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Found 35 results

  1. Hello fellow modelers, This project had started from the April, but due to my limited time the progress was very slow and I didn't managed to post earlier. The kit I chose was Eduard's Fw 190 D-9 Late #8189 profi pack. I started assembling the first parts (cockpit, some gun bay parts, gears etc.) and then I continued with the priming. Afterwards I painted the cockpit and cockpits sidewalls with AK true metal silver, I used this layer as a base for the chipping. Then I painted using mostly AK's 3rd gen colors. Unfortunately I didn't have RLM 66 for the cockpit interior so I mixed it using reference pictures, for the mix I used Pale grey and black (1:3 ratio approx.). I painted the cockpit details using a 10/0 brush with 50-50 water diluted paint, I used the photo-edged parts and actual pictures as reference. Ι don't like the "flat photo-edged parts, for some details I cut the decals and I applied them in the correct position. For the weathering I used for the first time AK's waterpencils, I really liked the final result. Also I used Winsor & Newton Wintor and Abteilung oil paints. Currently I have glued the 2 fuselage parts and the wing together. The fitting is not the best but I can fix it with some putty (picture will be uploaded later). I would like to ask if someone has pictures of a similar finished model or actual pictures. Any commend is very useful because I am relatively new in the hobby (This is only fourth kit, I have finished 2 spitfires and I have a F 16 on hold).
  2. Hi guys Here I will post some photos from the Spitfires, I am currently building. I would like to ask for some advice, since these are my first builds (alongside with a F 16). Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the early stages. I used the Spitfires mostly to gain some experience using airbrush. For airbrushing I used a H&S Ultra airbrush, for the PRU schemed airplane I used AK's 3rd gen acrylics, while for the day fighter I used Humbrol Enamels. Both models were primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 and preshaded with black color, for the metallic base I used AK's True Metal Silver. I manage to get a better surface quality using AK acrylics. A lesson that I've learned while painting is that "never chip before masking". I think that both of them look over weathered. For weathering I used some Winsor & Newton and Abteilung Oil paints (Ivory Black for smoke, Raw umber for fuel leaks, Raw umber + dark rust mix for oil leaks, Raw umber + zinc white mix for the dust effect) and AK's paneliner for Grey and Blue camo. For the decals I used Tamiya's Mark Fit Strong and Softener. For the PRU Spitfire I also used the same oil paints but with a much cleaner finish. Currently the F 16 is on hold because I am waiting the shipment of a resin exhaust nozzle, but know I feel more confident to continue the F 16.
  3. Hello, I am new in scale modeling. I used this kit (Dual Spitfire Combo) to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques (I had an accident with one of the roundels but actually looks good). For painting the PRU Spitfire I used Tamiya and AK 3rd gen acrylics (camo). For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo. For the metallic base for chipping I used AK's true metal silver. I pre shaded the model with black color. I would like to ask for some advice since I am new to the hobby. Now I can restart working on the Eduard's 1/48 Fw 190 D9,I also have on hold a 1/48 Kinetic F 16 Block 52+. Bonus Pics:
  4. Hello, this Spitfire is my first complete build, I used it to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques. For painting I used Humbrol Enamels (basic camo) and Tamiya and AK acrylics. For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo (I know that looks overweathered but I had some accidents during masking). You can see that I tried some chipping (Never chip befor masking.....), for its base I used AK's true metal silver. I pre shaded the model with black color, but I post shade the darker colours with lighter tones. I would like to ask for some advice since I am new to the hobby. Now I can restart working on a 1/48 Eduard Fw 109 D9 (I will make a thread later I have a lot of questions about it as I have almost no idea for wwii airplanes) and I have also on hold a 1/48 Kinetic F 16 Block 52+, I am waiting for a resin exhaust nozzle.
  5. I'm considering building an early, Cold War AH-64 using Monogram's old 1/48th scale kit. But this time around I'd rather not try to clean up Monogram's doughy, sink-marked AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. After some quick investigation, I think this Eduard kit can successfully represent early AGM-114s. Although it looks like I might have to use the Monogram rack and rails. Thoughts? Warnings? Advice?
  6. This is my first plane in this forum. Made with Eduard MIG-21R kit and ModelMaker decal.
  7. I have been considering a new project: I want to do Lt. Lochridge's F6F-3 (#117, "Lolly") as featured in the most recent release of the 1/48 Eduard kit. The deal is that I prefer to use the Hasegawa model. I was wondering if anyone has the decals left over that they would be willing to part with. I would appreciate it! (Also posted in buy/sell)
  8. I have been considering a new project: I want to do Lt. Lochridge's F6F-3 (#117, "Lolly") as featured in the most recent release of the 1/48 Eduard kit. The deal is that I prefer to use the Hasegawa model. I was wondering if anyone has the decals left over that they would be willing to part with. I would appreciate it!
  9. Hello, This is Eduard's Mig-21MF Profipack edition kit, built with some additional aftermarket goods (resin exhaust, external PE set), in Romanian AF markings. Very beginner friendly kit, goes together like a dream. Brush painted with various colors from AKAN, Ammo Mig and MRP aqua based paints. Apologies for my "potato camera" picture quality. Thanks for looking.
