33 on the right. The fuselages butchered / separated....... Note how the airbrakes differ. .... and swapped over (the left hand one will be the Su-37, the right-hand one will become a Chinese J-17/J-15D) Plastic card strips used the strengthen the joint. Now, I just need to work out how to do the fatter/longer Su-37 radome. More later.. Ken
  8. Just finished - the Modelsvit kit of the record-breaking MiG E-166...... It's really a MiG-152M............. ....... .but the designation was changed for the FAI record-breaking flights - to fool the west. The three stars representing the record-breaking flights...... It is a typical Modelsvit kit - highly detailed, but with large spue gates and every part had to be 'fettled' to clean them up. The decal sheet is superb - as are the instructions, etched brass parts and canopy/wheel masks. It fought me all the way though - but I won in the end. More pictures of the build here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_e-166.html The real thing resides at Monino..... The E-166 completes my collection of Modelsvit 'BiG MiGs' ........ Ken
  9. The last of the 'BiG MiG' kits from the Ukrainian company of Modelsvit - the record breaking 'E-166'......... The plastic is exactly the same as the E-152M kit - wiith appropriate differences (no missiles, canards etc..) The box art shows the E-166 on public display at Domodedovo airport..... The eight-page instruction booklet is clear and well-printed with easy to read construction diagrams The colour painting guide is keyed to Humbrol paints. The big difference is the new decal sheet - the blue flash for the fuselage is included, but the similar blue flash on the fin has to be painted on - although Modelsvit do provide a vinyl mask for it. I won't include photos of the sprues - they are exactly the same as in the E-152M build - here. I have already done the 'sister ships'...... E-150, E-152, E-152-1 and E-152M - so this latest kit should complete the lineup of MiG's on steroids. The E-166 web page where the WIP will take place is here. Ken
  10. Has anyone seen photos of NASA SR-71 844 (last of the SR71s flying) with the LASRE/X-33 Aerospike rocket engine rig mounted on its hump? Then you thought that it would be cool to model this SR71, but building the LASRE/Aerospike rig from scratch was just a little too much work. Well I asked Michael Key of "The Aerospace Place" to build me one & he did. Michael now is offering this part to the model world 3D printed from Shapeways. 3D parts are never cheap when printing in the better resolutions & this part is $87. He made it to fit the NASA Hasegawa SR-71 1/72 kit (#00840) but it should fit any 1/72 SR-71. If you can't find the NASA Hasegawa SR-71 1/72 kit ,Caracal will be printing a SR-71 decal sheet that should include NASA SR-71 markings. But I got more good news I did a .pdf of the LASRE/Aerospike decals (markings on the LASRE wing & canoe) so you can print your own. The NASA meatball (5mm) is mounted on a black background so a inkjet decal will not work, the rest of the decals are mounted on the white LASRE wing.* I can email you the .pdf for the decals or Michael can email you also. Here's a photo of my completed Hasegawa SR-71. Keith * NASA has a few photos of the LASRE/Aerospike rig being installed on top of SR-71 844. At time of installation the black part of the LASRE canoe had a lot of white logos on it like "Lockheed Martin". But when the SR-71 actually flew only the NASA meatball was shown on the black canoe. I hope this clears up why my decal .pdf sheet does not have all the logos seen while the LASRE rig was installed. ** look below at newer posts about nose weight! *** look at newer posts for 1/48 scale info Link to Shapeways part: https://www.shapeways.com/product/EP6ACZQNH/nasa-lasre-pod-for-1-72-sr-71-model
  11. It isn't the best model I have ever made - but I'm calling it finished..... The ABM resin kit of the Beriev R-1...... Powered by 2 X Klimov RD-45 (RR Nene copy) turbojets, it was Beriev's first attempt at a jet flying boat. The Beriev OKB had lots of trouble getting the R-1 to become airborne - suction formed under the planing step and it took a long time to cure the problem............ Making it's first flight in 1952, only a single R-1 was built and the project was terminated in 1956.. This is a superb resin kit from newcomer ABM - but due to my failing eyesight and fat fingers, I haven't done it justice. The beaching gear is scratchbuilt. The R-1 next to its slighly more successful big brother - the Beriev Be-10.... More photos here. Ken
  12. CAD images just arrived - ready to start moulding plastic....... I have no further information on actual release date - other than soon. Ken
  13. Just finished - after a bit of a fight - the latest 'BIG MiG' from Modelsvit........ the MiG E-152-1.... Usual fare from Modelsvit - excellent panel detail, large sprue gates, superb decal sheet, canopy masks and etched fret - a complete package. I had trouble getting the fuselage halves to close up around the cockpit/intake trunking - but won in the end. The dummy K-9 missile are painted to look like AIM-7 Sparrows. Business end of the massive Tumanskiy R-15-300 turbojet. This latest MiG joins my others in this range of huge MiG interceptors from Modelsvit.... More photos and the parts sprues are here.. Ken
