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Found 22 results

  1. Magach 6

    Academy kit no 1367, IDF blazer with kmt 4 mine rollers built entirely OOB, cheers.
  2. Hello friends Here I bring you one of the main fighters that the United States used in the Second World War. It is the P-47 Thunderbolt in its long-range N version. It is made of the brand Academy at 1/48 scale. https://youtu.be/9ly3cgH2VgU Greetings and I hope you like it
  3. Decided to go with Academy's new FA-18F Super Hornet (new tooling). Going to build this as an air to air specific interceptor with all air to air missiles (6-8 Aim-120C/D and 2x AIM-9X). Weapons spread will be 2x Sidewinders on wingtips, 2x AMRAAMS each on two underwing dual LAU 115 launchers, and two AMRAAMS on single LAU 127 launchers. May put another 2x AMRAAMS on additional single LAU 127s on each wing for 8 AMRAAMS total (less realistic build). Using the Hasegawa Weapons 5 kit for most of the AIM-120s and the LAUs. I do have the option of using the Attack Squadron ones I purchased, but I have a huge mess of CA glue to clean to make them look halfway decent. Also doing this SuperBug in Jolly Rogers livery as included on the box. Initial bits: Top and bottom connected with intakes (masked internally). Sensor Pod also attached. Wondering if I should use a razor saw to cut the Flaps apart for a bit of added realism. Turbines painted in a mix of Alclad Pale Burnt Metal and Steel. Exhaust bits also painted in Alclad Pale Burnt Metal and Steel mixed (not sure of ratio). Cockpit tub is painted in Dark Gull Gray as well as all the instrument panels and the inside of the upper airframe structure. All the LAUs, missiles and drop tanks are painted. 2 underwing tanks in Light Ghost Gray, underbelly in MM gloss black. Up Next: Cockpit tub detailing, installation, and completing assembly. Then primer, preshading, and base coat(s).
  4. Hello all Here are pics of the build process for this kit, the model is already finished and you can see it here. Complete model This is the academy kit along with the eduard photoetch set and cmk cockpit resin set which also include a vacuformed canopy and photoetch parts. The kit was modified to make it more accurate or to enhance the detail; my knowledge on this subject is limited so feel free to comment about so others could benefit. If you are going to build this kit I recommend to correct the wing dihedral at least, otherwise the model will look odd at first glance, in this pic you could see the difference. The first modification was to carve the oil filter duct to make it thinner and to insert the detail from the eduard set. The wheel wells in the kit are too shallow, pieces of thick styrene strips were glued to the top side in order to increase the depth. The wells were cut through and then covered with thin plastic card. A more accurate representation would be to extend the wells all the way to the upper wing. The spent shell chutes were cut off and covered with hollowed pieces of sprue, also you can see that the flap sections were replaced with parts from eduard. The two tiny white squares in the center are styrene strips to support the upper wing part at the proper height and were added before cutting off the flaps otherwise it would be difficult to properly align them. Detail on the wells were added using styrene strips and eduard parts.
  5. Hello Phantom Phans. This WIP is for the forthcoming Brigade Models conversion set for Academys F-4B into the prototype F4H-1. I have obtained from Kevin a pre production test shot of the mouldings as seen at SMW this year. This does not include canopies or decals as they are not ready yet. Availability of the set should be March next year. Kevin has agreed to add a second seat so later small radome aircraft can be built. Any changes for this will be up to the modeller, as the main purpose here is for a first flight aircraft. Also, there are no instructions (I suspect I may be writing them now). Onto what you will get. This first picture shows what you get. This first pic shows the parts, except for canopy, decals, and the pitot probe, which I do have. This pic shows where to cut on the wings (for the perforated airbrakes) and the fuselage. Close up of the wing where the airbrake goes. Note that either the wing can be cut, or alternatively, the resin part could be used as a master to drill your own holes in the wing. Here is a close up of the fuselage cut point. And the cut made. Another part that needs cutting is the forward under fuselage (part F40) The resin intakes and the kit trunking is being joined. Some fettling may be required for a perfect fit. Airbrakes being sorted. Airbrakes fitted. Note that the gap is my fault, not the kits (my cutting skills still need work). First look at the front fuselage. The black parts are kit parts. They mate to the resin perfectly. That is all for this introductory part. Ted
  6. This is my first build. Had lots and lots of issues throughout the process, but finally was able to finish it and am pretty happy with the overall results! If you'd like the full backstory on the journey, check out the in progress thread: Enjoy!
  7. Hello all Looking for a simple project to give the first try at acrylics paints, pulled out this model from the stash. Japanese WWII aircraft are the least of my interest subjects so, in my mind, everything about the zero was well documented and the only topic unsettled was if the hinomaru paint flake off as bad as the rest of the paint or crews keeps it in pristine conditions. I thought a few clicks on google would solve this but instead realized how little I knew. After several months of work in the model, web surfing and two books read finally got it completed, still managed to get some accuracy things wrong but here it is, comments and critiques are always welcomed. Academy kit, CMK cockpit set, Eduard detail set, Aber and Master gun barrels, EZ-line antenna cable. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo primer, metallics and flat coating. Weathering with pastel chalks, Tamiya panel line accent, AMMO pigments and oil brushes Regards Carlos
  8. Merkava Mk.III Academy 1/35

