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Found 2 results

  1. Here's one I made earlier........... During a computer cleanout, I 're-discovered' my photos of a scratchbuilt A-90 Ekranoplan that I made some 20 years ago..... so I thought I'd share the build with you.... Excuse the quality of the photos - they are now quite old - and not the best I have ever taken. The build was inspired by the release of the Revell 1/44 scale A-90 - plus some drawings I found in the Russian magazine 'Aerohobby'.... The drawings are excellent - and most importantly - they have cross-sections, so they were scaled up to 1/72, on printed out in A4 and the sheets taped together. The main fuselage section is essentially a rectangular box - with a curved roof (like a railway carriage) and a vee-shaped planing bottom... Here's the inverted 'floor' with plastic card bulkeads attached as per the drawing to form the vee...... Now the right way up, the rectangulay starboard side panel is attached.... .... together with the port panel and rear bulkhead...... The fuselage inverted to show the planing vee... The centre keel of the rear fuselage is added and shaped bulkheads are attached on either side. The curved roof bulkheads are fitted to a centre keel to form the outline shape....... The planing bottom and flat rear side panels are attached........... The fin is made from a plastic card outline shape - with balsa wood stuck to both sides and sanded to aerofoil section....... Checking the fin for fit - and 'planking in' the lower rear fuselage with strips of narrow plastic card........ The port side lower rear fuselage is planked in.... The fin has the rudder separated and is skinned with thin plastic card... More later.... Ken
  2. WIP Here :- Some pics of the finished model........ The contraprops came from an old Contrail vacform Tu-95, the number 21 was painted on using a cutout mask and the eagle emblem was made by a friend who scaled up the Revell 1/144 A-90 kit decal. My 1/72 scale Orlyonok at speed across my lounge carpet... Closeup of the cockpit glazing - note the rear view mirrors and simple 'artificial horizon'. The rough red outline is deliberate! Note the large anti-spray strakes... Scratchbuilt gun turret with 12.7mm barrels from suitable tubing. Rear engine and contraprops - note the APU exhaust and Russian Navy flag. NK-12MK turboprop showing the 'pen nib' exhaust fairing. Sequence showing the nose opening..... Note the cruise engine exhaust nozzle - note that I have got it wrong - it should be narrower to allow it to pivot to direct the thrust under the wings for takeoff and straight back for cruise. Almost fully open - note the front hydroski with its beaching wheel..... Loading ramps extended... The BTR-80 is a crude limited-run injection-moulded kit that I picked up in Moscow many years ago - long before the current crop of decent kits. Closeup of the sideways-opening nose... On display at Scalemodelworld 2014 - next to my Modelsvit An-124 and Flankers - to show scale. Closer view from Telford... The model was made long before I photgraphed the real thing - now on display on Khimki reservoir in Moscow... After being floated upriver on the Volga from Kasspiisk on the Caspian Sea, the A-90 'Orlyonok' ekranoplan - number 26 - is being prepared for display at Khimki reservoir in 2007. Note the cruise ships at the Moscow North River Terminal in the background. I'll post more of my pics later... Ken
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