  14. Just finished - the excellent 1/72 scale T10-10 Flanker prototype from Modelsvit....... This really is the best yet from Modelsvit - crisp moulding with nice engraved panel detail, etched brass parts, self adhesive masks - a complete package. The anti-FOD guard on the nosewheel is realistically done - with a separate wheel and the guard in two halves - unlike the one-piece moulding on some Flanker kits. Spot the difference - first and latest Flankers - T10-10 and Su-35S........ More photos - build and finished model - here. WIP thread - here. Ken
  15. Look what Santa brought.... the latest 1/72 scale kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit... the Sukhoi T10 Flanker prototype. Excellent box art showing Bort 'Yellow 10' - one of two options in the box. Top and bottom fuselage halves - with delicate engraved detail.. Ogival shaped wing parts - totally different to the production T10S 'Flanker-B'. Plus fins and tailplanes. Engine nacelles for the Al-21F engine fitted to the prototypes. Nose gear, mainwheel bays and cockpit parts. The sprues now have part numbers moulded on next to the part - a useful development. Main undercarriage parts and wheels. Jetpipes, compressor faces and afterburner flameholders - all neatly moulded. 2 X R-27ET plus 2 X R-27ER missiles - as fitted to these prototypes. Crystal clear canopies - both open and closed options. Early K-36 ejection seat - made up from 26 parts !!!! Decal sheet - note the two instrument panels - one for the plastic panel, one for the etched brass option. Etched parts - plus the plastic IRST ball. The clear perspex is for the etched HUD !!!! I didn't photograph the self-adhesive masks - which contains masks for the wheel hubs as well as masks for both inside and outside of the canopy !! Back page of the 12-page construction booklet. This is a fantastic kit from Modelsvit - crisply moulded with delicate engraved panel detail, plus etched brass parts and canopy masks - a truly comprehensive package. Ken
  16. Just finished the A&A Models EWR VJ-101C-X2 German VTOL fighter testbed.... The main engines are in VTOL mode - with the translating intakes extended and the front lift engines intake and exhaust doors open. The main engines horizontal in CTOL mode (when the translating intakes would be retracted and the forward engine doors closed) CTOL..... VTOL. Build and finished model photos here..... Ken
  17. Always a sucker for the oddball, I recently purchased this latest kit from Ukrainian manufacturer A&A Models... It is a kit of the German design for a VTOL fighter - the EWR VJ-101 - with four engines in swivelling wing tip nacelles backed up with two more mounted vertically behind the cockpit - making SIX in all. Moulded by Modelsvit on behalf of A&A Models the kit represents the second prototype and is neatly moulded in mid-grey plastic with fine engraved detail... Fuselage sprues. Parts for the swivelling wingtip nacelles - which can be made to work (though not in unison!) Wings and things. Boarding ladder, ejection seat and two choices of clear canopy - open or closed. Canopy masks, etched harness and decal sheet. Paint and decal guide for the second prototype - quoting Humbrol numbers. This looks to be a very nice comprehensive kit, well moulded and packaged with different display options - the inclusion of canopy masks and etched brass now appears to be the norm with these kits from the Ukraine - western manufacturers please take note! The box sides indicate that A&A will be kitting the first prototype VJ-101C-X1 - plus the VAK-191 VTOL strike aircraft I can't wait to get started........ Ken
  18. Look what the postman just delivered - the latest in Modelsvit's coverage of the MiG family - the I-320 all-weather fighter... Box art.... Is it ugly or what ?? The instruction sheet gives a short potted history plus colour matches to Humbrol paints... Colour painting guide - for the third prototype...(note the very welcome paint masks for the complicated canopy framework) Another page from the instruction booklet showing the well-detailed VK-1 engine, the multi-part ejection seats and the cockpit/intake assembly. The two-part fuselage with separate starboard fin... Wings, tailplanes and slipper tanks.... Ken
  19. Designed to fulfil a Soviet AF requrement for an all-weather/night fighter, the MiG I320 employed two Klimov VK-1 centrifugal turbojets mounted in tandem - the front engine exhausting under the centre fuselage, the rear engine with a conventional tail exhaust. The two crew were seated side-by-side under a clear canopy and the third prototype was fitted with a 'Korshun' (Kite) radar in a thimble radome above the front intake. Making its first flight in 1949, the MiG I-320 had a rival in the similarly laid out Lavochkin La-200 (tandem VK-1 engines, Korshun radar, side-by-side seating, 3 x 37mm cannon) and the Sukhoi Su-15 (tandem RD-45 engines, Toryii radar, single seat, 2 x 37mm cannon) None of the three rivals made it to production - the night fighter requirement was finally met by the later Yak-25. Modelsvit have now produced a kit of the MiG I-320 in 1/72 scale - and what a cracker it is, with fine engraved detail, well moulded parts, self-adhesive masks for the canopy, wheel hubs, gun blast area and the small aerials on the fin. Construction was fairly straight forward - see my WIF here. This is certainly their best kit yet in terms of finesse - it even incorporates part numbers on the sprues for the first time... Enough talk, here are some pics of the finished model...... Underside showing the two staggered jet exhausts. Top view - note the excellent clear canopy and the neat panel detail. Open airbrakes are included. The only thing I replaced was the cannon barrels - from thin metal tubing. Looking like a basking shark.... Ken