    Hello friends I certainly could not miss this tank in my collection, in my opinion one of the best currently. Over the years it has been updated, hence its four versions that have demonstrated their capabilities on the ground. I wanted to place the model on a platform simulating an arid terrain where it has usually been its battlefield. https://youtu.be/GhRKlpQ7iOQ Greetings and I hope you like mates
  9. Best to text me at Five63Five83Five089 if you want first dibs or additional info and pics. Shipping is at cost per weight and zip Code, USPS. PayPal only. $75- 1/32 F-16CG/CG Block 40/50 Fighting Falcon. + Black Box resin F-16C Viper cockpit set For Academy kit # CS 32025 + Orion Models vinyl fuselage reinforcement plates for Academy
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for the Academy 1/72 scale F/A-18D Hornet, kit #12422. Has anyone out there got a kit or two for sale at a reasonable price? Must be complete (minus weapons) and unstarted. Don't need to be sealed. I will pay for shipping to Sweden, and prefer PayPal as payment option. TIA!
  11. I'm thinking of trying to pick up Quick boost's OH-6A conversion. I saw (somewhere) that the Academy kit is recommended. If the Academy and Hasegawa kits are essentially the same plastic then I'll probably pick up whichever is cheaper. For some reason the Minicraft/Hasegawa releases seem to go cheaper. I remember building both of the earlier Hasegawa releases back when they first came out and I remember them as being pretty basic kits that went together pretty well. TIA
  12. F/A-18C HORNET Academy 1/32

    Hello partners Model F / A-18C Hornet, scale model 1/32 scale Academy. The model is on a surface that simulates the deck of an aircraft carrier. A greeting and I hope you like it
  13. Today for your buying pleasure we have the following 1/35 Helos for sale. Please make offers if you feel I'm off on the price. I prefer Paypal as payment but will also take money orders or cash at your risk. Prices do not include shipping. All kits complete. Dragon UH-1D Huey - $45 Academy AH-60L DAP - $30 1/32 Monogram AH-1G Cobra - $30 Again, if you see something you want, shoot me an offer... you never know... Thanks for looking, Kevin
  14. Began this build well, then disaster struck in a moment of pure idiocy. I laid it down in a puddle of plastic cement..... Nice. Then, I had this: Will not be using heat guns so nonchalantly anymore. FLash forward a week later: This is after 5-6 rounds of putty/sand and priming. No scribing, and some detail is gone, but oh well, its workable. Close up on the fix. Fast forward another week (to last night): First coat of MM Gunship Gray is down and smooth as can be hoped for. Now I wait. Let it cure up for 72 hours minimum and work on weapons/other models in the meantime.
  15. Need help fixing some mistakes

