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Found 7 results

  1. I'm going thru my stash and ran across a few oldies that I am missing parts for. 1/72 Matchbox M16 Halftrack (missing tracks and decals), Fujimi 1/76 M4A1 Sherman (missing all of sprue A) and Hasegawa 1/72 High Speed Tractor M5 (missing sprue B and decals). If any of you have these parts (or even ones from other kits that might work) please let me know. I'd be happy to buy/trade. I'll take used/started parts too. I'd just like to be able to build these. Thanks! Lee
  2. Looking for: Fujimi 1/72 Kit numbers 34001 or 72167, Phantom FG.1 AA&EE Boscombe Down, with 1983 RIAT 25th Anniversary of F-4 Phantom II decals. PM me please. R/ Dutch
  3. S&H is additional, paypal only, US only. Please contact me directly at mholly_27@hotmail.com I'm in NYC. TIA Mario 1. Airfix De Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth, $4 2. A&W 1/144 resin Shin-Meiwa US-2 JMSDF, $15 3. Choroszy resin Koshiki-2 Experimental Fighter, $15 4. Cyber Hobby Aichi D3A1 Val, Midway 1942, $12 5. Fine Molds Mitsubishi A6M2 model 21 Zero, $20 6. Fujimi H-1 Boeing Vertol KV-107II-4 JGSDF, $12 7. ICM Kawaski Ki-10-II Perry, $5 8. Hasegawa 1/200 MX3 Kawasaki C-1 Ske version, $5 9. Hasegawa Kawanishi H8K2 Emily old issue, $10 10. Hasegawa Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty, $8 11. Hasegawa 00877 F-15J Eagle Air Combat Meet 2007, $13 12. Hasegawa K138 F-15J Eagle Mystic Eagle IV 204Sq pt.1, $13 13. Hasegawa 1001 Lockheed F-104J Starfighter JASDF, 2 available, $7 each 14. Hasegawa 00088 Mitsubishi F-2A production model no.1/no.2, $9 15. Hasegawa 00393 Mitsubishi F-2B 4th Air wing, $10 16. Hasegawa 00725 Fuji T-3 Shizuhama special 2004, 2 in 1, $13 17. Hasegawa D12 Kawasaki T-4 JASDF, $5 18. LS Mitsubishi G3M1 model 11 Nell, $5 19. Platz AC-13 Mitsubishi T-2 Blue Impulse, $18 20. Sword Nakajima Ki-44-II Shoki, $12
  4. Alright, I finally decided on what to build for this Group Build. After toying with a rather dissapointing Italeri A-26C, and not being sure if a FB-111A would fit into the GB, I have picked the A-7E Corsair. I will be building two at the same time, one will be a US Navy VA-146 one, from 1971 on the USS Constellation, and the other one will be a Hellenic Air Force one, in the SEA scheme. Kits of choice will be the Fujimi ones. I have sprayed some grey on the cockpit bits, photos will be posted once my camera battery has been charged, and when Photobucket gets its act together.
  5. Hello, I'm currently working on the 1/72 Fujimi A-7E, which will be done in VA-146 markings on the USS Constellation in 1971/72. I did some searching earlier on the Waveguide and ECM duct on the side of the fuselage, which shouldn't be added on my build, when I read something about the electronics blister between the main gear bays under the fuselage. Apparently the one that's in the kit wasn't there on early A-7E's? But instead there was a different fairing, which was placed off centre? Does anyone have a bit more info about this, preferably with some images? It's part 52 I'm talking about:
  6. I've decided to build a bunch of 1/72 stuff "in flight", but I'm lacking enough qualified pilots. Anyone have spare Fujimi 1/72 modern-ish pilots they are willing to part with? They came with the F-14 and I think the A-6 as well, and are very detailed (separate arms, helmets, etc). My stuff is 80's era, so the helmets are perfect. Happy building, everyone! -Steve
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