  20. I have now got both of the existing 1/72 scale kits - the new one from Trumpeter (2017 release) - and the old one from Italeri (released in 1995) - so I thought I'd do a comparison.... these are just my personal opinions BTW..... The Trumpeter kit is typical from them - excellent packaging, crisp moulding and loads of weaponry and very expensive - but also some shape errors. It also represents the latest configuration - whereas the Italeri kit is of a Su-34 from about 20 years ago... Trumpeters excellent box art....... .... and superb packaging. But the nose is way off !!! .... compared to the real thing Italeri got it much better - all those years ago..... Italeri upper fuselage mated to Trumpeter lower.... Italeri lower fuselage mated to Trumpeter upper. Note the strakes on the Trumpeter kit (an addition since Italeri kitted their version). Trumpeter moulded the fuselage and wings as one part...... (but got the wingspan wrong - they measured the span WITHOUT the wingtip launch rails - so it works out at 208mm instead of the correct 204mm - Italeri is nearer at 205mm) Note also the sharp edge to the curved engine nacelles..... Italeri's nacelles are blended in better - much more subtle. Italer got their fins wrong - the early Su-34 prototypes had a taller fin taken from the Su-27UB - it was later replaced with a shorter fin taken from a single-seat Su-27. Trumpeter's fin (on the left) is better. Trumpeter provide the latest tailboom - with a built-in APU - but it is a half-hearted attempt - you have to cut out a recess and fit the intake grille into it. And.... they don't provide the APU exhaust flaps at the top rear of the tailboom.... Trumpeter (top) and Italeri tailbooms - Italeri is too long. More later Ken
  21. Finally finished - the latest in Modelsvit's growing collection of one-off MiG prototypes..... this is the MiG E-152M. Apart from a few issues getting the cockpit/intake sub-assembly to fit, the rest was just the normal 'limited run' type of kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit. Great surface detail, comprehensive decal sheet, etched brass parts, self-adhesive masks for the wheel hubs, dielectric panels on the wings and the canopy - but with the usual large sprue gates with every part needing to be 'fettled' before assembly. It looks highly accurate and was a pleasure to build. Three wingtip options are included - with dummy (port) and test(Stbd) missiles. The canards can be left off - replaced by a fairing. The centreline drop tank is optional - it was not carried during its few flights. Canards and front-opening canopy - note the HUD. This latest E-152M is the third 'BiG MiG' from Modelsvit - following their E-150 and E-152A..... All these many prototypes led, eventually, to the successful MiG-25...... I hope that Modelsvit will re-issue this kit with markings for the record-breaking E-166... More photos here. Ken
  22. F/S three 1/72 Minicraft B-24 kits and set of Lifelike Decals. 1.B-24D 2. B-24J Dragon and His Tail 3. B-24L Cocky Bobby Lifelike Decal set #72-031 with Markings for 4 aircraft as follows: B-24D The Goon B-24J Shoo Shoo Baby B-24L Mickey Finn B-24M Sleepy Time Gal Kits boxes are open. Kits are complete and unstarted. Decal set complete and uncut 48.00 plus shipping I take Paypal as well as personal check or Money Order contact licin (at) Comcast (dot) net Thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  23. Hey guys, I'm looking for the following parts from the ESCI RF-4C/E; tail's slated wings. http:// Send me a pm for further details. Many thanks.
  24. Finally finished - my conversion of the new injection-moulded Amodel Be-10 'Mallow' into the proposed missile-carrying Be-10N (it never actually flew) The radar nose is from a 1/350 scale nuclear submarine - and the K-10BS anti-ship missiles are scratched from plastic knitting needles and plastic card. More photos - including WIP - here. Ken
  25. Just finished - the huge MiG-152A in 1/72 scale from Modelsvit....... Twin R11F-300 powered MiG-152A fitted with two dummy K-9 missiles. Looking like a 1/48 scale fuselage fitted with a 1/72 scale wing - the E-152A was assigned the ASCC Reporting Name 'Flipper'. The fins on the real K-9 missiles were painted black to make them look like Sparrow missiles. Twin exhausts and massive ventral fins. Big MiG pair from Modelsvit - single-engined E-150 (left) and twin-engined E-152A (right). E-150 and E-152A compared. WIP photos are here. Ken
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