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Found 5 results

  1. Due to need repairs on my household A/C system I have decided to move forward with plans to thin out my model collection bit. These kits have been openned but poly bags are still sealed. I always open new kits to be sure they are intact and in good shape. This is a revised posting for some of you so please note some prices have been lowered. No prices are carved in stone and will consider REASONABLE offers. I will offer discounts on multiple purchases, shipping is not included. I need to move these quickly if possible, things are getting hot here in the south. 1/72 Acadmey M-1126 Stryker $15.00 1/72 Ace BRDM-2U $15.00 1/72 Ace BTR-50PK $15.00 1/72 Ace T-59 $15.00 1/72 Dragon M2A3 Bradley $15.00 1/72 Dragon M-1025 HMMWV and M-1025 HMMWV/ASK $10.00 1/72 Heller VAB 4x4 $10.00 1/72 ICM BM-21 Grad $10.00 1/72 ICM BTR-60PS $10.00 1/72 PST BM-13 Rocket Launcher $10.00 1/72 Rev/Germ ATF Dingo 1 $10.00 1/72 Rev/Germ Fuchs ABC $10.00 1/72 Rev/Germ Merkava Mk.III $10.00 1/72 Rev/Germ SpPz 2 Luchs $10.00 1/72 Roden SdKfz234/2 Puma $10.00 1/72 Trumpeter Strv. 103c $10.00 1/20 MPC Rupp Super Sno-Sport $15.00 1/24 Aoshima Toyota Rav4J $15.00 1/25 AMT Fruti-T $15.00 1/25 AMT Lil Beetle Bus $15.00 1/72 Trumpeter Chinese Jialong Manned Submersible $15.00 1/700 Arii USS Merrill Destroyer $12.00 1/700 DML USS San Antonio LPD-17 $30.00 1/700 Dragon AOE-4 USS Detroit $30.00 1/700 Dragon CG-61 USS Monterey $20.00 1/700 Dragon LCC-19 USS Blue Ridge $20.00 1/700 Hob/Boss USS Wasp LHC-1 $35.00 1/700 Ital CVN-76 USS Ronald Regan $20.00 1/700 Trumpeter BB-61 USS Iowa (1984) $20.00 NA Warp Titan Terror Fish (from Stingray) $35.00 1/18 BanDai C3-P0 $25.00 Look Here For Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/h6UFGN8
  2. Please refer to my "Collection For Sale" for a wide selection of 1/700 Modern US Ships at reasonable prices. Please stop by and take a look. Thank You...Andy Whitworth
  3. Please refer to my "Collection For Sale" for a wide selection of 1/72 Modern Armor at reasonable prices.most of it is hard to find Eastern Block subjects Please stop by and take a look. Thank You...Andy Whitworth
  4. 48056 The B-17 is one of those iconic, almost mythical aircraft, that has been capturing folks’ imaginations for generations. It also lends itself very well to airfield dioramas. Let RESIN2detail help take your B-17 to the next level with this set, which includes Jerry Cans (x2) 200 GAL Drums (x2) Drum Stand Supercharger Wheel/Tire Fire Extinguisher Funnel 2.5 Gal “Flimsy” (x3) 5 Gal “Flimsy” (x3) 10 Gal Hydraulic Fluid Container Empty Bomb Crate Crate with 100 LB Practice Bombs loaded 2 Stacks of Loose 100 LB Practice Bombs Ladder Propeller Blade Propeller Hub Maintenance Tool Box Rucksack Click HERE to purchase for only $22.50 USD per set plus shipping!
  5. I have some partial sheets that I wanted to see if anyone could use- $2.50 shipped for first one, add a buck-fiddy for any added to the envelope. Will send photos on request 1/72 Two Bobs 72-017 Mountain Home Gunfighters 1/72 Superscale 72-500 F-105's 1/72 Superscale 72-348 A-7B Corsair II 1/72 Microscale 72-297 F-16 Prototypes 1/48 Microscale 48-230 Shaw F-16's 1/48 Microscale 48-191 Low Vis F/A-18A's USN USMC
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