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Found 1 result

  1. Mongo's Massive Stash Sell-Off continues… This time it's: Just Jets Part II; The "Other Guys".. Condition: All items are complete and un-started unless specified otherwise. Codes: o = box and bags open (contents inventoried, any exceptions noted. oibs = box open, inner bags factory sealed msib - manufacturer sealed in original box Trades: I have only a few trades I'm interested in as follows: Airfix 1/48 Ju 87B-2 AO7115 (will trade for Airfix Ju 87B-1 AO7114) Roden C-123K #058 (will trade for Roden C-123B USCG #062) Classic Airframes Baltimore #4139 (will trade for one or two of the Classic Airframes kits listed below depending on value, or other stuff on this list; make an offer…) Please see the ROE at the bottom. Academy (1/48) Hunter FGA.9 2169 $24 oibs MiG 21MF Fishbed J 2171 $24 msib Su-27 2131 $30 re-sealed by a reputable dealer AeroMaster (1/48) MiG 17 4802 $40 msib ex-SMER, w/ lots of detail bits & decals Airfix (1/48) Sea Harrier 1-4410 $14 o MPC boxing Harrier GR.3 05102 $20 msib Hawk T.1 05111 $17 msib Red Arrows Classic Airframes(1/48) Attacker 4102 $35 msib Meteor F.4 477 $35 oibs Sea Hawk 465 $40 msib Condor (1/48) He 178 V1 48002 $25 msib Czech Model (1/48) Yak 15 4804 $25 msib DML (1/48) He 162A-2 5508 $27 oibs Eduard (1/48) MiG 21 bis 84131 $28 msib Weekend Mirage III CJ 8494 $28 oibs Weekend ESCI (1/48) Kfir C.2 4007 $10 o Mirage IIIE 4030 $10 oibs Fine Molds (1/48) J8M Shusui FB19 $25 oibs Hobbycraft (1/48) MiG 17PF HC1594 $15 oibs Hobby Boss (1/48) J-29B Tunnan 81746 $32 msib Italeri (1/48) Mirage F.1 CT/CR 2618 $20 msib Kitty Hawk (1/48) Su 22 M3/4 Fitter F 80146 $66 oibs KP (1/48) Su-22K M4 KP4001 $25 oibs Monogram (1/48) Mirage 2000 5446 $12 msib Mil-24 Hind 5819 $17 oibs Box fair OEZ (1/48) Su-7 BLK Fitter 2 $15 oibs Revell Germany (1/48 ) Tornado IDS 03987 $36 msib Tornado F.3 ADV 03925 $32 msib Special Hobby (1/72) Gloster E.28/39 48017 $30 msib Tamiya (1/48) He 162A-2 61097 $31 msib Me 262A-2a 61082 $35 msib Kit includes Kettenkraftrad MiG 15 bis 89535 $26 msib Silver plated Trumpeter (1/48) MiG 21 F-13 02858 $27 oibs MiG 23M Flogger B 02853 $45 msib Su 15 TM Flagon F 02811 $30 msib ROE: Price: The price I paid is your price. Some prices are below my cost and are adjusted to be competitive with eBay and Amazon. If you find the exact item on-line by a "real" retailer (Sprue Brothers, Squander, Hannants, etc. - eBay "stores" etc. don't count) for less (their regular discounted price) I'll beat it by 10%. Consideration given to multiple purchases. Offers entertained, insults ignored. Prices in USD. First person to respond (based on the time-stamp on your communication) accepting the posted price gets the item. Please contact me by direct e-mail: mongo01 -at- twc -dot- com I'll keep an eye out for FB messages as well. Shipping: USPS Priority at actual cost from 45102. Will combine shipping as able. CONUS preferred, but will deal OCONUS and international (caveat emptor: shipping rates can be astronomical and any destination country taxes and duties are the buyer's responsibility). Big kits/big orders mean big boxes and big shipping costs, sorry, blame USPS, not me; I'll do my best to ship at minimum cost. If you prefer, I will ship ground with appropriate insurance. I will ship as soon as possible but I have a real life and a real job and spend a lot of time out of town; it may take up to a week before shipping (I'll let you know up front). Payment: PayPal preferred. I also accept Yankee dollars, gold and silver bullion (NY spot price), USPS money orders, Euros and GBP notes at par. No Zimbabwean dollars, Iraqi dinars or Bitcoin!
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