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Found 8 results

  1. Hellow fellow modelers. I am looking to buy a 1/48 F 4E Phantom II. My plan is to build a HAF F 4E AUP (as the one in the picture). I have troubles finding a F 4E in 1/48. Can I modify a different version in F 4E standards?
  2. Hello! This is another one I built. The F-4B Phantom from Hasegawa in 1:72 scale. I used the zoom photo etched set from Eduard for the cockpit plus some scratch building for the side consoles and the back of the front seat. The ejection seats are from Quickboost and are those for The F-8 Crusader. I think early Phantoms had these seats instead the Martin Baker MK-7 they had later. The exhausts are resin items from Aires. The decals are from PrintScale which are very delicate and need fast and determined application because they can fold easily. I used the decals for the VF-21 “Freelancers” 102, which along with the 101 did the first Mig kills of the Vietnam War on the 17th of June 1965. The fire engine and the figures are from the old Fujimi kit. The base is printed on paper. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  3. Hello Everyone 😊 I have the four Eduard Limited Edition F-4s in my stash, which are obviously re-boxings of the Academy kit I have decided I want to buy aftermarket seamless intakes for them. There are a few on the market and my initial plan was to go for the Alley Cat ones, but having looked into it more XMM do some also. XMM do different ones for the B and C model though - looking at the picture it looks to be the fan at the back is different. Does anyone know if there was indeed a difference between the B and C models in terms of the intakes? And also, the other boxings are the J and N variant - which intake would be correct for them? Just FYI - these are the B version: https://xmold-modeling.com/products-page/scale1-48/f-4b-phantom-ii-seamless-profiled-intakes-for-academy-kit-148/ and these are the C version: https://xmold-modeling.com/products-page/scale1-48/148-f-4c-phantom-ii-seamless-profiled-intakes-for-academy-kit/ Thanks a lot Sean
  4. Hi there! After lot of time without contributing in this forum, I am going to open a new topic. This time is a project that was started some years ago and was latter abandoned and put on waiting. Recently I reopened the box and decided that it was the time to resume it. The basis is the well know 1/72 Hasegawa F-4C and it will be finished in spanish markings: And here is how the kit was when I resumed the work on it: Instigated for some post that I found on the forums I decided to add as much as detail as I were able, so I opened the some panels on the upper spine, the RAT hollow, some panels on the wings, and on the front fuselage... As you can see I have put a lot of scratchwork on it aside of some aftermarket items, as the aires cockpit for the Revell F-4F that I slightly modified to resemble the F-4C cockpit, and some items from the venerable Verlinden detail set for the Phantom, such as some parts to depict the radar (no pics by the moment). Some pics of the cockpit: In the time that has passed since all this has been done I have discovered some mistakes on the details, mainly on the fuel sistems of the spine, and I have improved my skills, so I have been rebuilding that area as well as the RAT hole... I will be posting some more images on the nexts days of the work done. And now I have a request for you the Phantom experts. I will be opening the underside of the fuselage to show at least the left engine bay and the J79 itself. Could anybody please help me with photos of the area? Any help will be welcome. That´s all for now. Any comments or suggestipons are welcome. Cheers Juan
  5. 48021 is now shipping. It includes a variety of colors/style walkway for F-4s from Vietnam to modern day. Sized for Hasegawa and the new ZM kit. www.reidairpublishing.com
  6. I’m narrowing my markings choices down for my ZM F-4D. I’m leaning toward Ritchie’s former 463 when it was assigned to the 18 TFW at Kadena with “ZZ” tail codes. At the time it carried those codes it had white and black stenciling. I thought stencilling would be easy to track down but it ain’t. The kit sheet has all black and I can’t find white after searching til I’m cross eyed. Any ideas?
  7. HI everyone, I finally did it and created a website for our products. Just very basic now but the complete product and price list is available for download. Look for the site to grow over the next few weeks and months with full web store up in time for Christmas. gtresinproducts.com Thanks, Gary
  8. Hi guys, I just wanted to spread the word about my latest product, outer wing pylons (Navy type) for the new Zoukei Mura Phantom kits. As the kit doesn't contain any, it's not so much a "correction" as just an addition. My set comes with separate sway brace pins so you can actually hang adaptors like TER's or MER's at the correct outboard tilt angle and then adjust the sway braces asymmetrically to match. Available now at Hypersonic Models! Cheers Jeffrey
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