  10. More aircraft kits this week as we take a look at Eduard's 1/48th scale Spitfire Mk.IXc kit in their Profit boxing.
  11. Hi there, I know, as if we're missing more '109s around here. But, for me, this one is special, my first motling attempt. I tried to be as close as possible to the manual and I'm happy with it. Hope you'll enjoy! This one was Oberleutnant Anton Hafner machine, in which he scored 204 kills and was, in turn, killed, when collided with the ground, while trying to evade his opponents. Cheers!
  12. I have just received the brand new Eduard MiG-21MF in 1:72. Here's a link to my in-box review for those interested: https://vvsmodelling.com/2018/04/09/eduard-172-mig-21mf-library-edition/ I'll probably also start with the build along with the Mirage 4000.
  13. I was in fifth grade when I got Bob Scott's God Is My Co-Pilot from the Scholastic Book Club and I resisted the urge to buy models with my allowance until I saved up enough for this kit: Spinning prop, opening canopy with pilot figure, retractable landing gear, moveable control surfaces-everything a 10 year old boy needs in a model aeroplane. I remember having it done in a day-no paint, plenty of glue, etc. Don't recall what happened to it but it still wears the crown of the coolest model I ever had when I was a kid. So let's fast forward to 2006 when I got it in my head to revisit that kit and thanks to ebay, they were still pretty easily had. I was living with the GF in a 1BR apartment full of dogs and while most of my kits lived in a storage unit waiting for me to pick it as the build du jour, this one went under the bed for my relatively immediate attention. Which is where Little Dog found it: And yes, he survived it. In fact, he came with me when I finally got out of there and he's been a good & faithful little buddy ever since. Oddly, he doesn't chew stuff up any more... The damage was rather limited to the box and the large lower wing panel. To save the build I picked up this boxing on ebay to use the lower wing panel-pretty sure it was only around $10 or so: And you'll never guess why it was so cheap; the lower wing was broken. It's brittle plastic and since I got it both fuselage halves have had their noses broken off as well. So I picked up yet another one on the cheap: I'm pretty sure this one was so cheap because it was molded in pink, for some odd reason (I'm sure it was an attempt at a desert P-40 but it didn't make it look better). Now I have an intact lower wing panel but the irritation over all the trouble had soured me on the build for a while. But with Hasegawa's release of their 1/32 P-40E a glut of aftermarket parts showed up and I started collecting those. What we have on hand in the pic below is the following: Three different releases of the Revell 1/32 P-40E, CMK gun bays & wheel wells, Eduard external detail set, Avionix cockpit, SAC landing gear, SSIs decal sheet for Robert Scott's Old Exterminator and the engine sprue from Trumpeter's P-40B; while probably not 100% correct for the E variant, makes for a much better detailed engine than the Revell kit: There are also some cockpit bits from my Trumpy P-40B build some years ago but I doubt I'll use any of it. So let's see if I can make one out of this pile. It's been taking up space far too long and I have the added bonus of having plenty of spare parts. I'll lean heavily on the original gray parts and rob anything I need from the other kits. Ken
  14. Finally I can post this build. The Eduard Ltd Edition Harrier GR 7 using the Hasegawa moulds and a spot of Eduard magic makes this kit one of my all time favourites: and I am honoured the build made it into November's issue of Airfix Model World. Here are a few more pics that didn't make it into the publication..
  15. This is the quarter scale Phantom FGR 2 92Sqn special blue scheme by Hasegawa. Difficult and expensive to come by, but still the only one on the market. As always an excellent kit with few hangups. Extra detail was provided by eduard PE and resin. The base is home made. Built for one if the aircrew of this aircraft with only three training missiles. This aircraft is being restored at my local museum: Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.
