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Found 13 results

  1. Just curious. All modern fighters seem to have these but I just noticed in looking at some pictures that F16s don't. What do they use instead? Geoff M
  2. A long time ago I was a weather observer in the AF stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB. The weather station was located in the Base Operations building and my job required me to go out to the flightline to see what the weather was doing occasionally. Right outside the building was all these pristine Phantoms sitting on the ramp in the in the sun. Anyway the experience made me especially fond of the 906TFG and also the 178TFG at Springfield MAP just a few minutes away as we were assigned to provide them with weather support so I would be out there every other month. Well here comes Speed Hunter Graphics issuing a set of decals with not just 5 Phantoms with cool nose art, but 6 F-16s that they eventually transitioned to toward the end of my time there. Ordered those and now I have project. I will be using the Z-M F-4D and a Kinetic F-16AM. It is the first time I have built either of these so I will be keeping it mostly simple with just the SHG decals for the F-4. I will be modifying the F-16 back to the A version so I picked up a Wolfpack set to accomplish that and some Afterburner decals for stencils and other details. Hope you like the WIP. 1st thing I did was look at the radome parts. The phantoms had just gone thru maintenance when the 906th got them and they had all been modified with the new RHAWS gear. This changed the shape of the fairing under the radome. That was not included in the Z-M kit. I looked thru the spares box to see if I had anything that would work and found a left over fairing from the Academy F-4B. It just didn't look right so I figured it would be easier to fix the Z-M version than fiddle with the Academy version. Here it is premod. Here is the Z-M nose with the beginning of the modification. Once I was sure that was going to work I started reading the instructions. Man are there a lot of instructions. I started with the cockpit and ejection seats. I am not a super detailer and usually build everything buttoned up. So I will make these look presentable under glass and move on. While I was painting dark gray I got the F-16 cockpit ready to go also. So far no everything is fitting like a glove. Very well engineered. This where I am tonight. Some basic work on the cockpits. I am using the kit supplied decals for the phantom and they seem to be hunkering down pretty good and they are sized perfectly!. More to come... Geoff M
  3. .... a Techie( ? ) working on ANOTHER jet.. it needs a human touch to fire right... an aircraft can't fire on its own ... how can another fighter aircraft fire upon another unless a human being is involved! (Headline.... is wrong!) F-16 jet utterly destroyed in £35million airbase gaffe after another fighter plane accidentally opens fire on it - https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/f-16-jet-utterly-destroyed-13406979 Cool photo for a Diorama..🤗 I am very pleased THAT no was killed or injured. Phewef !
  4. The new Belgian Air Force F-16 display pilot, Captain-Commander Stefan Darte "Vador", and his aircraft the FA-101 "Dark Falcon" at Florennes AB (B). V.P.
  5. Best to text me at Five63Five83Five089 if you want first dibs or additional info and pics. Shipping is at cost per weight and zip Code, USPS. PayPal only. $75- 1/32 F-16CG/CG Block 40/50 Fighting Falcon. + Black Box resin F-16C Viper cockpit set For Academy kit # CS 32025 + Orion Models vinyl fuselage reinforcement plates for Academy
  6. Zactoman

    Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Large mouth (MCID) intake is now available! http://www.zactomodels.com/html/F-16/F16_MCID_intake.htm www.Zactomodels.com
  7. PeepingBear

    Superb Display - Solo Turk

    Congratulations for a very well built F-16 model with a stunning display! Ian
  8. Niels

    F-16 ADF Tail?

    Hi guys Anybody know if there are any plans to release an aftermarket tail base for the F-16A ADF? The Revell/Monogram F-16 ADF is not my favourite, and Wolfpack's ADF conversion is OOP and did get critique for propotion issues. Italeri's tail is far off too, and Daco is still far from relasing his tail base conversion set? PWMP has a nice tailbase, but would have thought that there would be other alternatives too? So what are we left with?
  9. Niels

    1/48 F-16 ADF tail

    Hi guys Anybody know if there are any plans to release an aftermarket tail base for the F-16A ADF? The Revell/Monogram F-16 ADF is not my favourite, and Wolfpack's ADF conversion is OOP and did get critique for propotion issues. Italeri's tail is far off too, and Daco is still far from relasing his tail base conversion set? So what are we left with?
  10. ImportantElements

    2/48 Tamiya F-16

    Hey everyone, Im new here. Just joined today :) So nice to be here among all of you awesome modelers. Thanks for this great forum. Just recently I finished Tamiya's amazing F-16 in 1/48. This would be my 3rd plane I've ever done. My experience is mostly with armor, so this was definitely a lot of fun and learning experience. Enjoy my friends
  11. PhantomPhixer74

    Aggressor paint schemes

    Just a question about a certain paint scheme I saw on an F-16 at Aviation Nation 2016. The scheme was a Gray, Black, White Splinter scheme. The Aircraft was red 83. I seem to recall that this was a scheme used up in Alaska. Just my imagination? I will try an post a couple of photos this weekend. Show was good. Thanks for your assistance!
  12. Hello Guys, this is my first post in this forum! I hope you enjoy the pictures of my F-16 from Spangdahlem - Germany. The kit is from Tamiya and I used some aftermarket stuff to get the best results.
  13. Zactoman

    Academy 1/32 F-16 Intake(s)

    Small mouth (NSI) intake is now available!: http://www.zactomodels.com/html/F-16/F16_NSI_intake.htm This is the small mouth. Large mouth is coming next. More pics and details soon... :cheers:/>/>/>