    While building my new tool 1/72 Academy F15E, I melted two pieces of the model. First, while using a heat gun, I moderately warped the section that the thrust nozzles connect to. Then, purely out of dumb luck, placed the nearly complete upper fuselage into a puddle of plastic cement. I have contacted the US distributor to get some replacement parts, but at the same time, I see this as an opportunity to learn something useful about fixing stupid mistakes. As such, I would love some advice on how to correct these issues.
  16. Hi all, brand new user here and at 60 years old and forced retirement around the corner, I want to get back in the hobby. I got the Academy Minicraft B-29A Enola Gay and I am utterly confused by the paint numbers on the instruction sheet. I have looked at some of the paint conversion web sites but without much help.. Can someone guide me in the right direction on coverting paint numbers to Tamiya or other well known paint manufacturers? Thank you very much..
  17. Academy is to release a - new tool or Italeri kit rebox ? - 1/48th Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet - ref. 12316 Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5169820785 This ref. number was not announced in the catalogue 2017: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235014703-academy-catalogue-2017-programme-newsletter-1q-2017/ V.P.
  18. Prices do not include shipping. I can take Paypal or money order or cash at your own risk. My e-mail is kbtaylor1204(at)comcast(DOT)net 1/48 Hasegawa FGR Mk.2 package - $65 --Aires 4361 Exhaust nozzles --Aires 4288 Cockpit set --Aires 4415 Wheels & paint masks --Eduard 49 262 Color P.E. set Academy F-4C/D package - $85 --Academy ROKAF F-4D kit missing kit decals --Wolfpack WP48192 F-4B/C/D exhaust nozzle set --Wolfpack WP48173 F-4B/C/D Martin Baker MK.H5 seats --Aires 4688 F-4C/D wheel bays with covers --Eduard Brassin 648 142 F-4C wheels --Eduard 49672 F-4C Color P.E. interior --Quickboost 48 720 F-4 arresting hook --Hypersonic Models a/c intakes --DEF Models DS48006 F-4 FOD covers set --Furball 48-032 Gray Phantoms - Early F-4Cs in Vietnam --Furball 48-041 F-4 Canopy seals --Furball FWT 48-001 Transparent blue windscreen tint Zoukei Mura SWS F-4J package - $85 PENDING --Eduard Brassin exhaust nozzels --Eduard Brassin wheels --Legend productions Martin Baker Mk.H7 seats Zoukei Mura SWS F-4S package - $80 PENDING --Furball FPE-003 P.E. set --MAW Decals 48-006 VMFA-232 & 333 --Legend productions Martin Baker Mk.H7 seats Zoukei Mura SWS F-4C - $65 PENDING Decals Furball 48-046 F-4 Walkway decals - $4 Kits-World KW148118 F-4B/C/D Phantom Stenciling for Gray/White scheme - $10 Eduard D48024 F-4C Stencils - $10 Warbird Decals 48-037 F-4C/D Stencils - $10 Zoukei Mura SWS48-04-D01 F-4J (UK) Decals - $15 Icarus 48005 F/RF-4E Stencil Data White - $15 IsraDecal IAF-38 RF-4 Phantom Stencils for camouflaged schemes - $15 1/72 Revell Breguet Atlantic - $30 Revell Breguet Atlantic Anniversay - $35 Eduard L-39C Weekend Ed. - $20 Prefer to sell but if you have any of the following you'd like to let go.... looking for these WNW kits at this time... Hansa Brandenburg W.29 Re.8 Harry Tate Felixstowe / Hansa Brandenburg W.29 Duellist Fokker E.III / DH.2 Duellist Camel / LVG Duellist Thanks for looking, Kevin
  19. Need some help. I've got a couple 1/72 A-37's I'm starting and wondering if any kind soul would happen to have the decals for the 19th TASS, 51st TFW out of Osan Korea from either the Academy "Black Eagles" kit #1672 or the Hasegawa kit #00142 they would be willing to sell? Thanks for any help.
  20. Here: V.P.
  21. Hey everyone I have an original Revell (not the nicer/better Reboxed Monogram) F-14 Tomcat and its missing a Radome I actually tried to fit some other Radomes on it from other manufacturers, no luck.. The academy might work and since Steel Beach makes a resin replacement for the Academy Tomcat nose, I thought someone may have a spare original lying around they could help me with PM if you can help, will pay (but not much, this kit sucks) :) Thank you for looking
  22. This kit was an Israel version from Academy, i got it in a cheap price without decals and all weapons, and decided to turn this kit as a E version. Jet itself: academy kit, wings and front fuselage fit poor, I rescribe some panel lines, and add rivets. Bombs and missiles: Kinetic parts, IMO Academy weapons and pods are better fit and detail than kinetic. Decals: Bestfong decals, the film is thin and adhesive is good, but due to different colors, have to add layer and layers for one pattern. Here comes pics, hope you enjoy.