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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings everyone! Phantom suggested I move this topic over here. I agree. well, I am currently in mid construction of this build which is taking place in two phases. The first part of the build is the DeBoers Refit Enterprise model which is about 45" in length, so this will require a dock which is about 56" in length. Both of the Enterprise models are pretty much complete, I have to hold off on sealing the saucer sections until I can run the wiring through the support armature that will hold the Enterprise in the drydock so that will appear to be floating. I've already built a drydock for the 1/350 scale refit Enterprise so I'm using that experience to build not 1 but 2 Drydocks at the same time which is quite a challenge. I usually update my posts at the beginning of each month with my progress. This includes a link to my site which will have several progress pictures of the work done for that particular month. This will now be y December update, so I hope many of you will be interested in following along with this build. Here is the update as posted: February Updates - 2017 SO WHAT HAPPENED TO DECEMBER AND JANUARY???????? Uh..... I dunno..... Just had to take a break. Been busy with work family and a multitude of other things...... BUUUUUUUUUT! I'm ready to get moving again. The pics are loaded up on the February Updates - 2017 Page. Okay, so I really didn't get a whole lot done the last couple of months, But I did manage to work on a few things. The mounting clamps for all of the work booms are now complete and I mad the pincers for the ends of the booms. I kind of improvised on these because I couldn't see any functional need to the Drydocks end pieces as seen in the movie. I will be making alternate pieces that mimic TMP end pieces so they will be interchangeable. They will just slip onto the ends of the booms. Anyway, the booms were cut to the same length when I first made them and I really can't finish them until I get the Enterprise in place. Then the booms will be cut to the appropriate lengths and the end pieces will be put on. I will also cut the optic fiber to be flush with the end of the boom. Back to the turret clamps. I have these mounted on the bottoms of the swivel shaft and they are painted up to match the panel frames. I've also started to do some re-wiring on the Enterprise Deflector dish. my client wanted the ramp-up, ramp-down lighting effects added in so I need to run a few more wires through the dorsal. I've also replaced the LED in the dish reflector with a dual color LED. I should have this wired up by next update. In other areas, I'm starting to apply the decals for all of the shuttles that will go in the Aft Hanger bay. I also needed to take out some of the wiring for the thrusters on the Enterprise model to make room for the Gang way on the Dock. There's just too much packed into it and it might cause problems later on. I've also mounted the Enterprise onto the dock but I'm afraid the ship might just weight too much for the bracket, so I might have to stabilize the ship with some wires. .013mm I think is what I bought. I know this wasn't much of an update, but I should be back on track during this month. Thank you everyone for your patience. I know this is a long project, but please bear with me and you WILL see it complete. Ahh yes I love that word complete. So check out the pics, let me know what you think and I will see you next month. Take care everyone. Mark. http://www.NemVia.net
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