  16. S&H is additional, paypal preferred, US only, please contact me directly at mholly_27@hotmail.com1/72 kits1. Hasegawa 00356 Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai with nose cannon, $152. Revell 03967 Mig-21F-13, $10 3. Italeri 047 Sukhoi Su-22M4, $9 4. R.V. Aircraft 72040 Mig-21bis "Over Europe", $15 5. Hobby Boss 87220 Mi-24V Hind E, $15 6. Trumpeter 01674 Mig-29A izdelye 9.12 started!-$35, includes Arma Hobby resin top intakes covers (installed), Arma Hobby resin exhaust nozzles, Eduard Brassin cockpit, Eduard Brassin wheels, Hobby Decal pitot tube,will provide more details and pictures upon request1/72 aftermarket1. Quickboost 72183 Mig-29A corrected nose cone resin, $2 2. Pavla 72-103 Mig-24V main wheel well (for Hobby Boss kit), $3 3. True Details 72019 FW-190A1-A7 wheel set, $1 4. True Details 72454 FW-190A-D cockpit detail set, 1 available, $2 5. Tauro Model 72-537 AMI Italian helicopters (AB205, CHH47 etc.), incomplete, $1 6. MPD 72506 Beaufighter Mk.IF, $1 1/48 aftermarket1. True Details 48072 Mitsubish A5M Claude wheel set, $2 2. Eduard 48 378 Kawasaki Ki-61/100 landing flaps, $6 3. Eduard 48 581 Fieseler Storch detail set, $6 4. Eduard 49 720 Spitfire Mk.I interior, $3 5. Eduard 49 725 Spitfire Mk.XVI interior, $36. Maestro Models PE 4807 J29 Tunnan detail set, $7 7. Maestro Models PE 4808 J29 Tunnan access ladder, $2 8. Montex Maxi Mask 48193 A5M1/2 Claude, for Fine Molds kits, $5 1/700 kits, aftermarket1. Tamiya 31349 Abukuma, $102. Eduard 17 018 IJN Miscelaneous set, $83. WEM 728 IJN AA weapons, $44. WEM 729 IJN doors and hatches, $25. Gold Medal Models, IJN Railing Gold Plus, $106. Double-action airbrush BD137 (Fengda), $287. Air compressor, based on Badger, $398. Air pressure regulator, $5 TIA Mario in NYC Quote Edit Share in NYC
  17. OK let's start with this build Since the canopy will be closed, I've decided to go with the decals for cockpit. There's also an option to paint the lovely alternate plastic parts, full of tiny details which look really really good. a few pieces of the exhaust waiting to be put together... Simple trick for landing lights - use kitchen aluminum foil to cover the back of the light... ...effect will be like the real thing and better than any paint.
  18. Looking at one of the first kits I ever bought and one I have been wanting to do a video on for several years now with Eduard's 1/48th scale BF110G-2 kit.
  19. Looking to buy either one or both of the Libyan or Yemeni decals options from the two eduard su-22 kits in 1/48 scale. Will also buy the full kits. If anyone has those decals left over, I will gladly buy them. Kind regards
  20. The finished British Hellcat, few pictures along with a video of the build I have enjoyed building this great kit and I hope you enjoy watching as well. Don't be shy and leave your comment :) Best regards and happy modelling M.
  21. Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I’ve posted anything. Here’s my first completion of 2018. A 1/144th Eduard MiG-21PFM of the Mongolian AF. I used a RetroWings resin cockpit and the PFM conversion from JBr Decals. Really easy and nice conversion, and I’ll build another since I’m not happy with how my paint finish turned out. First time posting an image since the whole PB issue...better pictures to come. John
  22. Just finished this one! It's in 1/144 scale (yes! 1/144) from Eduard mig-21bis kit Here's the link to the modelling process: Bye Giovanni
  23. I really REALLY want to get this stuff out of the house - I have realized that I'll just never get to it. Each of these items INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE CONTIGUOUS 48 STATES! Let's get to the list: -Revell 1/72 Lancaster B.Mk.I/III complete kit with all parts still in the bags (no original box but everything will be carefully packed) Includes the following items- -Xtradecal X72062 Post-War Lancasters, Part 2 (Canada, Egypt, Argentina) -Aero Master 72-223 Lancaster Bombers at War Part 1 -CMK Q72047 Resin wheels -Quickboost 72021 Gun barrels -Eduard masks CX211 -Eduard 72472 Lancaster flaps Everything INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES $45 -Roden 1/72 An-12BK (Aeroflot markings) - Parts loose but complete and undamaged. $35 INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES -1/48 Bf-109 Builders' Package: -Fujimi 1/48 Me-109G-K P-1 (Parts loose but complete) -UM 1/48 Bf-109G-6/R3 (Most parts still bagged but complete) -Verlinden 1/48 Bf-109E3/4 Super Detail Set #384 -True Details 1/48 resin wheels #46002 -Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G6 #48230 PE -Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G6 #FE211 Zoom PE -Loose decals in boxes for Hungarian and Romanian Bf-109s Everything listed INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES $40 -Eduard 1/48 Bf-108B Taifun Profipack (Parts still bagged) INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES $25 -Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-6 Texan KH002 (Foreign users boxing) Parts still bagged and includes Brent Air Decals custom decals for Austrian T-6 INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES $45 -Banner 1/350 USS Arizona (Parts sealed in bags) Includes the following: -Artwox Wooden deck -Master 350-049 Complete barrel set -Tom's Modelworks 3529 Arizona Boat Details PE -Tom's Modelworks 3528 Arizona PE -Trumpeter OS2U Kingfisher (6 pcs) Everything here INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL 48 STATES $65 -Begemot Decals 32002(1) 1/32 Su-27 Flanker Family Stencil $10 shipped Paypal preferred. If you have an issue with a price or want to buy more than one item, let me know and we'll come to an agreement. PM me with offers. Thanks for looking!
  24. Eduard, Airwaves and True Details sets. PayPal in US only. Price includes postage. K-36 Ejection Seats. $8.00 F-7F Tiger at Wheel Set. $7.00 TBM-1C Photo Etch set. $10.00 SOLD F6F-3 Photo Etch set. $8.00
  25. Hi everyone. This is my new project, which will be presented as video build series. Episode 1. - The cockpit This episode will take You through the assembly, painting and weathering, of the cockpit, in out of the box manner. Hope you like it. All comments are welcomed. Best regards M.
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