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Found 6 results

  1. I'm considering building an early, Cold War AH-64 using Monogram's old 1/48th scale kit. But this time around I'd rather not try to clean up Monogram's doughy, sink-marked AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. After some quick investigation, I think this Eduard kit can successfully represent early AGM-114s. Although it looks like I might have to use the Monogram rack and rails. Thoughts? Warnings? Advice?
  2. So, it seems I lost the whole thread with the recent database corruption problem the ARC encountered. A time to repost everything then! Yes, where was I. I've enjoyed building the gear bays. Everything went in easily and the multi part construction makes it easy to add details and paint them accurately. The gear bays look quite nice even as OOB but I ended up making them busier by adding several electric, hydraulic and fuel lines. After some careful detail painting now they need a coat of flat spray.
  3. I sense that we're about to get a new crop of M113 kits from Asian manufacturers, which is fantastic news. Meantime, I figured I'd go one last round with Tamiya's ancient kit. I built a lot of these, including a few as a kid. When I didn't have a lot of money, it was good value, as it includes a basic interior and has potential for improvement by a determined modeler. The included '60s-'70s era U.S. infantry aren't bad, and could be used to easily depict other nation's troops as well. This time around, I'm building toward a 36th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division M113 "slick" in late summer/early autumn 1963, just before the Big Lift Exercise in Germany. At that point these machines were new, having been issued to Spearhead along with M60 tanks. In Exercise Big Lift, 3AD played the bulk of the bad guys, combining new hardware, fictitious tactical nuclear weapons, and an aggressive spirit to give BLUE forces an appropriately dangerous adversary. I might put the maneuver markings on if I can get a color photograph confirming what color(s) they were. I don't have a lot of references for very-early M113s, so I'm flying blind and will probably commit some anachronisms. But I want to take advantage of the kit's interior, so I'll risk a few inaccuracies that only modelers would care about. From Dragon's "Remagen" set I've taken a 1st Army infantryman, and am updating his battle-rattle for the 1960s. He's been transferred to the Kennedy era, so his childhood was in postwar prosperity, rather than the Great Depression. The older generation carped that comic books and Elvis Presley's dance moves made him a "juvenile delinquent," but he seems to be well-adjusted enough. More controversially, he trades his M1 Garand for an M14 rifle - a good swap?
  4. So, this has obviously been a long project and during the build I've described the kit with many negative words. You can read the WIP thread here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/234466-172-tupolev-tu-22m3-backfire-by-trumpeter/ , but to make a long story short, the basic outlines on the kit - fuselage, wings, tails - are pretty accurate. I know there is one area that could have benefited from reshaping and that's the area around the engines on the rear fuselage, which on the real aircraft is, well, more bootylicious. 😎 The problems mostly lie in the details and I tried to correct everything I found, especially if it was feasible. The cockpit is entirely fictitious, but the excellent Neomega resin set corrected this. The windshield didn't look right either. The landing gears needed a lot of attention and again some aftermarket stuff came to rescue. The kit gears stayed, but the wheels and tires are from Equipage. The decal sheet (from Authentic Decals) had a known problem and I really had to struggle to avoid silvering. The exhausts were lengthened and a lot of details added, including PE burner rings. Every single probe and aerial was scratch built and all the smaller inlets either scratched or modified. The intakes were mere gaping holes so some ramp details were added there. The bomb bay was hideous so the interior details and the bomb racks were scratched. The kit designers had never seen one live. The bomb bay doors were basically started from zero as well. The FAB-250 bombs come from Advanced Modeling and the additional AS-4 Kitchen missile from Amodel. The kit one... again hideous. Here you are, folks! I can't describe the feeling seeing it finally here. After all the troubles - including the near hull loss accident - I'm quite happy with it!
  5. So I thought I'd start my first ever build here on the forums, with as my username suggests a Fitter. I've gone for the M2 Fitter D just because in my option it looks amazing. The kit is supplied on five sprues of decent flash free plastic. Included in the kit are drop tanks, rockets,bombs and a reconnaissance pod (although the M2 rarely carried them). To helm the kits overall look I've ordered myself some resin pilots as the kit doesn't have one . (Also excuse the bad 1:00 AM lighting)
  6. Here's one for our Cold War and artillery veterans: I'd like to build an M109A3 and M548 paired in road march, EUSAREUR, 1980s. When rolling along with the guns, what did M548s typically haul? Ammunition (per the AFV club kit), other gear, or crew? Or a combination these?
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