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Found 10 results

  1. OK, this time something different. 1/144 Dragon A-6E with Retro Wings cockpit set and PaulusVictor decals. This kit is a nasty dog. In the box - it looks like 3.6 ...not great, not terrible. Unfortunately it is more terrible than great when you start it. Fit is very bad, and there is a lot of details missing. I tried to add some that are really visible. The most important is small hump behind the canopy... Some small intakes too. There is a lot of sink marks in the plastic, and many missing panel lines that needs to be rescribed. I will try to make decent wing fold. I used Tamiya Epoxy Putty for all these stuff so far. I made FOD covers because the intakes have wrong shape, and I will scratch pilot steps to make things more interesting. For now - I have two coats of primer and some polishing done - but there are still some surface imperfections... There will be more to show soon I hope. This A-6 is TRAM Intruder, but with old type metal wings and late type air brakes - real Frankenstein
  2. This week will be the last review video of this year prior to our January break. That said we will be ending the year looking at Dragon's Z-39 Destroyer kit.
  3. Hello ARC, I started this build about 2 months ago and it was intended to be an entry in the "50th Anniversary 1st Lunar Landing Group Build." At first I thought that if I rushed it, I may be able to make the deadline . Wishful thinking! It always takes twice as long and life always gets in the way eh? Anyway on to my first real space kit. I saw this on sale for $20 browsing a local hobby store and grabbed it. Since then, I found out that it is not a very accurate representation. Nonetheless, I will build it as-is, out of the box. The instructions are printed on a single sided piece of paper. Just 3 steps it says! Easy peasy. A small decal sheet is included. Color callouts and decal placements are printed on the back of the box. Some shots of the sprues. A few parts are prepainted in gold. You get 2 of these sprues. The gold prepaint turned about to be a waste as there were some gaps that needed to be filled. Here I'm doing some initial experimenting with the colors. All the parts were based in gloss black and chromed. I used clear orange for the darker kapton and clear yellow for the gold. The gold initially turned out to be too green and I added a little orange to the mix to warm it up. Continuing with the color trail, I added some red to the clear orange to get this darker shade. It turned out too dark and I ended up repainting this back to just clear orange. From the references, it appears that everything is secured with kapton tape. I am no subject matter expert so I just tried to recreate some of that effect with orange self adhesive sheets. Here's the result of that repainting and the orange tape. A bottom shot with some of the parts assembled. And with the feet added. All of the parts had bad mold lines and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning them up. The assembly instructions were not very good and the painting callouts were over simplified. I ended up using various online references and pictures to figure out where to paint what. I gave it my best shot but i'm sure I messed up. Oh well. Thanks for dropping by folks! -co
  4. http://www.ninfinger.org/models/pix/rspgemini1b.jpg http://www.ninfinger.org/models/pix/rspgemini2b.jpg http://www.ninfinger.org/models/html_pix/rspgemini.html Here you have a few pictures of my Gemini 1/72 from Dragon Models The interior of the cockpit was improved by adding the missing paneling and the missing cabin vent handles and the front mirrors. Oxygen hoses for the commander and the pilot were added. The ejection seat arm rests and the stirrups were fabricated with wire. The seat bells were done with Tamiya masking tape and pieces of plastic. The pilot door close mechanism was scratch build and the EVA bag was added to the umbilical. The cover thermal insulation of the Instrument unit was done with gold foil, matching the original thermal blanket install on the spacecraft. The rendezvous radar was corrected to match the GT 4 mission the configuration, the model has one that could be GT-7 or 9. The azimuthal antenna was added with a wire. The paint was done with a combination a Tamiya and model master colors. The re-entry capsules were painted with NATO black, gun metal and gloss black. The heat shield was painted with Tamiya gloss red. Maneuvering section and the instrument section ware painted with Tamiya white and the pre-shading done with AMMO Mig black wash. The thruster had a little weathering to represent the fuel oxidizer burns use to correct the orbit of the spacecraft.
  5. Hey all, this is dragon #6294 built oob. magic link tracks and a ton of pe available in the box. kit is a bit finicky here and there but still a lovely build overall, enjoy.
  6. Today for your buying pleasure we have the following 1/35 Helos for sale. Please make offers if you feel I'm off on the price. I prefer Paypal as payment but will also take money orders or cash at your risk. Prices do not include shipping. All kits complete. Dragon UH-1D Huey - $45 Academy AH-60L DAP - $30 1/32 Monogram AH-1G Cobra - $30 Again, if you see something you want, shoot me an offer... you never know... Thanks for looking, Kevin
  7. Looking at Platz's boxing of Dragon's Jagdtiger in 1/35th scale in Girls und Panzer markings.
  8. Another Girls und Panzer kit this week, looking at the 1/35th scale Tiger II kit from Platz.
  9. I was gifted the older Tamiya kit #35144 and it is complete save for the outer cab parts C7,8,11,12,13,20 and 22. I think that the cab from the Dragoon kit #6542 would work in a pinch. If you have these parts in any condition please let me know and thank you! Later, Lee
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