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Found 9 results

  1. HI, Just a note to say that all 1/48 scale F-4 items are in stock and the following 1/32 items: New Items for SB: GTR48007 F-4C WW CONVERSION SET FOR ZM GTR48008. F-4C WW CONVERSION SET FOR ACADEMY Sets made to use the Eduard resin AGM-45 Shrike Missiles in 1/32. 32058. F-4S CONVERSION SET FOR TAMIYA F-4J KITS Thx http://store.spruebrothers.com/category_s/2703.htm
  2. I am pleased to announce our new line of 1/32 scale resin seamless intakes for the Trumpeter A-6 kit line. The set includes: Seamless resin Intake sets pressure cast in White resin Correct interior details of the engine tube protruding into the intake duct. Other brands do not have this important detail which is easily seen on this jet. Detailed intake fan stator has thinned blades and is designed to use the Kit PE fans provided by Trumpeter. Price is $25 plus shipping. Please see pictures of these exciting new products at our Web Site: www.gtresinproducts.com
  3. Hi, Just finished this F-4B in VF-51 Screaming Eagles CAG Colors. This jet Killed one MIG and displayed the 4 MIG kills the squadron scored on its last Vietnam cruise. The kit is the new Zoukei-Mura F-4J kit with the following additions: Accessories used: Eduard Brassin F-4B wheels Master Metal Pitot tubes and AOA Sensor Eduard Brassin Seats w/ PE Scratch Built items are: Chine Pod Fin Cap Thin wing including the wheel well and speed brakes Non-Slatted Plain Elevator F-4B WSO left side panel F-4B WSO Upper and Mid forward Instrument Panel Scratch built Canopy sills, Breaker bar Short Exhaust Nozzle, Trim, Exhaust tube, and burner assembly Intake fans. (The Kit supplied full engines were not used)
  4. HI, Finally getting caught up with my to do list and wanted to get the completed build posted here. The kit was sent to me by ZM prior to the US NATS for a build and it is a fantastic kit. Alll but a couple of the F-4S mods were added to the J kit to make the new Phantom mark. The big change is an entirely new wing that is set up for not only the slats, but includes the belly strap and strengthening plates that the "S" carried. The even got the outer slat shape correct where as others have simply used the USAF profile slat. The other detail they got right is the inner slat lip that extends past the bottom of the wing when retracted. A neat feature is that the slats come in the extended position and ZM included parts to position the elevator and extend the nose gear to make a carrier launch scene if desired. For those wanting retracted slats that are the std position for resting aircraft, you simply remove the linkages from the appropriate parts, attache the inner slat, to the wing, and position the outer slats accordingly. I used the some photo etch parts and did some scratch building. F-4S VF-301 MIG Killer in Ferris Colors Accessories Used: Eduard PE Sets Master Models Metal Pitot tubes and AOA Sensor HWG Seat Belts Scratch Built items are: Main Gear retraction rods and small door linkages Slatted Elevator space opened up Scratch built Canopy sills, Breaker bar, and details Cockpit Side Sills modeling the Canopy Locking linkages Pilot Landing gear position lever and Tail Hook Lever Seat Ejection Pull Loops Detailed Exhaust Nozzles Sparrow Missile guidance sensor added to right nose under AC Intake Vents under rear fuselage opened and Drain added Here is the build link to see what was done: Now for the pics: Thx, Gary
  5. I am pleased to announce our new line of 1/48 scale resin seamless intake line. We are launching sets for the Zoukei-Mura, Academy/Eduard, & Hasegawa brand kits. All three sets will feature: Seamless resin Intake sets pressure cast in White resin Highly detailed splitter plates with separate inner and outer parts. This allows you to paint behind the outer splitter plate and then easily install it at final assembly The Hasegawa set includes pitot parts for the intakes. Each set contains USAF and USN fan faces Zoukei Mura Intakes work with either the kit engines or the supplied intake fans The ZM intakes are drop in installation. Academy Eduard just require slight sanding to remove the protruding portion of the fuselage spacer that fits into a relief on the Kit Academy Splitter plates, otherwise they are drop in. Hasegawa requires some work but still easy with our detailed instructions and support photos. Our new tool intakes offer more detail than the old CE and other brands that are int he market place. Price is $25 plus shipping. Please see pictures of these exciting new products at our Web Site: www.gtresinproducts.com Also, Check out the two models I have in the Display case and the F-4S build to view the final result and the installation of the intakes. Thx, Gary
  6. Hi Everyone. I was please to be in receipt of the new SWS 1/48 F-4S kit from Zoukei-Mura. As the second kit in their new series of 1/48 F-4 Phantoms, It follows the fantastic F-4J kit in offering details never offered to the Phantom lover in any scale for a slat wing Model. I am building this for the coming US IPMS NATS so this will be a quick build in terms of posting time, as I am working on it 8-10 hours a day on most days. In addition to the kit, I will be using HWG Seat belts, Master Model Metal AOA and Pitot set, GT Resin Exhaust nozzles, with a few added scratch details thrown in. A couple of general notes about the build. First, in providing the details there are some fragile parts where extra care needs to be taken removing them from the sprue. Second, the fit of the parts is exact, so care must be taken to completely remove sprue attachment points, and and occasional flash when assembling the parts to assure that everything fits as it is designed to fit. Here is the kit: Stay Tuned!
  7. Hi, I finally found time away from resin to complete this build of one of my favorite color schemes, not to mention the story of the one kill VF-111 scored during the Vietnam War. The build comprises the following with many scratch built parts, pattern creations used to create resin parts, and some top flight accessories from the community vendors. Items Used: Tamiya 1/32 F-4J kit GT Resin F-4B/N Conversion Set GT Resin Intakes and exhaust GT Resin Sparrow Missiles Zacto Model Sidewinder Missiles Master AOA and pitot tubes Part R Us engine details Zotz Decal markings and Stencils Two Bobs AIM-9 missile and AIM-7 decals Eduard F-4C and J Interior, exterior, Seat Belts, Masks
  8. HI everyone, Just a note as I would like to invite everyone attending to stop by our booth and say hello, and check out our line of 1/32 and now 1/48 jet model Accessories. We will be in the East Vendor room at tables 45,46,47 across form the Eduard tables. Look forward to seeing everyone there! Cheers, Gary GT Resin Products
  9. HI, Made some Detailed exhausts to replace the plain ones in the Zouki Mura F-4J kit. May work with other kits too. With that said is there any interest out there for these as an accessory? I have never ventured into 1/48 scale, as 1/32 keeps me very busy but these we a necessity for me in building this excellent kit. The kit ones just don't match the detail in the rest of the kit. I made up a bunch of these if anyone is interested. Just PM me if interested with your Pay Pal email and country of delivery if interested. Price $15 per set. US shipping $4.55, International $13.55. Kit exhaust on the left, GT Resin on the right: Just PM me if interested with your Pay Pal email and country of delivery if interested. Price $15 per set. US shipping $4.55, International $13.55 per order, not per set. I can also take credit cards direct if you prefer as we do take them at the model contests and shows that we attend. Thx, Gary GT Resin
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